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Diabolik Lovers Scenarios: Mukami Brothers Valentines Day with Reader + Gifs~

My inbox is currently open for Diabolik Lovers scenario/fanfic x reader requests! I do sfw and nsfw!


Scenarios contain nsfw content!


  • On Valentines day you usually wake up before him like every other day and start placing kisses along his cheek, neck, shoulder, and when you finally reach his lips, that’s when you realize he’s been awake most of the time when he’s grabbed the back of your head and makes the kiss deep and passionate.
  • Promises to punish you later for “Interrupting his sleep”.
  • You pretty much have to force/convince him to help you make sweets for the other brothers in the house.
  • You two watch a romance movie, and spend most of the day cuddling.
  • Not gonna lie to you. This dude can sometimes be a legit Christian Grey at night.
  • Loves proving his dominance, and making your body sore during sex
  • BDSM- uses on you - Whips, chains, gags
  • Even when you’re tired he’ll continue to go till he’s reached his limit.

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  • This boy spoils his M Neko-Chan on Valentines day~
  • You’ll usually wear cat ears and a collar with a bell since he loves seeing you wear them.
  • Would take you to a nice restaurant
  • Would recommend a romantic movie at home.
  • Literally within twenty minutes of the movie you two are already on each other.
  • He loves having you on top
  • Likes when you ride him and listening to the bell on the collar jingle.

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  • Truthfully he’s just in it for the sugar, and I don’t really mean the kissing kind.
  • You bribe him with chocolates and sugar cubes to spend the day with you.
  • He usually does his routine by working in the garden, and you help him.
  • You try to find the situation romantic.
  • Later that night you get a bit pouty because he didn’t officially spend Valentines day with you, just work.
  • Grumbling he’ll offer giving you something romantic like a shoulder massage.
  • He’ll start at your shoulders.
  • He’ll grope your breast a few second later.
  • You two actually end up having hardcore yet romantic make-up sex.
  • You convince him to get a box of chocolate and rub a few melting pieces on you just so he can lick the melting substance off you.

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  • He. Will. Do. Anything. For. You. On. Valentines. Day.
  • He loves seeing you happy.
  • He’ll usually help you make chocolates, even though he tries to add hot spices to them.
  • You’ll make a small special spice batch of chocolate just for him.
  • At the end of the day you’ll suggest he takes a bath with you.
  • Wants to cuddle at the end of the night.
  • Loves playing with your hair while you sleep and rubbing your back.
  • When he knows you’re officially asleep, he’ll shift you on top of his body and enjoy the slight pressure.

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Asthmatic MC about to have sex with RFA (V+Saeran included) but they start to have an asthma attack. Like, they can't breath and they have to get talked through it to breath again.

Thank you so much for the ask :D It was rather challenging, since I don’t know much about asthma so I had to ask my best friend Google for help there, but I like a challenge. I also hope that it’s okay that not all of them ‘talked her through it’ per se…some people handle stress situation better than others :P



♬ you were very excited as Zen was above you, giving you that dirty smirk you knew meant fun

♬ he began trailing kisses down your body, nibbling at skin and leaving his mark

♬ you weren’t allowed to do that, because he’d just have to cover it up with make-up, but he fucking loved doing it to you

♬ a private mark to remind him that you were his

♬ he kissed your thighs, his hot breath tickling your skin

♬ you could feel the arousal soaring through you, heart rate picking up

♬ when he goes down on you it’s like an explosion, really

♬ he’s damn good at it, sucking and licking at your clit while fingering you

♬ that is when you first start noticing that maybe you gasping for air wasn’t just a reaction to the overwhelming pleasure

♬ you brush it off at first

♬ you haven’t had an asthma attack in years

♬ instead you attempt to focus on the pleasure, rocking onto his wicked tongue licking inside of you now

♬ that is when you start to notice that damn familiar tight feeling in your chest

♬ soon followed by panting

♬ and then the damn wheezing sets in

♬ fuck

♬ you feel Zen freeze between your legs and look up at you in confusion

♬ you know what he must be thinking right now; what kind of unsexy sex noises is she producing

♬ what you didn’t expect was to him to immediately stop and to pull you up into a sitting position

♬ he kneeled in front of you, looking up at you with worry in his eyes

♬ he cupped your face, inspecting you before nodding with determination

♬ apparently he figured out what exactly the problem was

♬ “Do you have an inhaler with you?”

♬ you tried to answer, but only more wheezing came out so you shook your head

♬ another short nod on his part

♬ “Breathe with me. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. 3 seconds in, hold it and 3 seconds out. Yes, just like that.”

♬ he talked you through the entire thing and you’ve never been more thankful for anything

♬ or more embarrassed, for that matter

♬ you apologized a couple of times, but he stopped you every time

♬ “The only thing you should be apologizing for is not having told me you used to have asthma attacks”, he says, voice gentle.

♬ Despite you reassuring him that you were alright he insisted on bringing you to the nearest hospital

♬ not only that, but he carried you there

♬ in his arms

♬ the entire way

♬ once there the doctor gave you a new inhaler, suggested some treatments and told Zen he did good

♬ it made him feel proud to know he’d done good by you

♬ you thanked him for a kiss to the cheek

♬ he blushed

♬ “Lucky for you actors get stage fright so I know about a million different way to breathe and calm you down!”


★ when the two of you decided to finally share your first time together both of you were nervous

★ neither of you really knew what you were doing

★ it didn’t matter though, since you loved each other and were happy to share such a special moment

★ you’d gone about it a little methodically, reading up on the internet, preparing condoms, lube, music and such

★ you were still nervous though, because you’d read that the first time hurt and you were so bad with pain

★ both of you decided that it was best to start with making out, take your time and get into it

★ everything was fine at first

★ you were kissing, slow and sweet

★ then things started becoming a little more heated, passion taking over, tongues fighting for dominance

★ you could feel yourself getting wet, turned on, but also breathless

★ when he broke the kiss and started kissing down your neck your breath started to get faster

★ and faster

★ and faster

★ and yet your lungs didn’t seem to be filling with air

damn it

★ you began wheezing and apparently that got Yoosung’s attention because he stopped and stared up at you

★ had this not been such a serious situation, you might have laughed at his expression

★ he looked like a deer caught in the headlight, really

★ sadly this wasn’t funny and breathing became even harder

★ then Yoosung started to panic as well, gripping your shoulders and shaking you

★ what on earth was he doing

★ “Oh my God, breathe! You have to breathe! Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God.”

★ you sincerely hoped that animals didn’t have asthma…because they would have been dead

★ “Oh God, you’re not breathing. Why aren’t you breathing?”

★ possibly because he was shaking you like a rag-doll, but you weren’t quite sure

★ when he noticed that telling you to breathe and calm didn’t help when he himself was a wreck of nerves and anxiety you began pointing towards your bag

★ luckily you still carried your inhaler

★ at first he was confused but after about half a minute he finally got what you were getting at

★ he ran towards your bag and took the poor thing apart until he finally found the inhaler

★ he handed it to you, watching you take a puff from it every thirty seconds

★ usually you’d only have to do it once a minute, but he’d gotten you worked up

★ after ten puffs you stop, finally feeling like you can breathe again, and exhale

★ meanwhile Yoosung is kneeling in front of you, head hanging low

★ you reach out and brush through his messy hair

★ “I really messed that up, didn’t I? Man, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll do better next time.”


♨ this woman is literally prepared for anything, even things you’d never expect

♨ when you first decided to have sex with one another you were both knew to it

♨ not sex, but sex with other women

♨ you’d gone in head first, Jaehee had read up on it on the internet

♨ you were a good team, calm meeting crazy

♨ which is why it didn’t surprise you at all when she pulled out an inhaler during your asthma attack

♨ you’d been getting cozy on the couch, watching the latest of Zen’s play on DVD

♨ one thing led to the other and you were kissing

♨ you were straddling Jaehee, grinding against her in desperate need for friction

♨ it felt great and you wanted more than just that, wanted to feel her against you bare and naked

♨ the thought got you aroused, worked up even

♨ sadly, a little too much, as it seemed

♨ suddenly you found herself coughing and wheezing

♨ the fact that you were having an asthma attack when it’d been years worked you up

♨ you got nervous, and the symptoms got worse

♨ luckily Jaehee reacted quickly

♨ she gently pushed you off herself to sit upright on the couch

♨ she calmly disappeared for a couple of seconds only to return from the bathroom with an inhaler in hand

♨ you didn’t have a lot of time to worry about where she’d gotten it from or why

♨ you accepted it, putting it into your mouth and inhaled

♨ meanwhile she held up her wrist, staring at her watch

♨ “You’re not too far gone so I’d say one puff every forty seconds should be enough.”

♨ You had no idea how she remained so calm, but you appreciated it a lot

♨ “Take another puff exactly…now!”

♨ you did and about five minutes later you felt much much better

♨ once you could breathe and talk again you couldn’t help but ask

♨ Jaehee merely shrugged, a sweet blush to her cheeks

♨ “I noticed that you run out of breath at work much quicker than I do. I wasn’t sure whether I was right with my asthma theory, but when I googled the symptoms did add up and I’d rather be safe than sorry.”


♛ it had taken months to convince Jumin to have sex

♛ even just thinking it made you feel dirty

♛ not that he’d been repelled by you or the idea of sex with you, but he really wanted to wait until marriage

♛ when you explained to him that you weren’t quite ready to say yes though, he soon caved

♛ maybe the cat ears, tail and little bell to wear around your neck had something to do with it too…

♛ but who cares about minor details like that

♛ the second he came home and saw you in that outfit, his moral soon flew out of the window

♛ honestly, he just did it because he wanted to be better than his father anyway

♛ Jumin had admitted to never having had sex before, so you’d been worried it might not be good

♛ you worried for nothing, let me tell you

♛ you couldn’t tell whether he’d watched porn recently or read up on it or whether it was just pure talent

♛ but he was wicked good and you hadn’t even been naked at that time

♛ he was worshipping your body, touching you everywhere, feathery light

♛ caressing every inch of skin he could get his hands on, always tender and loving

♛ you were so overwhelmed with emotion you felt like you might actually cry

♛ especially when he stopped the naughty bits to press a kiss to your hand, just as a reminder that it wasn’t just about sex

♛ that is when you felt like all air got sucked out of your lungs…

♛ …and no new air was coming in

♛ how unfortunate

♛ he’d stopped when he’d noticed something was off, that you’d gone tense

♛ you weren’t wheezing yet, but from how you remembered your attacks, it would set in soon

♛ Jumin was looking at you, frowning slightly as he didn’t seem to understand what the issue was

♛ when you gasped out for an inhaler, it quickly made click

♛ he got out his phone and called for his servants employees to get you an inhaler

♛ while waiting for them he talked you through the attack

♛ his voice had always been low and soothing, but in that moment it was even more so

♛ by the time someone came the inhaler you were mostly calmed down again

♛ he still told you to take a puff or two for good measures

♛ “See, that is what happens when you have sex before marriage. Now please tell your doctor to send me your medical records immediately. I need to take precautions.”


☼ he’d been holed up in his room for almost a week

☼ apparently working on some virus that was harder to program than he’d anticipated

☼ when he’d finally come out, Seven had been stressed and tense

☼ you’d figured it’d be a nice gesture to…relief some of the stress

☼ you’d pushed him down onto the couch, straddling him

☼ after making out for a while, things turning heated rather quick, you decided to climb down and go

☼ you went on his knees, ready to give him the blowjob of his life

☼ Seven’s looked wrecked from the kiss alone, so you were hoping that would blow his mind entirely

☼ his eyes were half lidded, lips parted and spit slick and God was that vision hot

☼ when you took him into your mouth he moaned, hand coming to fist your hair

☼ you groaned around his length, sending vibrations down his shaft

☼ apparently he liked that a lot, because he bucked his hips and thrust into your mouth

☼ you didn’t like that

☼ mainly because for even just a split second you felt like you were choking

☼ and that set you off

☼ you found yourself pulling off, panting and gasping for air

☼ then the wheezing set in and Seven finally reacted

☼ not that it was optimal

☼ in his half-panic he reached for an empty bag of Honey Buddha Chips and pressed it to your mouth

☼ you really would have loved to been able to roll your eyes

☼ however, all you could was breathe in and out of the damn bag

☼ you could still taste the faint note of chips with every breath

☼ eventually you’d calmed down enough to get rid of the bag, glaring daggers at your idiot of a boyfriend

☼ “Did you seriously just press a dirty chips bag against my face to breathe into?”

☼ at least he had the decency to look ashamed, scratching the back of his head nervously

☼ “Not really clever of me. In my defense, I’m sleep deprived. Still…not my prouder moment. Sorry.”


☀ You were lying in bed, wrapped up in your own world

☀ making out with Saeran was something you appreciated a lot

☀ for one it took a lot of trust in you to let you this close

☀ he also was a great kisser

☀ whether it be feathery light and just a brush of lips or passionate, licking into your mouth and claiming it with his tongue

☀ this time, however, you were surprised when he began touching you

☀ his hand disappeared under your shirt, slowly roaming upwards

☀ his touch left a pleasant shiver behind wherever it went

☀ when his hand wrapped around your bare breast, fingers playfully twisting your nipple you gasped

☀ you arched into the touch, biting your lip to muffle any embarrassing sounds

☀ you hadn’t been touched like that in a long time, so your body was hypersensitive

☀ suddenly his hand was gone though and you were about to pout when you felt it sneak under your skirt and ~ oh!

☀ He used two fingers to push inside you while his thumb circled your clit

☀ it took your breath away

☀ which was fine, until he literally took your breath away

☀ this attack came so fast you barely saw it coming

☀ clutching your chest you gasped for air

☀ Saeran just blinked and calmly removed his hand from your body

☀ he then turned around leaving you facing his back

☀ you felt hurt for a moment, almost close to tears until suddenly he turned back and pressed an inhaler between your lips and pressed it, forcing you to inhale a deep breath

☀ a minute later he did it again, expression almost eerily calm and neutral

☀ you calmed soon after, still staring at him with wide eyes though

☀ what had just happened?

☀ when you asked him where he’d gotten the inhaler from he told you he’d brought it a couple of months ago

☀ you asked him whether he had asthma but he said that wasn’t the case, leaving you even more confused

☀ “I hacked into your medical record and saw that you had asthma so I took care of it. I need you alive. you also didn’t tell me you were allergic to eggs. That was reckless of you.”

☀ you just kind of gaped at him at that admission

☀ well, he certainly had a unique way of showing you that he loved you

☀ “And look, I got it in your favourite colour too.”

Jihyun Kim/V

📷 the entire day you’d felt somewhat breathless

📷 it had been rather stressful at the party, so you figured that must have been the reason

📷 especially as you’d watch V get on stage to sell his last photographs

📷 now he had none saved and left to sell and was incapable of taking more

📷 while he’d moved on from Rika and you’d actually gotten him to agree to the surgery, it’d been to late

📷 at that point, a couple of years after the actual incident, the doctors had said there was nothing they could do anymore, it was permanent

📷 you figured the heavy feeling on your chest was your heart sinking at said fact

📷 when you’d gotten home you’d still felt somewhat sad, but V had just laughed and shaken his head

📷 he’d seen this event as something to be celebrated, to be happy about

📷 after all he’d been able to follow his dreams and passions and take photographs until the very end

📷 when he put it that way, you couldn’t help but agree

📷 you’d kissed him then, innocent and light

📷 V, however, had other things in mind

📷 soon you’d found yourself pressed against the nearest wall, a leg between yours for you to grind against

📷 you shamelessly did so, panting and gradually getting more out of breath

📷 by the time you noticed what was going on, that you’d been wrong about those signs throughout the day it was too late

📷 the asthma attack hit you hard, the weight on your chest almost unbearable, forcing you to your knees

📷 you’d felt like you were suffocating and no matter how often you took breaths, nothing stuck

📷 to your surprise, V had remained completely calm

📷 he’d followed you on your knees and didn’t come too close, instead keeping enough distance to let you breathe

📷 he breathed along with you, showed you how to do it, soother you with his calm words

📷 when you’d calmed enough not to choke on him he got up and returned with an old looking inhaler

📷 you’d taken a couple of puffs and handed the inhaler back

📷 “I used to have asthma as a kid. This thing is old though, so we better get you a new one just in case.”


I’m sorry if there are some mistakes, I’m hella tired at this point and have been staring at this for hours XD I really hope you like it nevertheless 

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There's a girl at my school who wears cat ears, tail, and a collar with her bell and whenever I see her meow at her boyfriend he looks like he wants to die

save him

- Boi

Don’t Tell Tony - One-shot (Steve x Reader)

Summary: Reader tries to keep her relationship with Steve a secret from her brother Tony.

Anonymous: Do u still take requests? I just recently got into the fandom and I love capsicle so much. Could u do a x reader where stark is the reader’s older brother and he’s the only one who doesn’t know about steve and the reader’s relationship because the reader was kind of scared/shy about tony knowing

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Fortune Cat (A Wayhaught Ficlet)

Anon Prompt:  you wrote once that you would have liked to see an extra wayhaught scene from episode 8. did you have something in mind?

This is dedicated to @haughtbreaker as a small thank you for nabbing the Kat shoutout and other goodies from SDCC. :)

It was half past nine when Waverly parked outside the hospital, the waxing moon shining down hazily through the wispy winter clouds. She hadn’t exactly planned on leaving the Homestead, where Wynonna was now safely and soundly snoring on the couch after her kidnapping. But something had compelled her to go see Nicole, and Waverly didn’t fight it. Didn’t want to fight it, if she was being completely honest.

Deep down, Waverly had her suspicions about why she couldn’t wait until morning; suspicions related to an unspoken, but undeniable something that had been growing between them ever since they met. Waverly just… wasn’t ready to delve into them. At least, not yet.

Instead, Waverly reasoned that Nicole would want to know sooner rather than later that Wynonna was fine. Nicole had been so worried about Wynonna’s disappearance, her frustration with not being able to provide more help clearly etched on her face when questioned earlier by Doc and Dolls.

Waverly convinced herself that, naturally, she should ease Nicole’s worry. It’s what friends did, she thought, slinging her purse over her good shoulder and being careful to not jostle the sling for her still healing left arm. She grabbed a small, purple gift bag from the passenger seat before she exited her Jeep and, shivering slightly from the cold, scurried through the hospital’s revolving door.

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Litha/Faerie Interaction Masterpost! 

Since I’m a witch who focusses a lot of fae magick, i figured i’d make a huge post about Litha, since it’s a really great time for interacting with faeries (and when I say faeries i mean fae/the fair folk/the others/aos si/sìth whatever names you may refer to them as!)

Some cool Litha trivia 

  • Midsummer has long been associated strongly with faeries, which can be seen in things like Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream 
  • Lots of the folklore about the Litha in Europe involves faeries (most of it on protection from them or ways to see them–i’ll get to that in a bit)
  • Midsummer was also strongly associated with witches, which can be seen in macbeth and the tempest
  • obviously since it’s the summer solstice it’s associated with the sun so bonfires are traditional, (jumping over a bonfire is good luck!) but it also has links to water, and is a good time for working specifically fire and water spells, bathing, and doing any kind of magick water work 
  • Litha is also a great time to do love spells and marriages/handfastings as it is the time of the union of the Goddess and the God in Wicca, and also the time that many flowers associated with love grow. June is always the most popular month for weddings in modern society, so love is constantly in the air! 
  • Many different folklore traditions about midsummer involve love e.g women would place flowers under their pillow or drop some silver into a well to the faerie to live their to has dreams or see the reflection or their future husband
  • Girls would also throw garlands of flowers/flower crowns into rivers or the sea and foretell their future from them. 

Ok now on to the faerie part

There are tons of ways you can interact with faeries on litha! 

  • u can share a meal with them
  • u can make a faerie herbal pouch
  • u can try to see them 
  • u can ask for a blessing of your home 
  • u can invite them to dwell in your garden (they’ll help ur plants flourish!) 
  • u can even become friends with them! (but be careful, they’re tricksters and can be dangerous) 
  • u can ask for protection for ur home and garden 

The basics of making a faerie herbal pouch 

  • it can be used for anything pretty much, including attracting faeries, getting dreams of faeries, to seek faerie help or comfort, to receive faerie magick to help with divination or spells, to travel to the land of the faeries etc
  • use any of the following herbs, which are all associated with faeries: lavender, hazel, alder, hawthorn, marigold, nettle, rosemary (for elves specifically) straw, trefoil, primrose (really any sweet smelling flowers like rose, lily, etc) cowslip, thyme, raspberry leaves, strawberry, or anything that has a strong association with faeries for you (i really like using violets because in msnd puck uses a little purple flower!)
  • if you want to use stones, fluorite is associated with faeries and great for fae magick
  • for material: pale lavender, grey, green for faeries, or yellow for otherworld, use cotton
  • sew closed with white thread 
  • charge it! (i use the four elements e.g blessed spring water, the flame of a lavender or grey candle, salt, and lavender or sandalwood incense for air)
  • say an incantation if u want while u’re doing this, whatever ur comfortable with/do normally
  • if u want some more energy in it, place it in the moonlight for an hour or two (I always do because i want it to be additionally charged with magick that has that ~otherworldly~ feel
  • hang it in a tree in the yard or a fencepost or wherever u want! 

To share a meal with faeries

  • make faerie biscuits! theyre really yummy (i use the recipe by ann moura with a few modifications) 
  • share some milk (if the moon is out) 
  • share some fruit juice made with summer fruits 
  •  share some wine or mead with them 
  • make faerie tea! (some good herbs to use are dandelion root, rose hips, elder flower, irish moss, raspberry leaf, ann moura also has a great recipe) 

To see faeries (u don’t have to do all of these at once!)

  • soak some thyme and lavender in olive oil and rub it on your eyelids in the evening 
  • sit in a stone circle 
  • carry a four-leaf clover in your pocket or shoe or in a little pouch round ur neck
  • put some thyme in your pocket and sprinkle it across your thresholds to allow faeries to enter your home
  • look under hawthorn, elder, and apple trees
  • there are tons of spells to see faeries, chose one that feels best for you and your goals
  • small tinkling silver or glass bells can attract faeries! just be super sure theyre not steel or iron! 

Things to NOT do!!!!!!!!! Don’t do any of these to the faeries!!!! 

  • Do not thank them!! saying thank you reduces them to human servants in their eyes and is highly insulting!! 
  • Do not use or wear any steel or iron (unless your only goal is protection) and NEVER offer anything to faeries that is made of those substances
  • Do NOT assume faeries are not dangerous! Protect yourself and your pets! i draw sigils on my dogs collars, make sure theyre wearing their steel dog tags etc (those bells on cat collars could also work.) A little bit of rue in your pocket can work as protection for you, and if they try to take you away turn your jacket inside out and put it on to confuse them 
  • Do not eat their food! According to tradition it means you will stay with them for seven years. However, this does not mean you cannot share a meal with them, just eat and drink things you provide yourself

Other fun litha activities 

  • make a solar cross out of the faerie triad (ash-oak-hawthorn) 
  • burn old amulets and yule wreaths in ur bonfire 
  • make white protection pouches out of litha herbs and hang them around ur yard and house! 
  • make a pouch (or use any other kind of receptacle) fill it with your negativity and self-doubt, and then burn it 
  • reaffirm ur beliefs to ur Gods (or if u’re secular just commitments to ur beautiful self) and the craft
  • reaffirm other commitments u have made (like wedding vows, promises etc)

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bts reaction to you wearing only cat ears and a bell choker?


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J Hope

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Rap Monster

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To all my followers in Michigan (specifically the Commerce/Walled Lake area), please keep an eye out for Fable the fox. He recently got out of his enclosure when his owners were moving. 
He is currently wearing a cat collar with a bell on it. Chances are, an escaped fox won’t come to a stranger when called- but it helps to have reports from those who have seen him.  
If you spot this lovely boy running loose near you, please message me so I can get the information to his owners! It’s very cold in the Midwest right now, and we’d all like to see Fable come home!

Ok so my cat wears a bell right. Well she likes to run around and spring into the air and so she made this mad dash out of my room and I can hear her jumping around in the living room and I’m scrolling tumblr with my back turned to my open door all of a sudden I hear: 

ding dng ding ding dindingdingdingdingdingdingdingdiNGDINGDINGDING (2 second silence) BAM! FLOP mew

turns out she ran from the living room into my room like a bat outta hell, tried to leap to my windowsill, did not calculate the distance, smashed against the wall and fell down and meowed in confusion 

cats are??? 


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Imagine Bucky wearing a red cat collar with a bell on it around his wrist because he moves so quietly so people will, mostly, hear him when he enters a room.

tony initially suggested it as a joke, but once bucky startles pepper so badly she breaks a plate, he takes the suggestion seriously. he genuinely feels bad about startling people - it’s never his intention, and he usually forgets that he’s being so quiet. he delivers flowers to pepper’s office with a note of apology (although he’ll vehemently deny that it was steve’s idea). he stops wearing it once he’s better at telegraphing his movements, but the tower is meant to be a safe space for everyone, and until then, he doesn’t mind wearing it to avoid scaring his friends.

when beast moves into the tower, darcy steals the collar and adds an engraved tag with their info in case beast ever gets lost, but she replaces it with a handmade bracelet with a couple of bells and some dangly beads attached; and bucky likes that better anyways because she made it.