cat wearing a tuxedo

Human Warrior Cats Headcanons

Tallstar always wears tuxedos to gatherings.

Lionblaze has a tattoo of a lion.

Dovewing takes selfies. A lot.

Jayfeather likes decorating Briarlight’s wheelchair with cute stickers.

Crookedstar has a Scottish accent.

Hawkfrost likes surfing and listening to Fall Out Boy.

Leafpool can play acoustic guitar.

Yellowfang is a great singer.

Daisy and Ferncloud bought each other “World’s Best Mom” mugs.

Cloudtail wear a ponytail.

Mousefur likes listening to Elvis.

Purdy has a southern accent.

Cinderpelt loves watching Disney movies. Especially Cinderella.

Flametail has tons of freckles.

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I just saw Wynter, and oh. My. FUCK.

She has had this cat for, like, 3 years okay. She named him Tux because he was a black and white cat that looked like he was wearing a tuxedo. Well HE JUST DIED IN THE MOST HORRIFIC FUCKING WAY LIKE HOLY SHIT I’M GONNA THROW UP

Her mom was making French fries on the stove top so she left a pot of boiling oil on it, and Tux was a curious cat so he went over AND HE FUCKING FELL INTO THE OIL AND DIED OF SHOCK HE’S DEAD OKAY HOLY FUCK HER MOM DEEP FRIED HER CAT I AM LITERALLY GOING TO VOMIT RIGHT NOW FUCK

This is Judd. He’s a cat, if you can’t tell. Long shrouded in mystery, details about Judd are just now beginning to trickle in. Firstly, we can confirm that he’s (probably) not a dog. Also, Judd was born with the incredible ability to judge turf area at a glance to separate the winners from the losers. And it may look like he’s wearing a snazzy cat tuxedo, but that’s actually just the naturally occuring pattern of his fur. Some cats have all the luck.

My friend is cat sitting and the cat sometimes wears a bow tie and he looks like he has a tuxedo on.

(also I know this isn’t unflattering; sorry fam. I just can’t get over this cat.)

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What Halloween couples costumes would each MM character wear with MC?

Aw I love this idea!!

-Cat Tuxedo for Jumin
-Pleather Catsuit for MC

-Haruhi from Ouran for Jaehee
-Tamaki from Ouran for (blonde?)* MC
*I need to show blonde MC some love (〃ω〃)

-Mad Hatter for Zen
-Alice for MC

-Avatar from LOLOL for Yoosung
-Female version of his avatar or complimenting female character for MC

-Electric plug for 707
-Electrical Outlet for MC