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sometimes i’m like “why am i still here” but then i realize that i’m often the only person who is around to take bad-to-eat stuff out of my dog’s mouth and i think there’s this sort of western idea of “if youre not CEO youre nothing special” but my dog is still alive bc of me and i’m still alive bc of other people so maybe i’m just here to pet cats and wear sweaters and help people take the glass out of their mouth. you know? maybe i won’t be CEO but maybe i’ll be able to help somebody afford their trip home. and i think that’s pretty okay, you know?


Hey, what’s up, I’m Issa! I’m a small, Asian 14 year old girl with way too many cat shirts and an art blog.

I’m biro/ace and I’m in love with my really pretty straight friend. Happy pride month!

“who are you and why have you knitted my cat a sweater” au

february 14 | “proposal”
(Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Here’s the overview of my favorite AU of the week, plus a bonus tiny excerpt to start you off right. ;D)

Gabriel’s cat hates everyone and everything, except he’s suddenly decided it’s time to move in with their new neighbor, Jack. Gabriel only finds out about this because Reaper comes home wearing the world’s ugliest handmade sweater. Gabriel can’t believe his eyes. Reaper hisses when he tries to take the sweater off.

Gabriel sticks a note to Reaper’s collar that reads, “Who are you and why have you knitted my cat a sweater?” So begins Jack and Gabriel’s correspondence via post-it notes.

Jack’s veteran support group had suggested finding a way to keep his hands busy, so he decided to knit a sweater for the lonely cat that keeps sneaking into his apartment. It must be cold if it keeps curling up in his lap, right? Jack is a dog person so he is completely clueless about cats. He pretty much treats Reaper like a dog but Reaper is a weirdo who loves him anyway.

BONUS: Gabriel’s cat is an accurate predictor of his relationships with other people. So when Gabriel sees Reaper being a total sweetheart and purring as Jack puts Ugly Sweater 2.0 on him, he accidentally blurts, “Holy shit, marry me.”


Gabriel stares down in utter disbelief. His cat is wearing a sweater. His cat—Reaper, a feisty little bastard who hates just about everyone and bites anything that moves—is wearing a sweater. A hideous, obviously hand-knitted sweater that Gabriel has never even seen before, let alone put on his sweater-hating cat.

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Available for/to…

  • RolePlay - TBA
  • Questions - YES
  • Multi-universe - TBA
  • Shipping - NO


Name Zinc

Age 19 or 25

Sex Male

S.O. Straight

Height - 4′4″ or 5′10″ Weight - Varies

Species Skeleton monster

Abilities/Powers or Sills Primarily uses magic

Age 18 Teleport, conjure up a shield, fire small energy beams, use telepathy, and heals quickly

Age 25 Teleport, conjure up a barrier, fire large bursts of energy (via mouth), use telepathy and telekinesis, increased agility and strength, durability, and quick healer

Personality Zinc is mostly introverted and tends to spend most of his time by himself. He rarely talks or shows much emotion however, unlike Monty, he does show more emotion just not around many people. He’ll only interact with people if forced into a situation where interaction is necessary but generally likes being alone.  He is also very relaxed, not really lazy, but he does tend to sit around more than anything else. Zinc has one really close friend named Sink (who belongs to my friend @theyanderepulse, of which we fluff ship them) who is the only one he allows around him consistently. 

Likes Zinc likes food ALOT and will pack away any and all types of it, he also likes, cats, wearing sweaters/sweatshirts, fiction books, and general solitude.

Dislikes Not many dislikes but he does not like: bats, video games, people, or really loud noises 


His older form is his more powerful one, he only becomes that if he is in dire need of extra power. He can only keep that form for a day or two since it is very tiring

However, when it comes to role playing: IF you would like to RP with him in his older form for the entire RP, please let me know beforehand. 


Sehun asking Baekhyun for help with his tie and then not being satisfied because Baekhyun sucks so he steals Baekhyun’s bowtie

Sehun desperately wanting a cat and he asks for one every single day and then he starts wearing socks with cats on them as a subliminal message, putting his feet in Baekhyun’s face 1000% of the time, and then he starts wearing cat sweaters, and when Baekhyun still doesn’t understand, Sehun wakes up extra early one morning to draw cats on all the windows of Baekhyun’s car

Baekhyun always asking for massages (And Sehun always promptly reminds him that Baekhyun can be sure Sehun really loves him because sehun would never ever touch anyone’s feet, unless it’s Baekhyun’s)

Baekhyun Snapchatting literally everything they do all the time because “One day our kids will want to know” but really he just likes watching his own story at work when he can’t wait to see sehun

Baekhyun always knowing how to cheer Sehun up when He’s mad because of his dumb boss

Morning sex and being late to work! (And they don’t even try to lie as to why they were late)

Baekhyun forcing Sehun to do that ‘Couples give each other surprise hair make over’ stuff

Tickling always works as a threat against sehun

Stupid faces as phone backgrounds

Baekhyun being embarrassing every time they go out and making the weirdest dances in the grocery store’s aisles

Whenever Baekhyun gets too loud, Sehun just walks up to him super calmly and kisses his lips to shut him up

Baekhyun taking a day off when Sehun’s sick (and calling Kyungsoo for advice 53783922993 times when trying to cooks soup because he sucks)

Baekhyun washing Sehun’s hair when he’s tired

Making funny faces in the mirror when they train together

Baekhyun Squeezing Sehun’s thighs under the table when he’s anxious (at family parties)

Wrestling each other for the best spot on the couch (but Baek always gives it to sehun)

Baekhyun having the worst timing when he calls Sehun but sehun still always answers him, no matter where he is (unless there’s no reception)

Sehun always stealing the blanket and when Baekhyun confronts him about him he’s all “then sleep closer to me~” and Baekhyun really wants to smack but also kiss Sehun

Baekhyun always sleeping in ridiculous positions

Baekhyun accidentally sending a nude of Sehun to Jongin

Baekhyun always crying at every single movie he watches and Sehun calling him lame for it

Training together always results in weird awkward boners

They tried yoga together once. It didn’t last long.

Sehun being wayyyyyyy too jealous and always asking Baekhyun who he is texting

Taking naps in those long chairs during the summer because sehun insists that it fits

Sehun and baek playing Outlast together and Sehun crying because he’s afraid even though he was the one making fun of Baek because he didn’t want to play at first

Angry sex/making out