cat with a moustache

small description of each mbti type:

istj: prefers their cat over u, secretly really romantic but wont admit it, finds moustaches/beards aesthetically pleasing

isfj: secretly a wine mom, likes to bake, lawful good

infj: probably still emo, cute but kinda avoidant, great clothing style

intj: dark and mysterious, kinda hot, always helps others

istp: loves road trips, cute and dorky, likes netflix and pranks

isfp: really weird, artistic, everyone thinks they’re adorable

infp: emo as hell, cares a lot, very deep and complex 

intp: sarcastic motherfuckers, kinda shy but probably wont admit it, awkward and cute

estp: everyone wants to have sex with them, u either love them or hate them, acts very confident

esfp: genuinely loves everyone and everything, charming, intelligent but doesn’t show it

enfp: overdramatic, too many puns, very lovable

entp: meme lord, genuinely doesn’t like people, will fight u

estj: dad friend, drinks a lot of coffee, looks angry

esfj: will bake u cookies, mom friend, too sweet

enfj: weird but charming, knows a lot more than it seems, falls in love too easily

entj: thinks they’re awesome(and they’re right), has great hair, funny sometimes


¾ of Queen, a study in beards


Aoi: hihihi♡

Aoi: 1. glasses and moustache

2. dandy moustache

3. whiskers

4. cat filter
which one do you want?
Aoi: the cat one I’m not quite ready for, mentally.
Aoi: I was getting my make up done which is why the make up artist’s hand is in the picture but check it out.
thanks, you guys.
Aoi: I’m also adding the one with the whiskers even though it didn’t even get a single vote. it really was a super fun tour! let’s meet again in the summer! good night!

I own one of the most powerful photo editing and digital art tools in the industry. 
This is what I do with it. 

The Signs as Mortys

Aries: Stray Cat Morty
Taurus: Blue Shirt Morty
Gemini: Double Morty
Cancer: Veiny Morty
Leo: Karate Morty
Virgo: Spoon Morty
Libra: Telepathic Morty
Scorpio: Mustache Morty
Sagittarius: Spooky Morty
Capricorn: Buff Morty
Aquarius: Greaser Morty
Pisces: Rabbit Morty