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Houses preferred pets

Hufflepuff: Most hufflepuffs like animals such as rabbits, fish, or hamsters, though a few like to have animals that usually would hate each other, like having a dog and a cat, or a snake and a mouse. Really, hufflepuffs like pets that will love you and let you love them.

Gryffindor: Gryffindors are all over dogs. Small dogs, big dogs, easily frightened dogs, and fierce dogs. Obviously there are exceptions, (gryffindors are particularly fond of magical creatures) but overall, gryffindors like dogs.

Slytherin: Many slytherins find cats very relatable. An animal that wants affection and attention but is very aloof, prideful, and usually won’t show that want for love? Yes please.

Ravenclaw: Ravenclaws tend to have the ‘strange’ pets, the ones that people don’t have as often. Tropical birds are loved, bearded dragons are welcome, hedgehogs are (carefully) pet, and foxes are practically common. Not to mention the more mythical creatures…

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Summary: You’ve no idea how to look after fish, and after coming under the unexpected ownership of some, you need some help - and the help is cute as hell.
Scenario: fluff, petstore!AU
Word Count: 5,168

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Hello tumblr!

I’m looking for some blogs to follow that post :

*betta/gold fish
*tank setups
*rodents/small animals
*funny content

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So can animals all communicate with each other or does each species have its own language? Like does my dog know when my cat is talking shit? Do my bearded dragons know when my dog says he loves them? Does my cat understand the pleas and screams of the mice it slaughters?

All About Admin Storm (founder)

- i am 16 and from the united states.

- storm is not my real name, i use it for identification purposes.

- i do not give out any other socials other than this tumblr!

- i really love cats, like so much

- my ult. bias is yoongi from bts

- i own six animals

- three cats, one dog, a guinea pig, and a fancy bearded dragon

- i am homeschooled

- my sexual orientation is pansexual

- i am single, and love to keep it that way

- im a taurus

- i find astrology really interesting for some reason

- i do not do role playing all the time, i only do it when i am available

- i may say i have a girlfriend a lot in my posts, but im actually kidding. shes not really my girlfriend, me and her just say we’re dating because everyone always seems to think we actually do.

- i personally think role playing looks very messy on my blog

- im also thinking of deleting all of the role play conversations because it just looks too messy for me

- i’ve never been in love before

- i hate feet with a p a s s i o n

- i always wear socks and its the first thing i put on when i get out of the shower

- i live in the south east of america

- i love traveling a lot

- my eye color is green

- yes, my glasses are prescribed

- i was officially diagnosed with MDD and social anxiety in 2015

- i now take over 200mg of pills for both

- my favorite shade to wear is black

- mostly all of my clothes are black and white

- i love sleep like so much

- i live with my mom, dad, and older brother

- i do not like sharing personal information about my family life, my social medias, or my name

- im a very private person overall

- i choose my friends very wisely

- i love cookies and cream ice cream and strawberry

Because my pets seem to get a lot of attention and people might not want to follow me for non-pet posts, I have created a blog where I’ll post my pets only. 

(I’ve actually had it for a while, I’m just finding that my snakes are getting A LOT of notes now)

Pet blog: @chaoscritters

for: Bull terrier, cats, tarantulas, ball pythons, western hognoses, bearded dragons


inevitably, my brain would take this route with a cat au.

aftermath of this cat day doodle.

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Birthday: April 19th
Gender: female
Relationship status: single
Favourite colour: Blue
Pets: Dog (Chester), cat (Teddy) and a bearded dragon (Alfie)!!!!
Wake up time: I don’t have a sleep schedule lmao
Love or lust?: Idk???? I guess it depends haha
Favourite food: Beef stew 
Met a celebrity?: Uhhh James May 
Last song listened to: She Wants Me Dead
First kiss: Behind a climbing frame when I was like 4 lmao
Tall or short: Short (aka everyone’s arm rest)

Oh jeez tagging 10 people,,,,
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Get to Know Me Tag

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  • NAME - Mikaila
  • NICKNAME -  Mikki or Mouse
  • GENDER - Female
  • STAR SIGN - Gemini
  • HOGWARTS HOUSE - Ravenclaw
  • FAVORITE ANIMAL -  Hamster or mouse
  • PETS - I have an aquarium of fish, a hamster, a cat, a dog, and two bearded dragons
  • DREAM TRIP - Ireland
  • DREAM JOB - Lawyer or author
  • WHEN I MADE THIS ACCOUNT - Not long ago actually
  • REASONS FOR URL - It was actually an idea from a really good friend of mine.         Tag 10 People: @hello-addictedsimmer @saucysims @fayts4 @plumbobbabe @sunflowersim @bigoldsimsie @pollinationqueen @shespeakssimlish @kaiwrysims  (Sorry if you’ve already been tagged)

Minimum Furby Requirements

There are a ton of different breeds of furbies to choose from, and they all make awesome pets. ..but there are some things they all need!

-a safe enclosure that is at least 4 × 4 feet of open space to play, climb, and hide.

- regular exercise and playtime! If you can’t devote enough time to socializing your furby, consider getting another furby so your first furb doesn’t get lonely. Just make sure you can expand their space accordingly

- Good Food! I can’t stress this enough! Furbies can live on dry dog or cat food, or even pellets for bearded dragons, but these are not healthy long-term options. If you buy dry food make sure you get a formula that is specific to furbies.

-lots of love and patience. Furbies can learn a lot, and typically even pick up some of the language they hear spoken around them. But! Not all furbies do this! Mute furbies, especially in the 1998 strain, are not uncommon. A mute furby still deserves loving care!