cat wearing top hat

fauxeevee  asked:

For the video game npcs what about a dog that wears a hat with cat ears, and meows.

A good boy, top of his class at the academy, but was eventually booted out because the only thing it could say was “meow”. Nowadays, he enjoys long walks on the town, long walks on the beach, long walks in general, and works for an entrepreneur named Pippy Snaps.

I tried to make a normal dog at first but then this happened. I hope its to your liking! ( I would have put a speech bubble that had it say meow but I was a tad lazy)


Tbh I have no idea what this is or why it was done but I have attempted to write Minicat so take this steaming hot pile of trash and enjoy?


Tyler was pretty sure his palms had never been sweater.

God why was he so nervous? It was a simple, idiotic plan that would probably end with him laughing it off like he always did as his defense tactic.

“Dude just do it.” Evan had reassured him and talked it out with him multiple times because he needed to make sure he got it right. Tyler was pretty sure everyone in their group went to Evan with their worries or problems, he was that one guy that’d everyone trusted and looked up to.

He took a deep breath and swallowed the, fuck why did he have butterflies in his stomach? Reassuring himself one last time, Tyler knocked on the side window on the second story of his nerdy neighbor’s house.

It took about ten seconds for said nerdy neighbor to appear at the window, face flushed red and mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

Tyler smirked and waved at him, fuck he was adorable when he was flustered.

Finally realizing he should let him inside, Craig unlocked and opened the window, taking a step back to allow Tyler inside.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Craig, hair messy and missing a shirt, asked exasperated. He was just about to go to sleep when Tyler had, somehow, climbed on the roof of the garage that was right below Craig’s bedroom.

“Climbing in your window, snatching your people up? What the fuck does it look like I’m doing?”

“Preventing me from sleeping? How the hell did you ever get up here?”

“I used a ladder.” Craig sighed, looking over Tyler once more.

Dispute climbing a story and walking on top of a roof, Tyler didn’t have a scratch on him. And he was wearing that pink cat in a top hat t-shirt he loved so much.

“Anyways, that shit doesn’t matter, follow me!” He grabbed Craig’s wrist and yanked him back towards the window.

“Hey wait a second!” But Tyler was already out the window, helping Craig out of his room and onto the roof. Dispute his verbal protest, he was actually intrigued by why the ever-loving crap Tyler had pulled him from his room at one AM, and didn’t try to get away from his grip.

Tyler sat down on the roof, instructing Craig to do the same.

“Wait for it…” Tyler looked up at the sky, tightening his grip on Craig’s wrist. Craig’s face heated up a bit, stuck between wishing he wasn’t holding onto him and being happy he was.

“Tyler, what are you plan-” Craig’s sentence stopped short as he heard loud “boom’s” in the distance. Since having moved to America, he’s learned that fireworks and guns can sound very similar.

Thankfully, it was not a gun.

Bright lights illuminated the night sky with each boom. Green, blue, orange, red, white, a variety of colors danced above their heads.

Craig was breathless, and Tyler relieved. He owed the guys a shit ton for helping him pull this off.

The two sat in silent awe, Craig’s eyes glued to the sky as Tyler sneaked little peeks at him.

Did he mention how cute he was? Hair disheveled, pale chest slowly rising and falling with each breath, eyes wide behind glasses, he looked a million times better than any fireworks ever could.

Slowly, as if he was worried that any sudden movement would scare him; Tyler’s eased his hand down into Craig’s, intertwining their fingers.

Even though the movement was slow, gentle, and calm, Craig felt it. His lips tugged upwards to form a smile as he bounced an idea back and forth in his head. Rather quickly deciding, he scooted closer and leaned his head against Tyler’s shoulder, nuzzling into his neck.

And in that moment, Tyler decided that this, this was what happiness felt like.