cat wearing a bow

#oo3 | ninja + fat cat

next up in my glamours and their minions set! i couldn’t bear to change this glamour, to be honest. i’m just so in love with it and paired with the fat cat it’s just really, really grown on me even if it’s not a totally ic look she would wear. maybe as part of her cute clothes i would never wear in public stash…

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why do you think black and white the best episode if you don't mind me asking?

  • sun stayed with blake for an entire weekend not knowing her at all and she let him stay by her side and they kept each other company and he didn’t push her to tell him about her past he waited patiently until she was ready to tell him??? he expected nothing in return??? he figured out she was a faunus at first sight, found her late at night after running away, and decided to stay with her and more importantly she let him
  • hate me all you want but if sun hadn’t found her blake wouldn’t even be in the damn story now she would have run away again
  • it introduced blacksun and nuts and dolts aka the only ships that ever mattered
  • The choreography holy shit
  • I’m being serious have you seen the comparison between the final scene and the scene w/ the music it was choreographed to?? that’s fucking magic
  • Blake backstory
  • “i stole you some food” “do you always break the law without a second thought?” “hey weren’t you a part of a cult or something?” *blake glares* “ok too soon”
  • sun stomping on roman’s face after throwing a banana peel on him and then playing the wf lackeys and roman like a fucking fiddle
  • “Leave her alone” damn boy trying to act cool
  • t h e g u n c h u c k s
  • “oh you mean the faunus girl!” “uh what?”
  • “the cat ears?” “what cat ears? she wears…a…bow…”
  • “she does like tuna a lot”
  • *tumbleweed blows past them again* “it sure is windy today” TRUE COMEDY
  • “these kids just keep getting weirder and weirder” god i miss roman
  • this screenshot

and did i mention our lord and savior, sun’s gunchucks?

heres my bendy and the ink machine oc. her name is quincey the clumsy cat. shes usually wearing a long white lab coat and glasses when shes working, but other than that this is her regular/casual outfit. shes heart themed if you didnt notice haha.

shes very fluffy, very chubby and shaped like a friend. i kinda based her off of sandy cheeks from spongebob, but made her a lot more clumsy. her job in the batim universe is to be the super smart and scientific character. however, shes very clumsy, and her experiments usually end in catastrophe due to this (shes still willing to try and help bendy out, though).

oh! she also has a crush on bendy, hence the copy-cat (pun intended) like bow-tie she wears. for height reference, bendy comes up to about her hips. so shes rather taller than him, but not taller than boris.

anyways if any of you guys would like to draw her, id love to see it! just make sure to tag me or submit it.

also curse fire alpaca for not allowing me to make smooth lines.

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You did so good on the seizures one and so I was wondering if you would do one where mc is an art student and rfa+v get asked by her to model for her final portfolio​ of the semester. (bonus if you can have her doing nude photography and drawing)

OH LORD. The idea of asking these loves to pose in the buff is just far too hilarious to pass up. Disclaimer: I am not an art student, nor do I know any personally so I am going off of google and my imagination. Apologies if I mess anything up.


  • You asked him months before (to give this shy guy plenty of time to come to terms with it or back out) to model for your portfolio, and to your surprise, he readily agreed.
  • “Anything to help you!” he probably regrets those words now
  • You’re lying side-by-side on the bed, both of you on your stomachs. He’s flipping through one of his school books, taking notes while you’re just working up the courage to ask him what you want to.
  • “Yoosung?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • He’s able to hear the nerves in your voice, so he puts his pen down and turns to you, giving you all of his attention.
  • “Are you still willing to be my model?”
  • “Of course!”
  • You’re chewing on your lip, and he reaches his thumb out to pull it from in between your teeth, smiling at you fondly.  why is he so damn cute
  • May as well get it over with.
  • Deep breath. “Think you could be nude? For my drawing, I mean. It just… would be better?”
  • He’s instantly the shade of a tomato, his purple eyes wide and his mouth open as he stares at you.
  • “Y-you want to d-draw me n-naked?”
  • He can’t even handle this.
  • Naked.
  • So you can draw him.
  • and turn it in to your professor???
  • He feels like his brain is imploding with embarrassment at just the thought.
  • You place a hand on his arm, trying to hold back a laugh at his reaction. You honestly probably should’ve known this is how it’d go.
  • “Don’t worry, you don’t have to.”
  • He lets out a large breath, turning thankful eyes back at you.
  • “Oh thank god.”
  • You smile mischievously at him, only half joking when you ask, “but we can do it with just your underwear on, right?”
  • The boy is dead by this point.


  • “Of course I’ll model for your photography portfolio! This face is guaranteed to get you top marks.”
  • Well, you certainly weren’t dating him for his humble personality, so it’s not really a surprise that he’d react with excitement - he does love having his picture taken, after all.
  • “Awesome! But uh… what about nude?”
  • He pauses, narrowing his eyes at you as he tries to figure out whether or not you’re joking.
  • You’re not.
  • Of course you’re not.
  • While he debates whether or not he is okay with that, he flashes you a confident smile and jokes, “babe, I don’t know if the world is ready to see my amazing body completely uncovered just yet.”
  • You snort, raising an eyebrow. “You’re right, you’ll totally give my professor a nosebleed.”
  • He’s okay with the idea of this, but he is a little worried about the pictures being leaked.
  • His career isn’t ready to take the scandal of nude photos so soon after the incident with Echo Girl.
  • “Mmm,” he hums as he thinks, tapping a finger to his chin. “I’m not sure it’s such a good idea, prince/ss.”
  • “I can have my professor sign a non-disclosure agreement.”
  • Raising his eyebrows, he considers that. It is a valid suggestion, and he really does want to help you to the best of his abilities…
  • “Sure, let’s do this. Prepare to be blinded by the most handsome body in the history of mankind~”
  • You sigh, rolling your eyes at him. “Zen, I’ve already seen your body.”
  • He winks, smirking at you as he starts to unbutton his jacket. “It’s still blinding, though. Hopefully it doesn’t break your camera.” omfg stahp


  • She’s nervous about the idea of modeling for you.
  • “I’m nothing special; you should go ask Zen to do it. He’s much better looking than me.”
  • You assure her that’s not the case, she’s the most beautiful person in your eyes… even though that’s not really a prerequisite for this assignment.
  • She laughs nervously when you mention that idea of being naked and turns it down instantly.
  • That’s so not her cup of coffee.
  • She finally agrees to model, though, after some pep talks and confidence boosters from you.
  • She’s just so worried that she’ll somehow mess you up and you won’t get a good grade because of her.
  • “Jaehee, if anyone messes this up, it’ll be me. I’m the one drawing you… and it’s gonna be hard to capture the essence of beauty and radiance that shines from within in you.”


  • Once you explain what you need him to do and why, he agrees without hesitation.
  • Even the fact that you’re asking him to pose nude doesn’t faze him because he trusts you with his heart; his body is nothing compared to that.
  • He wouldn’t consider it for anyone else but you’re his prince/ss and he’ll do anything for you.
  • Besides, he knows that it’s not like you’d ever do something that would damage his or the company’s reputation, so no worries about the picture mysteriously going viral.
  • Plus, logically the professor won’t be a problem either since they wouldn’t have a job if they were in the business of leaking nude photos.
  • He lets you move him around as you need and then uses that ability of his to push aside everything out of his mind but what he’s currently needing to focus on to stay absolutely still for as long as you need him to.
  • You may take advantage of the situation to have him wear nothing but a tie just for yourself FOR THE SAKE OF ART
  • Okay, that picture isn’t going in the portfolio. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • He’s halfway undressed before you even finish the question, waggling his eyebrows at you as he tosses his shirt over his head.
  • “If you wanted to see me naked, all you had to do was ask, babe!”
  • He offers to pose wearing any of his wigs and then tries to talk you into letting him wear heels I said naked, Saeyoung
  • He won’t hold still, and keeps blowing you kisses or standing in absolutely ridiculous poses.
  • “Are you sure this is for school? Could it be for when I’m gone and you’re feeling a bit lonely? You can tell the truth, I won’t judge.”
  • Despite being annoyed that he’s making it more difficult for you, you’re still laughing at his antics because you’re so in love with him it’s embarrassing and he knows it.
  • At one point he disappears while you’re focused on your drawing and when you look back up, he’s wearing a headband with cat ears, a little bow tie and a tail that ties around the waist, looking at you innocently.
  • No, Saeyoung, I will not draw you as a cat.”
  • At one point you threaten to go ask Saeran instead (”You’re twins, so it’s basically the same thing) and hooooo boy, does he snap to attention at that (literally, saluting you and all)
  • Suddenly he seems to be able to hold still long enough for you to make significant progress.
  • Unfortunately for him, poor Saeran does make an appearance and ends up getting chased by his bare-assed brother now he’s probably more scarred for life


  • Okay, so he’s a little hesitant about posing nude but when it comes down to it, V would give you the moon and the stars if he were able so he agrees to it.
  • And that hesitation comes from a lack of confidence in his body, but he trusts your decision to choose him.
  • He’s actually very excited that you’re using him as a model, which when added on to him being excited about your major in general means his normally calm demeanor is actually a little more animated than general.
  • But as a photographer, he understands the need for a certain type of posing as well as adequate light, etc, and makes gentle suggestions if he thinks something could be improved.
  • Of course you listen - why wouldn’t you? He’s got way more experience than you, plus he just says it so sweetly that you’d be hard pressed to say no even if you wanted to.
  • Whenever you ask if he’s doing okay, does he need a break, etc, he responds by asking you the same thing (he’s really just worried that you’re going to overdo yourself and he doesn’t want that - he can always do this again sometime)
  • When you finish, he asks to see it and spends a long time complimenting as much about your work as he can because he’s truly proud of you and wants you to know.
  • Of course, it’s a little hard to take him serious when he’s doing it naked

Okay, story time. 

When I was younger, I always liked to wear vampire fangs and bows in my hair. I don’t know why, and it hasn’t really changed cause I still like bows and sometimes I like fangs. Anyways, my aunt always told my mom ‘you shouldn’t let her wear that stuff, she’ll never get any boys that like her!’ 

As I got older, that started to bother me and I didn’t want to wear my bows and fangs anymore, but my mom looked at me and told me: 

“KyleAnn, you are not trying to get all the boys to like you, right? You’re trying to get the right one to like you. And the boy for you, wherever he is, will love your bows, your fangs and everything else about you. That might be why he ends up talking to you, because he wanted to compliment those pearly whites or that cute bow in your hair. If you let other people make you feel bad about wearing them and you stop wearing them because of that, you might loose the chance to meet the one who would love them.”

Today, I saw a little girl wearing a pair of cat ears and a fox tail in the store. I walked up to her, smiled and said ‘I like your ears!’ Her mom instantly got upset and goes ‘Please don’t encourage her.’ 

To which, the little girl gave a roll of her eyes, obviously embarrassed and responds ‘My mom thinks my cat ears will scare people off and they won’t wanna be my friend.’ 

I gave the mom a bit of a dirty look and then leaned down. “A person in my life once told me not to wear bows and fangs because none of the boys would like me. But an amazing person told me something important. The friends you want to make, the boy you want to like you, or girl, will love those cat ears and that tail. Because it’s what makes you, you. And if they don’t like them, they aren’t worth spending time with anyways. Be you. Because that’s what the people in your future are going to love.”

She gave me the biggest smile and walked off to go tell her dad while her mom just gave me a dirty look and told me: “I hope you don’t have children. You shouldn’t spout that nonsense off to them.”

I only laughed and held my phone out to her, where my little girl is my background and said; “I hope you learn to appreciate your children and everything that makes them, them. Because if my child ever wants to wear cat tails, fangs and bows…I would never tell her that she won’t have any friends because of it.”

The mother stormed off after that, but I looked over my shoulder to see another bright and happy smile from the cat eared little girl. 

Made my entire day. <3