cat with popcorn

The Cecilos household definitely has one of those chalkboard checklists you put in kitchens that says “things we need , things we want, things we don’t need”

Under “things we need”:

  • Cat food
  • New microwave after popcorn incident 
  • Sprinkles (yes, we need them)
  • More rainbow chalk
  • Offering for Parade of the Hooded Figures (before next Tuesday!!!)

Under “things we want”:

  • Feather boas 
  • A small drawing of a lab coat with a price tag that says “new” on it
  • An infinite number of cat toys

Under “things we don’t need”:

  • Matching socks 
  • Wheat or wheat byproducts
  • Glitter in popcorn 
  • Hats on animals that are easily angered and have more teeth than sharks