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Okay picture this: Xiumin is stoically taking a shower like any grown adult, while in the next room Suho is listening to his favorite Red Velvet playlist at full volume. Involuntarily, he starts low-key bopping to their label-mates catchy songs, tapping his feet along to the beat. One could almost say he was... dancing. Sadly, he didn't notice the soap bar on the ground. At that exact moment, Baekhyun pushed the bathroom door open to see him slip and fall like a cat on a freshly waxed floor.

i cant fricking breathe rn why is baekhyun here why is he even in the picture i cant why was this so well written i dont undrstand im dy ign gthis is it this is the end of raviyeolie-reactions

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Established Supercat. Kara makes a mistake.

Thanks to @coop-writes for first reads and making me actually sit down and write this thing!


“I saw what happened today, Kara.” She shivered as Cat’s voice wrapped around her, dark and soothing all at the same time. On someone else or in a different situation that might have been a contradiction, but with Cat it only held promise. Cat knew she needed this, needed someone to keep her in line when she couldn’t do it on her own.

She wanted to surge forward, cross to where Cat was watching her from the other side of the room and fall to her knees before the other woman. To wrap her arms around Cat’s waist and bury her head in her stomach to beg for forgiveness, but the cuffs securing her wrists to the headboard held her in place—unbreakable due to the glowing green collar around her neck. Even so she pulled against them, a small whine escaping the back of her throat as they held her down, and instantly Cat was at her side.

“Shh…” a warm hand caressed her cheek offering a moment’s comfort. “I’m here, I’m right here.”

Kara nuzzled into the touch, letting her arms relax now that Cat was so close, the urge to fight against the restraints no longer quite so consuming. She wanted to believe that her reaction was just because of this woman, that her submission was only for Cat, but they both knew that until this was over there was something else that was the true force behind her response. Cat’s presence right now meant that that something else was coming, and it was that, more than the touch itself that let her give in.

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  • Candle-themed Akuma: [fighting Ladybug and Chat Noir with a brainwashed army as per usual] Give me the miraculous. It's fifty against two, you are clearly outnumbered.
  • Chat Noir: That's true. But you are clearly outmatched.

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oh I didn't know you're taking prompts, I have one :DWhat about Cat and Kara having an Old Hollywood movie night, and kara becomes jealous of some Cat's crush, like Katharine Hepburn

“There’s something incredibly sexy about the way Hepburn carried herself,” Cat went on, waxing poetic, keeping her eyes fixed to the screen. “That deep voice. The confident swagger.”

“Yeah…I guess,” Kara sighed, shifting a little beneath the blanket they shared, digging through her popcorn. “If you like those things.”

“You don’t?”

“No, I…” she continued to fidget. “…of course I like…powerful women, obviously, I just…there’s something to be said for those of us who trip over our own feet a lot too, that’s all.”

Cat couldn’t help but smirk, tearing her focus away from the film, casting a curious glance down at her girlfriend.

“Are you really jealous of a dead celebrity?” she teased. “Is that…”

“I am not jealous!” Kara gaped defensively. “I didn’t say…”

“Because…” she whispered, curling around her coquettishly, batting her lashes against Kara’s cheek for extra effect. “If you need me to show you…just how jealous you don’t need to be, I can do that. As many times as it takes.”

“Now you’re just making fun of me,” she blushed.

“Am I?” Cat laughed softly, fingering the buttons of her shirt.

Kara swallowed, looking up at her eyes, the way they caught the light from the TV, making them flash even greener than usual.

“I don’t need reassuring,” she insisted, kissing her lips briefly before settling deeper into her arms. “But I’ll take it. After we finish the movie.”

“You do like it then!” Cat huffed, punching her arm playfully. “See, I knew you would.”

“What’s not to like?” Kara shrugged, the corners of her mouth curling up as she devoured another handful of popcorn.

“Right,” Cat sighed. “Next time I catch you staring at Blake Lively, I’ll remember this.”

“No you won’t,” Kara laughed. “You’ll be busy staring too.”

Cat rolled her eyes, shaking her head, decidedly letting this one go.

“I don’t mind, really,” Kara whispered, snuggling sweetly against her chest. “So long as I’m your number one girl.”

Cat exhaled, pulling her tighter, kissing the top of her head.

“No one else could ever come close.”

If the cast of Trigun had tumblr:

Vash: Originally had an account in which he was open about his identity, but got so much anon hate for being an outlaw that his friends had to convince him to stop crying for five minutes so he could delete that account and make a new one.  Spams food pics, especially donuts.  Reblogs lots of cute/funny things, like cat gifs.  Occasionally waxes philosophical about human nature, life, hope, love and peace, etc.  Confuses people by talking a lot about Rem in a way that leads people to believe she’s his girlfriend.

Wolfwood:  Reblogs cool guns.  Complains about Vash.  Argues with people.  A lot.  Hopes desperately that anyone who knows him as a priest will never see his blog.  Deleted the blog and made a new one when Chapel started following.

Meryl: Doesn’t have a tumblr blog, because that’s such a waste of time and there are more constructive things to do with your life and are you listening to me, Vash, because for the last time, no I will not follow you.  I already have to put up with you in real life, I don’t want you on my internet too.  Yes I know those cat gifs are cute, no I do not care that you’re three followers away from your goal, I am trying to work here!

Milly: Reblogs lots and lots of cute things.  She and Vash reblog food pics from each other.  Sometimes posts long Milly-monthly-like posts (and never uses “read more.”)  Shares words of wisdom from her big brothers/big sisters/parents.  Used to get shocked and scandalized by language and NSFW content, but then she found tumblr savior and things are better now.  Has lots of followers and online friends.

Legato: Reblogs arguments and social justice posts to say, “It doesn’t really matter actually, because all of mankind will die in the very near future.  If I were you, I would let it go and simply enjoy what little time you have left."  This either makes people very angry, or completely creeps them out.

Knives: Lasted a week before the stupidity of humanity caused him to throw his laptop out a window.  Later he came back just to stalk Vash.  He groans at Vash’s philosophy posts, but secretly enjoys some of the cat gifs.