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anonymous asked:

Can you do prompts for two 12yo kids that were turned into cats and are waiting for someone to come rescue them and turn them back?

I can try: 

1.”What happens if someone can’t turn us back?”

“We get stuck as cats forever..” 

“That sounds really cool and really bad at the same time..”

2.”Being a cat wouldn’t be so bad…All my cat does is eat, sleep, and destroy stuff and everyone in the house still loves it to death… Sounds like a pretty good life to me.” 

3.” On one hand, we won’t have to go school anymore, on the other, there’s cat food and litter boxes…” 

“That’s a really hard choice…” 

4. “Well, it’s better then puberty at least.”

I hope these work, and if you need anything else, feel free to ask. 

I want a villain that behaves like the old timey stereotypically rich villains you’d see in movies but no one takes them seriously. Like they just don’t even bother arresting them because they like don’t even count. They’re sitting in a fancy swivel chair and turn around, cat in lap: my my so the heroes have arrived to take down my big bad pla–

And their entire idea is just destroyed by a 15 year old please give this to me

dozing off.


drawings from the stream!! thank you so much again to everyone who came it was really fun <3!!

@deepbluefeeling requested bluestar, which was a nice excuse to finish this sketch into a quick paint! bluestar and snowfur, in starclan together. in pink clouds. idk its sunset or something

got that strong sisterly love <3

Don’t forget…the void really cares about you…

The Void is shaped like a friend.

Yaaay, made this silly thing as a quick project because I had the sads™. Based off of @petite-pumpkin‘s drawing of a Gaster plush because I had to have one.


Make me choose - @lenxlvthor asked: Supergirl or OUAT

Love bonds us all.