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Victorious and Diversity


1) The main character is Female and Half Latina…

2) … And so is her sister

3) The Main Character’s best friend is black

4) While his other male friends are one Jewish…

5) … And an Half-Indian, Half-Canadian guy who’s also one of the coolest guys in school.

6) As for the remaining female characters, one is portrayed by an Actress of Italian Ethnicity, and is heard speaking Spanish and then at a second time Yiddish at some point in the Series…

7) … While the other one is heavily implied to be Bisexual.

The best part of all of this is that it wasn’t even intentional for this to happen.

As a Bonus Point: All characters have some kind of shitty relationship with their relatives (or just shitty parents in general), along with some kind of neuroses or problem and what can be possibly only described as a very fluid sexuality.

hybrid!woozi 🐱🐭
  • jihoon is a cat hybrid! he was adopted as a child and lived a fairly simple life with his family, who treated him like their own son
  • the token cat hybrid…. like you will never meet a hybrid who fits their animal DNA as well as jihoon fits his cat DNA: he’s quiet and sleeps a lot and doesn’t like being cute but can’t help being adorable!!! acts standoffish but is actually the sweetest and cares so much about his friends!!!!
  • has small little black cat ears poking out of his hair with the pinkest insides!!! and a long tail that is always flicking around
  • doesn’t like being snuck up on and hisses whenever someone surprises him :( usually he’s reserved, but he can get pretty annoyed easily, and when he does his tail goes stiff and his hair sticks up a little bit…… it’s so cute :( don’t tell him that though

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THOMAS: Tweek’s fine, really. Just really out of it. Been - SUUUUUCK! - like this for the past day.

TWEEK: Hahaha, I’m an embarrassment and I don’t caaaare~
THOMAS: Hahaha, easy there, Tweek.
THOMAS: Yeah, Kyle - FUUUUUCK! - asked Tweek out on a date yesterday in the middle of shop class.
THOMAS: Pretty sure - DICKASS! - someone accidentally belt sanded their face off in their surprise.
THOMAS: Mr. Adler told them to stop messing around and told Tweek to - SUCK MY DICK! - settle it with Kyle outside, and they did.
THOMAS: It was really cute.
RED: You’d think with Tweek’s reaction that they’re already boyfriends, hahaha!
THOMAS: Well, they might as well be! They’ve been - COCKMUNCHER! - best friends this long, they might as well be dating!

THOMAS: He’s actually been watching - ASSHOLE! - Clyde pace around for the past minute.
THOMAS: Looks like he’s stopped.
TWEEK: T-they’re my cats, of course they’d be happy! I-I think?

RED: I hear that if owners are happy, the pets are happy too! Maybe it does apply!
TWEEK: I-I hope so… this is real important to me! I can’t mess this up, for me and Kyle!
THOMAS: Don’t worry, man; you guys have been - SUCKING DICKS! - best friends for a long time, and if Nichole’s anything to base off of, he’s - FUCK! - liked you for a long time too!
THOMAS: He’ll still love you no matter what!

TWEEK: I-I’m glad!
TWEEK: I’m still really giddy, ahhhhh~!
RED: That’s natural, you dweeb. It’s your first real date, right? Your cats chase everyone away!
TWEEK: Yeah. I hope I don’t mess up…

tweek headcanons!!

-hes probably shorter than most of the other kids. craig, clyde, n kenny definitely use him as an armrest

-he falls asleep rather easily during the day. like he might start to drift off during class or nap on the bus but at night, he cant sleep. like, at all.

-im pretty sure this is canon but hes a theater kid lets be real

-hes also loves draw! he loves to doodle on napkins at the shop n on his homework and the drawings arent always great but theyre cute and he likes them (and craig thinks theyre the greatest thing ever)

-hes got freckles!!

-his eyes are a hazelish color. one eye is more green than the other.

-he never adds cream or milk or sugar to his coffee and he shames the people who do (especially craig)

-he loves stickers and probably collects them n trades them

-he loves animals but he would never have any pets of his own. its too much pressure. so instead, he has plants! succulents to be exact. and he goes to his friends house to “hang out” aka play with their animals and leaves.

-he loves stripe. and tokens cats. and clydes dog. and jimmys fish. he even loves the rats at kennys house!

-to continue from above, tweek went over kennys house one time and asked ken if they have any pets. unfortunately, kenny doesnt have any pets but they tell tweek about the rats! together they went around the house and poked the rats

-hes my trans son and i love him

bratterrs !! i hope u like these !! also anyone pls feel free to add on !!