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What Eddie said... UPDATED 😺

Despite how lovely Cait looks and how lively Sam behaves in the See You In Seattle video, it’s Queen Eddie that steals the show and many people’s hearts.

Here are her lines, according to a few of me ol’ pals. 😺

Updated Eddie

I just remembered it’s Kiss A Ginger Day. — @mebertolini

Sheesh, get a room already. I can’t take you anywhere! — @denise-alwaysuselove

Dad, I’m cozy with Mom and I’m not going anywhere. — @outlanderskin

It has been brought to my attention that you and my mum have a fan who does not like cats. Any ideas how to change her mind? — @saint-hildegard-of-bingen

I’m doing squinty eyes for you Sam. Mum knows I love her so these are for you. Squinty eyes cause you loves me mam. Hurt her though and I’m gonna scratch you all over. I may pee in your shoes too, if that is my pleasure. — @sassylover-stuff

Stop the ruse, you two! — @caldineens


— @jemscorner

Previously Published Eddie

OMG, so obvious. I’ve had enough of you two! — @myaccueill

You are so embarrassing! My friends’ parents don’t act this way. Just STOP! — @t4two2

S’all cool, guys. — @scatterations

There they go again. — @happypizzahcheesecake

Hey, it’s that a##hole who steals my spot in bed and jostles it around too much for me to sleep. — @caitriona-m-balfe

I love my human father. Shut the f#ck up, Dad. f#ck off, Dad, I’m not here for your video. — @balfeheughlywed

Hey, I know him and I love him. — @outoftheheartsabundance

F#ck it, Dad. You had me all weekend while Mummy was away. I am so happy she is home! — @simba2001

Dude, what are you talking about? — @madam-outlander

DAAADDDD, Mum and I are snuggling. STOPPPP! — @princess-wicked

Just another 20 minutes; you guys were gone a long time.—  @betweenthescenes

DAAAAAD, you’re so embarrassing! — @flocklander

Oh my, cats, my hoomans are embarrassing me! — @allthefangirlishfeels



Thank ye kindly to all Eddie People of Earth! 😻

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite animal? Your favorite type of cat?

I’m a big fan of the Bush Stone Curlew that i saw in australia. It had its neck up and its eyes wide open and it wasn’t moving and it was standing in a garden and it just looked like it Couldn’t be real. So i turned to my parents and said ‘wouldn’t it be cool if that statue was real?’ and just as finished saying that it moved its head and walked away. They’re soooo bizarre man.

My favorite type of kitty is a black kitty. They’re just so cute like arGH Stop BEING SO CUTE KITTY. ARGH


breaking news adrien agreste is a #r00d boi

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if you don’t like hairless cats you’re a fake cat fan. they’re the truth of a cat, the heart and soul of what a cat really is beyond all the superficial bullshit (fur), what every cat really is on the inside (under the fur), and if you don’t love them for who they are you don’t love any cat. fuck oyu

It isn’t Christmas anymore but @ladycinnamonroll, you still get a present because I’m your backup Secret Santa!!  I hope you like it!! <3 

It’s dawn and Marinette and Chat Noir’s cat nap ran longer than they expected, so these dorks will get quite the surprise when they wake up!  ^_~  @mlsecretsanta