cat wearing a scarf


Guess who had 2 thumbs and just opened their @omgcpsecretsanta gift and then proceeded to cry over the thoughtfulness of @naomilasenby?


I love the scarf and the cat earings(I am currently wearing them). And I’m excited to try the chocolate. But the spoons… that was really lovely. Thank you ever so much :)


I lost my pets’ trust after @the-random-fandom-phantom and I bought these in clearance. The striped cat in the top is Big Mama, then Boo the black cat, Angus is the dog, and Abby is the second striped cat.

[image description: 6 pictures of my pets in Christmas costumes. First: a picture of a brown striped cat wearing a small striped hat and a scarf, and a black cat wearing a sequinned Santa hat. Second: a black cat wearing the small hat and scarf. Third: the same cat looking angry and distraught. Fourth: a black scotty dog wearing a headband with candy cane colored lollipop antennas. Fifth: a different striped cat wearing a necktie color. Sixth: the same cat wearing the sequinned Santa hat]

Went to Fred Meyer for my usual stock up on novelty Halloween underpants but they didn’t have any! I ended up with two new dishtowels and a half priced scarf that has cats wearing witch hats.