cat with bindi


The Funky Brown Business Woman: A Phunky Photo Project

These are the Funky Brown Business Women. They are the wielders of art, class, and economy. There are many who think they need to be conditioned, cleaned up, categorized, stereotyped into the model minority woman - to be factored into the private sector as such, but from what I’ve seen: women are multifaceted, multi-skilled,  and powerful. They come in all colors, shapes, and talents. They should be conveyed as nothing less. 


Farah Billah

Irvine, CA

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anonymous asked:

I could look past dreads bc cat bus did but bindis too? Yikes

.. I’m not wearing, and have never worn, a bindi?? Gem stickers on face =/= bindi. My gems have neither the same shape, size, color or placement. They’re literally stickers for scrapbooking, whereas a bindi is a specific piece of jewelry or a dot of henna with lots of connotations and meaning. Claiming that a combination of cheap scrapbooking stickers is a bindi is actually pretty offensive. Educate yourself please :)