cat toothless


Commission! Toothless was really fun to make and, I have to say, quite a small challenge.

I’m pretty used to drawing dragons and animals in general, but Toothless was kinda hard because his design is so… consistent. His anatomy is really round, his wings and tail are really made so you can believe he’s able to fly. Before making the final picture I had to do a lot of studies (you can see some of them there) to understand how he moves and behaves.

I could spend days staring at his eyes. I loved how they turned out.

Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 29: Someone Holding a Kitten

as i happily anticipate the new season, i present a kitten contentedly sitting on Toothless’ head! i now need there to be cats on Dragon’s Edge. or at least a dragon breed that is pretty much just like a cat.

oh and as a warning to my followers, i will be posting spoilers!