cat wax

The moon and cats which wax and wane

All the cats have the wonderful moon

In the eyes of a mysterious color

Be connected to the moon anytime

Cats are beyond a dimension freely






  • Candle-themed Akuma: [fighting Ladybug and Chat Noir with a brainwashed army as per usual] Give me the miraculous. It's fifty against two, you are clearly outnumbered.
  • Chat Noir: That's true. But you are clearly outmatched.

mademonstrosity  asked:


what ringtone my muse has set for yours:
come die with me - william control.

what contact photo my muse has set for yours:

what my muse thinks of the way yours texts:
he likes that francis will send him ten texts in a row instead of one big one.

how quickly my muse responds to your texts:
sometimes it seems like he replies before he even gets the text.

how often our muses text:
all the time. they send each other dumb selfies (and probably nu/de/s, lbr) and pictures of the cats and killian waxes poetic while francis tells dumb jokes.

how often our muses call:
a fair amount. especially if they’re busy with their own thing, just to check in.

does my muse purposefully miss calls from yours:

last text sent from my muse to yours:
( sms ; mon amour ) all four cats are asleep on me.
( sms ; mon amour ) i’m going to die here. again.
( sms ; mon amour ) don’t send help, it’s a good death.

send 📱 to find out about my muse’s phone.

Teaberry Cat

Smiling to An Early Friday Morn
sharing the richness of poetry 
falling below a stained glass sky
casting kindness upon the sea

Listening to Cat, waxing poetic
finding friends along the way
tired eyes but a peaceful soul
sharing memories with today

A Moonshadow is following me
a thought fleeting, a little smile
moments can never last forever
yet I hope this one stays awhile

Written whilst listening to Cat Stevens with love for my dear friend Debra who always tries to make me smile even when my heart doesn’t wish to play. Thank you, and thank you to all of my friends.  <3