cat turn

Conversations Damian has had with Alfred the Cat thanks to the Catterbox Collar:

Alfred the Cat: meow *I’m hungry*

Damian: Todd would make a fine meal.

Alfred the Cat: meow *I wonder if anyone will pet me today*

Damian: I swear, Grayson’s presents will not be tolerated. You are the only thing that matters.

Alfred the Cat: meow *would it be worth it to kill him?*

Damian: Of course. Drake is of no use to anyone.

Alfred the Cat: purring *this is all I need*

Damian: Me too. Human contact is repulsive.

So I put on TWW while drawing and how did I never notice Cackles has pink window frames?? Like they were definitely pink. I would have loved to hear that conversation between Hecate and Ada when Hecate notices.

dozing off.


“Maybe… year…..?” 

*VIPs Shooketh*

“👀👀 wha- wha- what?
Well… if I can…If I could, I will…But I can’t promise anything…I mean.. future…
Someday & somewhere definitely we’ll meet again. 
Please don’t forget me again 🙏”