cat with different color eyes

Can’t say I’m happy with this design but iwaoi lovechildren twins 


Yankee Cat

The Maine Coon, sometimes called the Yankee Cat, is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cat. It has a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. The Maine Coon is a large and sociable cat, hence its nickname, “the gentle giant.” It is characterized by a prominent ruff along its chest, robust bone structure, triangular body shape, an uneven two layered coat with longer guard hairs with a silky satin under layer undercoat, and a long, bushy tail.

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submitted by @stardustgeek: These are my lovelies. The white american shorthair is named Buddy! He’s a little slow, but loves pets and uses my hand as a pillow (Also if you remember the anon that sent the ask about the cat having a star shaped color difference in his eyes, that’s me! You can see the bottom part of the ‘star’ in the right eye.) The tiger tabby is named Savannah, and she’s really soft and can be downright evil sometimes, but I still love her!

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True story: When I was a kid, I thought boys had blue eyes and girls had brown eyes (because that's how it fell out in my family and that made as much sense as anything). One birthday my godparents gave me a blue-eyed stuffed cat in a dress, so obviously I named him John-cat after my godfather. My family was puzzled, but supportive, and it was only decades later that my mom was telling the story and I was like "oh he was a boy cat because he had blue eyes."

My boyfriend has two different colored eyes.

I wish you could have met him when you were a child.

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Scenario: What do the GoM (including Kuroko) do when they discover their s/o has sneaked a kitten onto campus that she found in the morning so she could take it to a shelter after school?

GOM and Kuroko with kittens? HELL YEA!!

Just notice, some will be longer than others.

Akashi (Rakuzan)

“Good Morning, (F/N)” Akashi said as he approached you by your locker.

Startled by the sudden voice in your ear, you jumped and turned to look at him. “H-hey Sei-chan,” you replied with a sheepish grin on your face. “I have to get going to class-”

“Where’s my morning kiss?” He pouted, raising his eyebrow.

You really couldn’t resist it when he pouts; it was actually a very rare sight to see the emperor of Rakuzan pout. You quickly kissed him and when you broke the kiss, you quickly grabbed your bag and started to walk away. Sadly, he was quickly able to hold you back by grabbing your upper arm.

“(F/N), why do you have fur on your blazer?”

You shuddered, you didn’t like the way his tone of voice sounded-very demanding. Usually, when he uses that tone of voice, it was never a good sign.

“I stopped by a friends place to feed her cats. She’s visiting her grandparents and they live out of town,” you replied-unaware that your bag was moving.

“….What’s in your bag?” he questioned.

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Soulmates - mileven

“Do you believe in soulmates?”

The soft spoken words pulled me out of an almost attainable sleep. It happened every time; as soon as I was about to fall into a peaceful slumber, a question or two bubbled out of her mouth. I never minded, though. I knew that the reason she was asking all these questions was because of the abuse she suffered in the past. There was nothing I wanted more than for her to be able to experience the rest of her childhood the way I did, and losing a few minutes of sleep was a small price to pay for her happiness.

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My New Puppet (Continuation)

(Damn anons leaving damn sad and angsty ideas of how this could’ve continued made my damn muse fly and I had to write this damn thing. Wanting, it’s sad and angsty):

“You…. want myyyy help…?” Robbie asked Marvin in slight surprise, turning his blind eyes on the excited magician sitting beside him. No one ever wants Robbie’s help. Well, nobody except for Marvin wants his help, anyway.

“Well of course!” Marvin exclaimed in his usual boisterous tone, clapping a hand on the zombie’s back. Robbie doesn’t comment on how hard he’s hitting or how he’s pushed into the table because of the friendly pat. “I can’t think of anyone else who could help me with this!”

“Wellll…. if you're… ssssuree….” Robbie muttered quietly but in the inside he is excited. He’s just not very good at showing his emotions on the outside. He’s hardly good at showing them on the inside to just himself, either. Emotions still completely puzzle him even if he has been getting used to them.

“Yes, I’m sure!” Marvin shouts and grabs Robbie’s hand and the zombie falls silent because of this gesture. He’s always loved it when Marvin has held his hand or wrapped an arm around his shoulders. The contact with the kind human is comforting to him in a way and he loves it so much. He love Marvin so much, then again. “Now come come, we haven’t got all day.”

Robbie doesn’t say how they do because really he doesn’t know if they do or not. And normally if Marvin says something about anything he’s the correct one because he knows what he’s talking about unlike Robbie who is confused always. The zombie is never not confused about one thing or another, large or small of a problem.

Marvin basically drags Robbie outside, the zombie actually having a difficult time keeping up with the magician. Which is strange to Robbie in the slightest because Marvin is usually slow and goes at the speed Robbie needs to go because he knows the zombie can’t move too fast. He’s always been the most patient out of all of the egos.

They exit the house they were into the backyard and Robbie nearly trips. He would have if Marvin hadn’t continue to drag him along, pulling him back to his feet. He can already feel an ankle detaching from its place. Wonderful.

“Alright!” Marvin said, stopping suddenly and catches Robbie by the shoulders when he nearly falls. The magician claps his hands together and gestures to a large and bright red blob beside them. “Inside of this pot should be the ingredients to my new spell! It should help you not fall apart anymore, in fact.”

Robbie tilts a head in curiosity. Marvin had actually been working on that… for him? That would warm his heart if he still had one.

“What… do iiii… dooo?” Robbie asked in a tone a little higher than a hiss, now needing to be louder because they are outside where it’s loud. His voice is still probably very hard to hear because it’s so raspy.

“Simple, actually,” Marvin replied and grabs his hand once more, pulling him closer to the the large blob. They’re standing directly in front of it now and Robbie can feel the warm air coming from it even against his freezing and wrinkling skin. “Stick your hands in and then lick the liquid from them. Strange to hear, I know, but it should go through your entire body and heal it.”

Robbie considers this and turns his eyes towards the blob. It is a very strange procedure. But, he trusts Marvin. With every fiber in his undead body he trusts Marvin and knows that the magician would never have any ill intent towards him no matter what.

And, so, Robbie plunges both of his hands into the normally boiling liquid for any other being. But because he can’t feel pain the liquid only feels pleasantly warm for the zombie and he slowly draws his hands out, dragging his tongue along the liquid like instructed to.

Only a moment passes before the pain erupts in his abdomen. A tearing and burning pain, blossoming in his stomach and spreading throughout his entire body. He let out an agonized screech, falling to his knees because he never feels pain what is this what is this to too much it’s too much-

Out of the corner of his mind he can hear the sound of Marvin laughing, amusement clear in the burst of it. The magician walked closer to the zombie before kicking him over, Robbie in too much pain to hold any resistance. In fact, the kick has made a whole new form of pain explode in his side.

Everything hurts. His limbs, his joints, his stomach, his sides, his chest.

His heart.

He continues to writhe on the floor, gasping at the air even though he knows it will not help. What happened? Why is he hurting? He only ever hurts if he’s hungry but this is beyond that pain. Marvin said that this would have helped him why is this happening did Marvin do this to him?

No, of course not. Marvin would never do this to him. He knows that for a fact.

“And so the presumed immortal now grovels at my feet in pain,” he can barely hear Marvin speaking above him, leaning over so that he could grin cruelly down at the zombie’s face. There’s something not right about his face but Robbie is in too much pain to process what. “You were such an idiot to believe you could never be hurt, never die. Now look at you. Poisoned by me and slowly dying before me.”

No… no! Marvin did not just say that! Marvin would never poison Robbie! Marvin loves Robbie, he’s told him that! Marvin would help him, wouldn’t let him suffer.

A hand grabs his shirt collar and yanks him from the floor and he can’t help but scream in pain because he’s moving too quickly it all hurts too much. Their faces are brought close and now Robbie can see what’s off about Marvin’s face. It’s too wrong. It shouldn’t be there.

His eyes are a deep and dangerous green, glowing ominously through the eyeholes of the cracked cat mask. Even Robbie can tell his eyes are a different color somehow. Not because of the temperature, either- he can just process in his mind when a color majorly changes.

Such as Marvin’s eyes.

This is not Marvin. Marvin would never have eyes such as this creature’s, would never poison him or try to kill him. Only one person would. And he is currently succeeding.

“Only I can be eternal,” Not-Marvin snarled, lips drawing away from his teeth in a sign of aggression and Robbie can feel his breath on his pained face. “You are but a mere distraction.”

Robbie couldn’t handle the pain after that. He could only scream.


Yes I know it’s short too stfu I already told you why

Is this what you were wanting you damn terrible anons??

Hey, hey @magic-marvin-protection-patrol and @robthezombie-support-squad do y'all like to suffer too? Cause I do

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I’m so here for these asks about the boys with kids, and I need a break from writing sin. Have some fluffy big brother Todoroki!

Originally posted by mizuyaks

Shouto met his partner at a park near their house. That day, they had been forced to bring their little sister along; he’d been warned by his partner that the little girl was very quiet, and didn’t do well with new people, so he was bracing himself for the fact that the little girl might want nothing to do with him.

As his partner walked up to him, a little girl with short brown hair clinging to their hand, he couldn’t help but smile; his partner looked nice that day, and their little sister was adorable. Shouto liked children, he wanted to protect them all from the bad things in the world, and something about seeing his partner with a small child made him think about what he wanted in the future.

“Sorry we’re a little late! We had a bit of an accident on the way over,” His partner said, smiling at him, “Emi tripped getting off the escalator at the station, so we had to get her a bandaid.”

“It’s okay, things happen.” Shouto replied.

“Emi, can you say hi to Todoroki-san?” His partner asked their sister, looking down to her.

The little girl moved behind her sibling’s legs, peeking around at Shouto; he was much taller than she was, she was intimidated. She also was unsure of how to feel about him, his hair was two different colors, and he had a scar on the left side of his face.

Shouto knelt down to get closer to her level, and he smiled softly at the little girl.

“Nice to meet you, Emi. I’m Shouto.” He said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to me, I know that meeting new people can be a bit scary sometimes.”

The little girl looked into his heterochromatic eyes and began to blush slightly; this new person was nice, despite looking very unique. He was gentle.

“Shouto…?” The little girl repeated his name, tilting her head to the side a bit, “Kanji?”

Shoto pulled his phone out and typed his name in before handing the little girl his phone.

“Todoroki-san has a really cool quirk, you know,” His partner told their sister, “He can make ice and fire! His hair and his first name match his quirk.”

Emi said nothing else, but she handed Shouto his phone and smiled shyly; this Shouto guy was nice, and his name was written with pretty kanji.

The three of them walked to a playground where Emi ran off and played by herself in the sandbox for a while. Shouto and his partner looked on, making sure she didn’t get into any trouble.

“I brought some stuff she can play with,” Shouto told his partner, “I’ve got some coloring books and color pencils, if she’s into that sort of thing.”

“She really likes coloring, actually,” His partner responded, smiling, “We can find a table somewhere and do that once she gets tired of the box.”

Emi came running back to the two of them, though she went up to Shouto and grabbed his hand, trying to tug him off of the bench he was seated on.

“What would you like me to do?” Shouto asked.

Emi pointed to the swings, and Shouto looked to his partner, who smiled and nodded. Emi was small for her age, she couldn’t swing on her own, her feet couldn’t reach the ground, so she couldn’t get herself started, and she wanted Shouto to help her.

The two teenagers walked to the swing set, with Emi refusing to let go of Shouto’s hand the entire time. Shouto lifted her up and sat her on the swings, and she let out an excited squee as he began to push her. She laughed and smiled the entire time that he pushed her on the swing, and her sibling was delighted that the two of them were getting on so well.

Shouto had already developed a soft spot for the quiet little girl, and he wondered if she’d ever adjust to him enough to start talking. She had an adorable voice, it was high pitched and sweet.

After about twenty minutes on the swings, Emi decided she’d had enough, so she hopped off the swings and pulled her sibling and Shouto along with her to a table near the playground that had recently been vacated.

Shouto’s partner pulled out bento for the three of them from their backpack, and the three of them had lunch together. Emi still didn’t say much, but she was becoming increasingly more comfortable with Shouto, and he liked that. He gave her a choice of coloring books to pick from after they’d finished lunch, and she picked one that had lots of pictures of cats in it.

As Emi colored the various cats inside the coloring book, quite a few of them took on the appearance of her sibling and Shouto; some of the cats were half colored in with red fur, other cats had dark brown hair like her sibling, and some of the cats had a mix of the white, red, and brown colors she’d been using. Every cat she drew like Shouto, she gave a little burn scar around their eyes.

She wrote next to one of those cats pretty, drawing an arrow to the different colored eyes she’d given it. She spent a lot of time looking over to Shouto as she colored, making sure she got the details right. Shouto was tickled by the little girl depicting him as so many cats in the drawing book, he hadn’t expected it, but he was glad she liked him, even if she wasn’t saying anything.

“Shou-chan,” Emi said suddenly, startling both of the teenagers, “Do you like cats?”

“Yes, I do.” Shouto answered, smiling at her, “Do you?”

“Yep!” Emi chirped, giggling, “We have cats at home, you know, you should come over.”

Her sibling was floored, she’d never talked to a new person that much before, and she had even given him a nickname.

“Tell me about the cats.” Shouto replied.

So, the little girl began to excitedly talk about their family’s four cats; Yuzu, Ponzu, Panko, and Mirin, named after food items. She went on about the cats for quite a while, not that Shouto minded, and her sibling actually left the table to go cry in the park bathroom; it meant so much to them that their little sister adored Shouto the way they did, and that Shouto was so good with her.

When it was time for Emi and his partner to head home, Shouto walked the two of them to the train station. He had to take a different train home than them, so he only walked them to the gate where they needed to pass through. Emi had been talking to Shouto constantly after the conversation about their cats, and she was reluctant to part ways with him.

“Come over, okay?” Emi said, hugging Shouto while her sibling waited on the other side of the gate.

“I will come over, I promise.” Shouto replied, hugging her back.

Emi grinned at him, and he smiled back, then she ran off to the gate, swiping her suica card and going to join her sibling on the other side of the gate.

“Text me when you get home!” Shouto called to his partner.

“I will!” They responded, smiling and waving, “You better, too!”

“Bye, Shou-chan!” Emi said, waving to Shouto.

“Goodbye, Emi-chan.” Shouto replied, waving back at her.

The two of them disappeared in the sea of other people heading to the platform, and Shouto headed off to catch his own train.


 lunalove25 said:I think it’s about time Wanda got some more love - how about you’re a hostage taken by terrorists, the Avengers come in to save the day and Wanda rescues you (the more fluff the better, bonus points if you pass out in Wanda’s arms and when you wake up she’s so relieved to see you like “DON’T EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN”)


@yestoomuchfandomfiction @gay-cacti @imaginesassemble i heard u guys like wanda, come join me.

Warning: Violence, blood, angst-kinda, stuff like that.

Your name: submit What is this?

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Here is my Cat who only answers to Cat or “My-Gee” he loves cuddles and has 2 different colored eyes. I hope his cute little squishy face makes you smile

0o0oo such a pretty kitty… and likewise its owner. Thank you for sharing with us. 

Graylu Gem AU!

Gray is a Blue Apatite~!

Lucy is a pink cats eye~!

Due to them being born as rare gems, it gave them the class of noblemen on homeworld. 

The pink cats eye is rare because of it’s color as it is most common to find yellow, green, even red. There’s only been one case of a blue cats eye and that was Lucy’s father. Lucy’s mother was a pink cats eye herself, and most of her genes were given to Lucy.

Meanwhile, the light blue apatite that gray seems to have is a rare gem. His parents were both the same apatite’s, but their colors were a deeper shade of blue. With Gray being born a lighter blue than usual, it makes him the first recorded light blue apatite. His gem holds an exhibiting cats eye chatoyancy, which somewhat brings him and his kin of apatites into the cats eye family but not really.

While Apatite’s arrange in different colors, the blue apatites are known for being cool, collected, logical, knowledgeable, stoic, and perseverant. However, they are also slight romantics, and very loyal to their gem mates. They don’t generally fuse with anyone unless they have a very stable relationship with someone, or if the person is also an apatite.

Apatite’s also hold an ice powers of sorts, yet most are completely different.

For example: Gray’s mother can use ice powers in the form of snow and snowflakes, meanwhile, his father can use ice powers in offense and defense. Gray was given the ability to actually create weapons/shields with his ice powers and use them for both offense and defense. However, his main weapon is a sword.

Meanwhile, the pink cats eye is known for being logical, independent, confident, strong-willed, selfless, and argumentative. They are big romantics and they like to daydream. When it comes to friends, they want things to be treated fair and square and they care more about their friends before they worry about themselves. Due to them being a rarity, they do not fuse with anyone unless they have a trusting, and stable relationship with a person they are fusing with.

Pink cats eyes have fairy-like powers, though it is not incredibly specific, their main weapons are normally wands or staffs.

Gray and Lucy were arranged to marry, but both were not exactly excited about that due to them having never met. It wasn’t until Lucy’s dad held a ball so the two would meet did they actually see each other, but they didn’t know they were seeing their arranged fiance’s because they wore masks, for it was a masquerade ball. By the stroke of 12, when they were supposed to reveal their identities, they fell in love and happily married a few days later.

When they fuse, they form a purple Alexandrite.

Shout out to @thingsthatarebetterthan-nalu for helping me develop this idea.