cat things


Cat Person / Dog Person

why i think gorgeous is incredible in lyrics and style :

-the whole song is making fun of itself. it’s intended to be overdramatic and brutally honest, and full of things that in the light of morning were probably better left unsaid. it’s the epitome of intoxicated conversations.

-the repeated use of ‘compliment’ and 'consequence’ makes it feel like intoxicated taylor is just repeating herself and trying to explain herself but stumbling, as well as the perfectly balanced internal rhyme.

-the whole song has an amazing tone of blame. it’s like 'it’s all your fault’. i think this is so well done because you can imagine drunk taylor poking this person’s chest and going 'WHY?’ and then falling asleep. it’s almost comical.

-that on point magnetic field metaphor that i’m now using every time i’m attracted to someone

-the neatly done 'me and you against the world’ with 'i’ve got a boyfriend, he’s older than US’. it immediately puts these two people on the same side.

-'you’re so cool it makes me hate you so much’. now taylor’s just straight up laughing at herself and how ridiculous the situation is.

-'whisky on ice, sunset and vine’ the colour palette created here is so striking that it goes on to form a symbol for the whole song

-'you’ve ruined my life’ again with the overdramatic tone. this is taylor acting intoxicated and emotional and it’s so genius to live in the skin of that person in this song because they’re someone we’ve all been.

-taylor continually references his face. it’s like she can’t help but be drawn back in or she can’t help herself. his face is such a focal point in the song and it’s so smart.

-the rhythm and pace of the song is a little off kilter, like someone swaying when they’re drunk. it gives the effect that the listener is drunk too, which is again a really good effect.

-the dramatic tone changes throughout when really the whole song is fun and light. it’s layering up emotions.

-the emotional accuracy of 'but if you’re single that’s honestly worse’ perfectly captures the feeling of being confused when you have a crush and it’s so relatable.

-in the bridge the multiple rhymes for each word stacks up a mental image.

-'ocean blue eyes’ damn! another striking colour and image, and it’s like taylor can’t help but make it sound romantic

-sink and drown and die. DO I NEED TO COMMENT?

-i love her use of the whole 'cat lady’ thing - like she’s trying to turn it into a situation that’s sad for her. she’s going 'alone’ and just waiting for him to give in and come with her. she’s acting and being coy.

-you make me so happy it turns back to sad ; again with the swinging emotions like she’s drunk.