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Some deliveries I did recently for the guys at /co/, I try to pop in from time to time whenever I get the chance. 

Headcanon: What Pokémon characters would smell like

Professor Sycamore: A cafe, pastries and a hint of Cigarette smoke.
May: Aeropostale perfume and grass.
Archie: The Ocean.
Maxie: Burnt wine.
Professor Oak: Hard candy and the Wal-Mart produce aisle
Red: Air.
Blue: Axe body spray covering sweat.
Professor Birch: Firewood and Distress.
Professor Elm: Pencil shavings and baby wipes.
Professor Rowan: Original Old spice, Rum and old books.
Brock: Playground rocks.
Wally: Hand sanitizer and Laundry detergent.
Misty: Chlorine.
Giovanni: Cats and cigars.
Barry: Five Alive.
Hugh: Weeb.
Professor Kukui: Coconut sunscreen.

My girlfriend @redoodle made this happen, go check out her art~

me: uhhh can i get some bone hurting ju

no, i cant do this. i cant do this anymore. i’ve already had so much taken from me. the meme economy is a sham. we mindlessly pursue likes and reblogs and brief moments of popularity, and for what? for goddamn nothing, that’s what. memes come and go and before you know it this will be completely meaningless. look at me. look at me, jim. we’ve been lied to. they - those fat cats in their fancy suits with their expensive cigars - they invented the meme economy to keep us subservient to them, all the while giving us empty promises of success. and we bought into it. my god, i was such a fool. a god damned fool.

What better Sunday selfie than a cat smoking a cigar.

Not enough selfies out there people.

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Just to name a few and anyone else that wants to post a selfie.

Cuphead is fantastic! Here's some ideas for bosses:

Babyface Vito: A big, hulking mobster with a literal baby face. He uses a massive tommy gun, and eventually becomes different baby toys. Rocking horse, maybe a mobile, that sorta thing!

Baron Elephante Gunn: The quintessential British explorer. He and his expedition crew battle Cuphead in a jungle teeming with mischievous monkeys and poisonous snakes!

Percy Scription: Inspired by the obscure but mildly horrifying short Bottles, Percy is an animate bottle of some strange medicine. Throughout the fight, which takes place on a doctor’s desk, Percy uses the fluid inside him and summons other flasks to aid him!

Lexi Kahn: A huge bookworm who fights Cuphead by bringing her favorite stories to life! Expect to be besieged by works like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and more!

Old Man Time: A classic: a living, time-manipulating Grandfather Clock! He’d have some neat tricks involving bringing things from the past to the present!

Mr. Acme: A literal fat cat businessman who fights with money, cigars, and his famous ACME Brand products! Expect portable holes, anvils, all the greats!

I’d love to see Tumblr’s ideas!

Jun’to Nharuya

Appearance -

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Miqo’te, Keeper
  • Height: 5′5″
  • Eye Color: An almost golden-amber.
  • Hair Color: Faded violet, greying.

The Facts -

  • Name Day:  10th sun of the 5th Astral Moon (September 10)
  • Occupation: Musician/Sound Engineer, Freelancer
  • Sexual identification: Pansexual, with a slight leaning towards male partners (Not that you’d be able to tell from his dating history.)
  • Romantic identification: Polyamourous, though not anti-monogamous.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, starting to lean towards CG but just slightly.
  • Criminal History: Vast, varied, and violent.
  • Relationship Status: Recently started a relationship after accidentally realizing ‘oh hey this teasing isn’t just teasing anymore… fuck.’
  • Sweet on: @umbralauspex, obviously, as well as potentially another person. He’s… still figuring that bit out.

Favorites –

  • Favorite food: He’s developed quite the soft-spot for pizza with all the veggie-fixin’s.
  • Favorite drink: Non-alcoholic? His mother’s Black Shroud tea. Alcoholic? A stiff Death in the Afternoon.
  • Favorite artist: Jun’to appreciates anyone who can create, though there’s a soft spot in his heart for bards fitting the ‘Scrappy Shroud Cat’ category.
  • Favorite scent(s): Smoke (not cigar smoke, reminds him of his father), the spices of Ul’Dhan cooking, coffee, whiskey, leather, and burnt ozone.
  • Favorite person: Jun’to has made many friends, and has a lot of family. Yet… no one will replace Jun’a, his older brother.

Randoms –

Ten facts about your muse:

⚫ Jun’to, while incredibly emotionally intelligent, is terrible at managing his own feelings - this comes more from an underlying fear of them and the extremes they’ve pushed him to in the past, as well as the love he’s had for things he’s lost.

⚫ Jun’to Nharuya is a man of many faces - many masks. He’s an outgoing, hard-partying socialite to his friends in the nightlife and entertainment business, and he’s a tea-sipping, late-studying academic to those who know him through his connections to the world of mages. A cruel and ruthless criminal and Ul’Dhani power-player to those who still hear his name from when he exercised his control over Pearl Lane before he slid into a more vaguely philanthropic position in his old homestead, and an excitable but efficient mercenary for those he freelances for - all valid parts of the sum. Few have seen what truly lies behind it all, though.

⚫ Jun’to certainly finds comfort in his possessions - not because he is materialistic, but the exact opposite. He’s aware that belongings are, in the grand scheme of things, worthless as anything else - the value we give currency after all is socially-assigned and as such, also void if you choose to not let it rule you. But, there’s something a lot less scary about being surrounded by things you’re ready to lose and have no fear forgetting, than things and people who you can’t bear the idea of being without.

⚫ Jun’to is an incredibly skilled combatant but not in the conventional senses. His swordplay, while paying lipservice to the fundamentals of a skilled bladesman, is oft creative and undisciplined. His application of his magical knowledge is abstract at best, his gunplay is at times blatantly brazen and reckless, and his unarmed combat frequently is something more akin to particularly dexterous brawling than any sort of bastardized pugilism.

⚫ Jun’to Nharuya is never disarmed, bar when attending events in which it is requested he be (and he trusts the house. He has, in times of paranoia, ignored these requests - just never at any of his regular haunts). There’s almost always a handgun hidden on him, and if not, a dagger at the least.

⚫ Jun’to likes to laugh, often, about things that aren’t really funny. His sureness that his demise will be gruesome, relentless, anticlimactic, and well-deserved. The scars that litter his form. His failure of a marriage, his shortcomings as a man and a person, and more are frequent targets.

⚫ There was, for a time, a culture of substance abuse that surrounded Jun’to. Of course there was - he was a criminal and a performer, as well as a socialite and a man with more memories best not remember than he could count. He ticked every box for an addiction, really. Somnus, pluto, alcohol and more all were frequent components to an intoxication cocktail that’d probably have killed him if he hadn’t slowed down. Even now, he drinks more than is healthy, though if his alcoholism is full-swing, it’s high functioning.

⚫ For a man who once had his own sprawling estate, and has for years now not qualified as homeless, Jun’to Nharuya doesn’t spend much time in his own bed. This isn’t, contrary to some’s belief, a product of his rampant romancings and meaningless one-night encounters, but rather a product of a restless wanderlust, and a need to distract himself. He’ll couch-surf, if he feels comfortable enough, but frequently can be seen nodding off back ‘home’ in Pearl Lane, or propped against the wall of some other alley. At times he’s sunk beneath a horizon of tall-grass in hiding and prone beneath the stars, or he’s curled up in the hull of a ferry taking him to a destination.

⚫ Jun’to Nharuya wants, more than anything, family. More family. A family of his own creation. While he loves his Clan, there’s always going to be a slight disconnect there - even if his exile was repealed, countless consequences cannot be undone because of it. 

⚫ Jun’to Nharuya, for all that he broods alone, fears it more than anything else in his life. To be stuck with only one’s thoughts is… a troubling thing indeed.

Five Things -

Things they like:

Things they dislike:
-The sun
-Lonely sunrises
-The taste of cilantro
-The man he sees in the mirror

Good habits:
-Expresses excellent hygiene
-Maintains his equipment well
-Cares for and protects those close to him
-Ensures that if not himself, at least someone nearby is eating properly
-Does everything he can to help those he loves

Bad Habits:
-Abuses alcohol
-Still smokes heavily
-Puts himself absolutely last at all times
-Is cruel and unforgiving when angered
-Makes inherently poor or dangerous decisions just for the excitement.

Personalities they gravitate toward:
-The introverted (surprisingly)
-The expressive
-The artistic
-The dangerous
-The sincere

Personality types they avoid:
-The ‘fixers’; people who think that it’s their job to (or that they have the ability to) fix his issues and his life, or at least take care of him and ease his hardships. He doesn’t need another mother, and he doesn’t need someone patting themselves on the back for flipping him like an old house.
-The fanatical; people who treat him as if he’s special, or expect things of him beyond what he can promise. For whatever reason, there’s been those willing to hang off his arms and make heart-eyes at him, and he hates it. It’s pathetic and shallow, he feels.
-The lawful; people who will tell him until the day he dies that he is wrong. That what he does is wrong. That there’s a very specific way to be good (or neutral, or evil even) and that how he does it is awful. Jun’to’s alignment is pure chaos and this creates an unsettling opposition.
-The arrogant; people who, for all of Jun’to’s preening and self-praise, drive even him up a wall with their incessant need to make themselves out to be all that and a bag of popoto chips.
-The intolerant; people who allow prejudices to rule them, and aren’t aware of and striving to avoid their societally-instilled preconceived notions.

-Loss of love
-Roegadyn-size chocobos
-Hurting those close to him
-The man he sees in the mirror

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