cat themed jewelry

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While animal ears seem to be pretty frowned upon generally, animal horns seemed to be welcomed. Personally I don't mind as I like horns more but I was wondering if you knew why this is?

The reason that animal ears, most specifically cat ears, tends to be a controversial topic in the Lolita community is because of their connection to anime. A lot of new Lolitas become interested in the fashion because of their interest in anime and but because of how Lolita is often portrayed in anime and by anime artists who don’t really know much about the fashion, they take it to be a costume, something they can wear to look like some kind of “kawaii anime loli.” So you’ll often see aforementioned newcomers wandering around conventions with their poorly researched first coords and those plastic cat ears with the colorful feathers hanging out of them or some sort of Halloween store cat ears. I know this first hand having been one of these nekomimi-clad newbies myself. And so the vicious circle goes on and on. We try to remind people that Lolita is not cosplay, we are not wearing costumes, we are wearing a fashion, but it becomes difficult when it is so often seen in the way I’ve described. It is because the ears have such a prominent tie to anime imagery that they are automatically associated with cosplay. Horns and antlers don’t have such a prevalent connection so while they can come off a bit costumey, it’s usually (assuming they’re good quality and worn well as with anything else) more of that fashionable sort of costumey that you see in photoshoots and on runways as opposed to the sort of costume you see at an anime convention. And I think that’s the way you should look at it if you do want to incorporate animal ears into your Lolita coords. Animal ears can be absolutely adorable in Lolita if you do it tastefully, just like you would with any other accessory. Think “fashion” as opposed to “costume.” Tie them into the coord with a theme be it the animal the ears are from (bunny ears with a bunny themed print, cat ears with cat themed jewelry and accessories), or the same fabric that is used in the dress, or perhaps the same lace. Always keep quality and overall appearance in mind. There are cat ears that are made for costumes and cat ears that are made for fashion. Hopefully this makes as much sense written out as it does in my head.