cat talking on the phone

I was packing up to go home, my shift being over for about an hour ago and I was finally done with all my medical charts and call backs. A receptionist asked me if I could talk to a woman on the phone whose cat I had seen several months prior. Normally I would stay and talk but it was my boyfriend and my 1 year anniversary and I had dinner reservations so I asked if someone else could speak to her. The receptionist came back and said no other doctor was available and the client urgently needed to speak to me, begrudgingly I picked up the phone.

The owner’s cat was acting “unusual” and she didn’t know why. When asked if she was giving the medication she was prescribed at the last visit she told me no. The cat was eating, drinking, urinating, defecating, all normally and had no wounds, bleeding, masses, etc. so I told the owner she could make an appointment and see me first thing in the morning. She became very upset and I said I was very sorry but I was off the clock and had a very important event I was going to be late for so she could either make an appointment or was welcome to go to the emergency hospital tonight if she was that concerned. Upset she hung up and I began to head out.

As I was going out the door my boss motioned for me, the owner had called back upset and was threatening to complain via social media, so I had to see her. The other vets were too busy and this had to be handled. She would be here in 10 minutes. Upset, I made my way back in and waited.

Forty five minutes later the client showed up and said she was told there would be exam fee for her “inconvenience” earlier. I didn’t argue because I wanted to get to my dinner. I did a complete examination and found nothing wrong. The owner could only tell me the cat was “off” but couldn’t explain how. The owner declined lab work, radiographs, a fecal analysis, and everything else I offered. Grasping at straws I offered a Cerenia injection in case the cat was feel nauseated. The owner agreed and I gave the injection and she went up front. I gathered my belongings again and proceeded to leave, now late for my reservation, when the receptionist came back to tell me the client didn’t have her wallet. “Just tell her to call with her credit card tomorrow” I said.

Moments later the receptionist was back, the owner had no credit card. I went up front.

“Ma’am… I understand you are worried about your cat. But you are telling me  you came here without any money and no way of ever paying this bill?”

She began to cry. My phone vibrated and I looked, my boyfriend was texting me to say the restaurant couldn’t hold our place any longer and we had lost our table. I took my wallet out and told the receptionist I would just pay the bill. The owner said thank you and left. I went home and we ordered a pizza.

A few weeks later I got an email informing me someone had left a negative review about me. I looked, it was the owner of the cat. Her review said that I didn’t seem concerned about her cat and that I had been looking at my phone during the appointment.

Sometimes you just have to shake it off and go about your day as best you can.

Professor Gallagher

A/N: Not my picture!

Phillip “Lip” Gallagher:

You were writing your paper for your quantum physics class late night trying to complete is so you could enjoy your weekend but you still had 2 pages left of the 10 page paper. You sighed in defeat nearly throwing your laptop out the window you decided it was time to talk a break when you heard a knock on the door.

You walked to the door with great confusion and began to have and an even greater sense of confusion when you saw your RA in front of you, you had never spoke to him but Jose told you about him even pointing him out in your class “(Y/N)? Right?” He said licking his lips with his blue colored green tinted eyes “Yeah. That’s me, what’s up?” You said leaning on the doors frame watching the RA “I’m Lip, the floors RA. Can I come in real quick?” He asked in a monotone tone yet you held out your hand gesturing him to come inside and once he was in you’d close the door behind him.

“What can I help you with Phillip?” You said sitting on bean bag chair you had in your room while he sat on your desk chair “I see you’re nearly complete with your paper.” He said looking over at your draft papers “Yeah but I’m not sadly, how about you?” You asked looking at him while his back was turned. You noticed his muscles through his shirt, and his playfully messy shady blonde hair “Nah, not even in the slightest. Jose tells me you’re a TA on campus for what professor?” He asked swirling back to face you and then you realize how long and built he actually was, his legs stretching out while he stretched.

 "Professor Nathan Ryans , I co-teach his first year English class.“ You said at Phillip trying to see exactly what his purpose was for asking you the question "And before you start assuming like everyone else, I’m not fucking Ryans.” You said in a low tone tired of everyone assuming that’s how you got to be the cruel man’s TA. “Hey I’m pretty sure you heard I’m pretty cool with fucking a teacher.” He said shrugging which made you laugh because of how nonchalant he was about the topic.

“Phillip you’re cool with fucking anything with perky tits and a vagina.” You said laughing which caused him to laugh “Damn I see this becoming a good friendship.” He said grabbing one of your papers “Well I know you didn’t come in here till ask me about myself, so what do you need Professor Gallagher?” You said teasing him “I like the sound of that. Hmm well you’re right I wanted your opinion on the cat topic in class.” He said moving the chair closer to you, your mouth began to form an “O” “Sure.” You said before going off into a deep conversation about Quantum Physics with Phillip the conversation had lasted for hours just talking about the CAT theory and then his phone had dinged .

“Gotta go, I have a meeting with my favorite Professor.” Phillip said getting up from your chair and walking towards the door “Have a good evening with Professor Kitty.” You said purring teasing him “No I’m leaving professor Kitty now and onto Professor Cougar.” He said laughing causing you to throw a pen near him “Fuck you” you said laughing as he left and closed your door.

Your talk with Phillip expanded your brain a bit more which enforced you to walk over to your desk and began tapping your fingers away and finally finishing the last two pages required “FinalFuckingly.” You said sighing in pure relief and just as you were about to pack up and fix your desk you found a number you had never seen before with “Professor Gallagher” under it causing you to chuckle a little at Phillips attempts to be funny, rolling your eyes you enter the number into your phone no bother to text him now because he was with Professor Robinson.

You went to bed shortly after but when you woke up there was another body laying in your bed causing you to kick it in fright when the body fell you heard the thud “What the fuck (Y/N)?” You heard Phillips very familiar tone “No no, what the fuck Phillip.” You said walking over to him helping him up “Oh shit wrong room.” He said as he started to look around “No shit dumbass.” You said helping him walk to the door.

“Hey I’m pretty shitfaced you think you can take me back to my room?” He asked looking up at you with those sad puppy eyes, you nodded trying to sturdy him as you walked down the hall to his room. When you finally reached his room he unlocked the door and rushed back to your arm for aid, you dragged him into the room throwing him on the bed.

“Thanks (Y/N).” He said as you smiled and exited the room closing the door behind you. “Great another friend who gets shit faced on the regular.” You muttered to yourself walking back to your room surround by the day time silence. Another day , another dollar.

Male Mc Mystic Messenger ZEN Route: Day 5 {Hour 21:12 + Yoosung Call}

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Hour: 21:12 ZEN vs Jumin

Zack spent the rest of his time looking out the window watching the storm slowly reach a calm. Now only rain was drizzling onto the flooded sidewalks and a gentle breeze was swaying the burnt tree branches. He held his phone in his hand and sighed in annoyance. What was he so upset for? It wasn’t like he was attracted to ZEN. Ha! 


Well maybe just a little. Well it’s not like it even mattered. J-just attraction is all nothing else. 


No that was a lie. Zack gripped his forehead and let out an exasperated sigh. This was stupid and ridiculous. It was too much trouble to be thinking about all of this. Right now he just needed to focus on the RFA, not high school butterflies and crushes. AGH! It wasn’t a crush! Well it was but… Forget it! 

His phone buzzed and suddenly the computer lit up. He looked down to see he was getting a barrage of emails and text messages. Guess the power and signal was back on. He got up and checked all the items in the freezer before checking the computer. Everything was up and running. He rubbed his face in annoyance, he just wasn’t in the mood to do anything for the rest of the night. He was pissed off at ZEN and pissed off at himself. 

He unlocked his phone and saw a chat open. He could just ignore it. Shit. Fine he wouldn’t he was too addicted to talking to these people. 

He froze when he saw it was ZEN. Dammit… He already swiped to join and it was logging him in. He could just press the home button but- 

ZEN>: Ah, I had such a great workout!
ZEN>: Zack! Heheh how’d you know I was done? You stalking me~? Hahaha!

If he logged out now it’d be too obvious that he was trying to avoid him. Dammit. 

     <: I think everyone would know you’re done working out.  
     <: You seem like the type of person who posts his workout on all the social media’s 

ZEN>: Someone’s being a bit sassy heheh! 
ZEN>: But
ZEN>: You’re right. 
ZEN>: Sit tight little prince~ I’ll show you! 

     <: Little prince? What? 

ZEN>: Hahaha! I don’t even know why I put that. 

Jumin Han>: Oh brother. 

     <: Jumin, hello, did you get hit by the storm? 

Jumin Han>: I didn’t but my company did. Everything is fine of course. 

     <: I see. 

ZEN>: Here ya go!

ZEN posts a picture of himself drinking a beer and wearing a towel over his shoulders. 

Jumin Han>: You drink, smoke, and exercise. 
Jumin Han>: You might as well stop acting as if you’re healthy for all of that leads to nothing. 

ZEN>: Hey! It does! I don’t smoke all the time! 

     <: And the beer? 

ZEN>: We can’t all be pure. 

     <: It’s not like you’re getting drunk all the time so I guess it’s okay. 

Jumin Han>: You are just another man forgiving his actions because of his looks. 

     <: Oh damn. 
     <: Someone bought the wrong cat food for El. 

Jumin Han>: Elizabeth 3rd. 

ZEN>: You are being more of a jerk than usual today. 

Jumin Han>: I’m just stating a fact. You are not a good role model. 

ZEN>: Oh whatever, you’re own dad isn’t a good role model. He just picks up beautiful young girls who are stupider than a bag of rocks. 

     <: Okay let’s stop now. 
     <: We’re all in a pissy mood. Let’s just shut up and change the subject. 

Jumin Han>: I am nothing like my father. I am a good role model. 

ZEN>: No you’re not! You flaunt your money and live alone with a cat. That’s nothing to strive for! 

Jumin Han>: But I am successful. 

ZEN>: Oh my god you infuriate me. 

Jumin Han>: And you can be successful as well if you do the commercial. 


Jumin Han>: Cat’s are truly the joys of life. 

      <: I mean they’re cute but dogs 

Jumin Han>: Don’t even finish typing. 

     <: Oh. 

ZEN>: Hey, jerk, leave my prince alone. 

Jumin Han>: This again? Your prince? 

ZEN>: Ha! I’ve just been messing around. 

Jumin Han>: It seems you make poorer decisions than I thought. 
Jumin Han>: For one your ‘pet name’ is confusing. 
Jumin Han>: And secondly you keep letting the fact of not getting along with cats prevent you from a great business opportunity. 

ZEN>: It’s not that I don’t get along with them, it’s that I AM ALLERGIC. Why can’t you understand that? 
ZEN>: And besides, I just say my prince because he looks like one. He knows it’s friendly don’t you Zack? 

     <: ya 

Jumin Han>: Perhaps you’re allergic to cats because you were evil to them and God plagued you with a curse. 

ZEN>: What even? 

Jumin Han>: You can overcome this obstacle with love. You would be doing a service to these blockades if you did. 

ZEN>: I’m allergic! 

Jumin Han>: That isn’t the only thing I’m speaking of. 

ZEN>: ??? 

      <: So… I understand the allergy issue. It really does suck. 

ZEN>: See! Zack always gets me!

Jumin Han>: Whether it be professional relationship or not you must understand that there are limitations to your fame. 

ZEN>: What are you even going on about? 

Jumin Han>: So choose wisely and take opportunities while you can. 

ZEN>: Choose wisely in what? Your stupid cat commercial? You know what? 
ZEN>: I’m done talking about it. 

Zack lowered the phone. Was Jumin reiterating what Jaehee had said? He sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. This sucked, it was like everyone but ZEN knew what he was feeling. Maybe to feel better he could just blame ZEN for his sudden obliviousness to all this. No. He wouldn’t even though he childishly wanted to. 

ZEN>: So Zack? I take it the storm has moved onward. Is everything okay? 

     <: Yes, a tree caught on fire but everything is good. 

Jumin Han>: How rude to dismiss my generosity. 

ZEN>: Wow! A tree caught on fire? That’s insane. 

Jumin Han>: It’s rude to ignore people trying to help you. 

ZEN>: Geez, you go about it so annoyingly. 
ZEN>: You can’t win me over like that. 

Jumin Han>: I thought you wanted someone else to win you over. But if you insist. 

ZEN>: Wait! 
ZEN>: No that’s not what I meant! 

Jumin Han>: I’ll send you roses. 

     <: Kinda old school. 

Jumin Han>: Have you ever received flowers Zack? 

      <: …..No :( 

Jumin Han>: I’ll find a way to send you roses then. 

ZEN>: Don’t! 
ZEN>: Don’t send me roses and don’t send him roses! 
ZEN>: Zack if you get roses 
ZEN>: burn them! 
ZEN>: And get rid of the ashes. 

     <: seven days… 

ZEN>: What? 

    <: I dunno it sounded like they were cursed 
    <: It was the first thing that came to my mind okay! 

ZEN>: Hahaha! Cute! You are my prince. 

     <: Um… can you stop calling me that? 

Especially when you don’t mean it. Just stop. 

ZEN>: Oh.
ZEN>: Sorry about that. 

     <: It’s fine. 

Jumin Han>: Either way you’ll still have ashes. 

ZEN>: shut up. 
ZEN>: It’s like you’re saying I can’t succeed without your help. 
ZEN>: You offered to advertise my musical and then go on saying that I shouldn’t ignore the power of money. 
ZEN>: You’re just wasting your breath. 

Jumin Han>: It’s like you have something against me. 
Jumin Han>: Are you perhaps
Jumin Han>: Jealous

ZEN>: No, you’re just annoying. 
ZEN>: I’m doing fine without your help. 

Jumin Han>: Congrats. 

ZEN>: You know what? I’m tired of thinking about you so much

Jumin Han>: Weird. I didn’t know I occupied your mind so much.

ZEN>: and your insufferab

Jumin Han>: Is it me who you actually have feelings for? 


     <: This is interesting and also frustrating. 

ZEN>: He’s probably smiling right now! It pisses me off. 

Jumin Han>: I am. 
Jumin Han>: You know me so well darling. 

ZEN>: I don’t need you to do well!

Jumin Han>: Ya

ZEN>: I’m done. 
ZEN>: You’ll see! I’ll do amazing in my new roll! 

Jumin Han>: Ah so I motivated you. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna break my phone!!!! 

Jumin Han>: I’m happy to be of service. 

ZEN>: Gah! 

Jumin Han>: What a fun conversation. Perfect before I go to bed. Good night. 

     <: Night. 

Jumin Han>: Thank you. 

        Jumin Han has left the chatroom. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna cuss

     <: It’s cool. That was kinda frustrating on my end too. 
     <: buuuuut that being said
     <: I’m smiling too. 

ZEN>: I don’t mind if you’re smiling. 
ZEN>: You being here helps, prince
ZEN>: Oh sorry. 
ZEN>: Zack. 

     <: It’s fine. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna go practice. 
ZEN>: Get some sleep yourself :)

     <: Yeah I will. 
     <: Thanks. 

ZEN>: Heh! See ya! 

        ZEN has left the chatroom 

     <: You’re the prince. 

He closed his phone and sighed. What an annoyance. He watched the flooded streets send it’s small waves of water run down the hills. He felt his phone buzz and let out an annoyed grunt. Without looking who was calling he picked up. 

“Hello?” He said tiredly. 

“Oh!” It was Yoosung. “Sorry did I wake you?” 

“No you didn’t. Just relaxing is all.” He said as leaned back and rested his head on the pillows. 

“Oh good! I was calling to see if you’re okay. I mean I checked the weather again and saw it finally passed.” 

Zack slightly smiled. “Yeah, thanks, it’s all good here.” 

“Oh I’m- cast cure you shitty idiot!” 

“Woah. Damn.” 

Yoosung sighed and then made a blabbering noise. “Ah u-uhm s-s-sorry I didn’t mean to get all angry. It’s just been a… trying battle.” 

“Heh, well don’t break your keyboard.” 

“No way! It’s my lifeline. B-but I uh called for another reason.” 

“You mean my well being isn’t at the top of your list?” 

“No. I mean yes!! Ah I mean-” 

Zack chuckled. “I’m kidding.” 

“Ah… you’re mean.” He faked crying. “You and Seven always tease me.” 

“You’re an easy target.” Heh, Yoosung was pretty cute. He was pretty ni- 

No stop. Now wasn’t the time. 

“That’s! Not…. it is true isn’t it. Ah! I don’t want to forget, uhm I called to ask if you could get me ZEN’s autograph? I mean I’m sure if you asked he would gladly give it to you. Plus he knows where you work so you can ask in person.” 

“Gonna sell it?” 

“Well…. no. Actually I want to flaunt it. I can go around saying I’m friends with someone famous. And have him write “To my loving friend and brother, Yoosung.”” 

“You’re… not serious are you?” 

“Yes totally serious.” 

Zack pinched the bridge of his nose. “Ahm… yeah okay.” 

Yoosung chuckled. “Great! Okay I need to pre-order something so I’ll let you go! Good night!” 

“Night, loving friend and brother Yoosung.” 

“Nnngh…. yeah… okay I hear it now, I’ll think of something else.” 

Zack laughed and hung up. Heh, Yoosung. 


He really was cute and nice. 


I have been in an on and off ldr for about 4 years now. He and I have known each other for 12years. So since I was 12 Ive known this guy. He has always been there for me when I needed him. Been an amazing role model, and accepted me for me. He is the longest friend I have ever managed to keep. Im insanely in love with him. I honestly trust him more than I trust my own family. The one problem is im 99% sure im being cat fished. We’ve never talked on the phone or video chatted, we only text. He refuses to and makes excuses. Ive gotten over than and dont expect him to. But I really want something to give me the kick I need to leave him and cut him out of my life. My searching skills arent that good. So the most ive been able to do is find people he’s connected to on fb and add two of them as friends so I dont come off as a creep. Im really getting tired of going through the emotional hurt of knowing the guy ive fallen for isnt who he says he is. Ive invested 12 years emotionally with this guy and letting go and the thought of it is extremely hard.

I really want to go on the show catfish, but I dont want this sensitive part of my life to be broadcasted all over and have people to see me as crazy, desperate, or sick. I don’t want them to feel sad or sorry for me. I just want to know the truth and move on with my life.


At precisely ten minutes after 4 in the morning, Maki’s phone comes to life with a series of loud consecutive buzzing.

Somewhat roused from sleep, she blearily grabs at it and manages to tap the red button. Or so she thought; rather than that, she had accidentally answered the call instead. Her eyes aren’t even open when Rin eagerly starts talking without waiting for the customary “Hello?”, loud enough that Maki can hear her without even being on speaker.

Maki-chan! Hey hey, Maki-chan! Are you asleep? Rin was, but then I had the weirdest dream, so I thought I should tell you about it since I woke up—“

Maki groans.

Oh, good, you’re there! Okay, so there were these cats, except they had eight legs, and they were crawling all over the place and I couldn’t decide if they were cute or creepy?! So Rin started to pet them and then more and more and more showed up until they were crawling eeeeverywhere!”

Now a little bit somewhat awake, Maki drags her phone over from her nightstand and squints against the bright light. She ought to hang up. It’s just a matter of aiming properly at the red button this time, but her finger wavers over the screen.

“Rin, I was sleeping.”

Were you dreaming, nya?”

“… Yeah. I think so.”

“Tell me yours, then!

“I’ll tell you at school.”

“No no no, I wanna hear now! I bet you’ll forget it by the time class starts!”

She does have a point. Maki tends to forget her dreams over breakfast, as she had never thought it particularly important to dwell over them long enough to print them to memory. What was Rin talking about, then? Spider cats, or something. She taps the corner of her phone and weighs her options. Sure, she’s annoyed at being woken up at this ungodly hour for inane chatter, yet it’s also somehow flattering that Rin chose to call her out of everyone else to talk about nothing.

Unless Hanayo’s a heavy sleeper. Oh, well.

“I think my dream had cats, too.” It didn’t, but Rin would like that.

Nyaa, maybe we were sharing a dream! So spooky!”

“Very spooky,” Maki finds herself half-smiling, but that might just be a result of her brain still having one foot in sleep mode. Whatever that means. “So, what happened to the eight-legged cats in your dream? I want to hear more about it.”

Hehe, yay! Anyway, after I started petting the cats, one of them grew more legs…

They both end up dozing off in class later that day.

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hello, can you please do those gif things about what falling in love with T.O.P, G-Dragon and DEAN would be like? :)

Hello <3 Thank you for your request! Hope you’ll enjoy^^ Of course, this is strictly my opinion and how I envision it :D

T.O.P: I think it would be the silly type of love. He’s easy to be loved, so you’d more than surely fall in love easily with him, keeping the flame alive with cute attics even when you’re mad at him. His love comes with apologies: over busy schedule, over smoking in the bathroom, over sleeping late, over too much art he bought, over homework… apologizing with small trinkets he knows you’d love.

GD: Love doesn’t necessarily come quickly in the beginning as you’re more like best friends having casual midnight conversations from what you did over the day, to what you dream of and what you wish you could change about the surrounding world. And although falling in love doesn’t come quickly, the feelings are deeper than just a casual crush.

DEAN: Falling in love with him would be like throwing yourself in a volcano… just imagine him talking about you on TV without actually telling who he’s talking about and making cheesy compliments. And calls after midnight while he’s on his way to you to surprise you when you’re actually wearing just pajamas and had just put a night mask on…  Then there’s that thing of him growing jealous on you talking on the phone with your bff, on your cat, on your cereals in the morning, on the sun on your face early in the morning, on the blanket covering you when he’s not at home etc.

Last night during my daily call home to the Kiddo, I had him put me on speaker phone to talk to the cats. (Yes, I am that lame.)

My girl cat, who has been spending almost all her time under the desk in my room, came running over to the phone and I could hear her meowing and trilling to me.  Then she attacked the Kiddo’s foot.

My boy cat….my baby who I hand raised and bottle fed…who is always in whatever room I am in….

turned his back and looked out the window. 

I have been sleeping with some cloths in the bed with me to send back home with the Kiddo, so can they smell I am still around. I think my separation from the cats has been harder for me than from my kid, just because I can’t communicate with them, and I know they can’t understand where I have gone. 

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hey idk y but i find it supercute in fics when lena calls kara puppy and like i cant get this out of my head that lena ditches her own gala to be with kara so its like lena is all dressed up and kara is in sweats just eating chinease in her loft while watching a movie and lena posts a pic in instagram and the comments are blowing up about if theyre dating and days later cat calls lena and literally gives lena a shovel talk over the phone bcus in my mind cat is like super protective of kara

Why anon, i’m supposed to be studying. But I couldn't resist this so I wrote a little something. Also, it’s on ao3 

Kara “puppy” Danvers everyone

It’s just another gala, Lena thinks to herself. Another gala without Kara. Something about her being too sick to come. Lena sighs as she forces another smile for another old white guy who doesn’t care about her company or what it means, only the potential money he could get from it. Which is none. 

She closes it early, earlier then ever before. She tells her assistant she’s feeling odd, which isn’t exactly false. In truth, she does feel odd, odd about her feelings towards Kara. She can’t stop thinking about her. It’s like her mind trails towards her when it shouldn’t, and what better way to get rid of that, or make it worse, than to visit the girl who occupies her mind?

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Wedding planning//Closed


An busy morning he wound up at the warlock’s so they could talk about planning. However hadn’t really talked much being interrupted by phone calls,cats,and sometimes just themselves. At this point Alec’s family knew about the engagement and wasn’t much to be said in that department aside from offers to help,etc.

Magnus had wandered off on the phone again and Alec was hanging upside down from the couch. Seeing Magnus appear again didn’t even bother move to sit on the couch properly or anything. Just moved an slight bit so the warlock could sit on the couch. “I’m starting to think we should just let Izzy do most the planning.” 

These Dreams

Calum Hood One Shot

Rating: Mature

Word Count : 2091

A/N: This is the song ‘You’ sing at the beginning. 

“These dreams go on when I close my eyes” You belt out quite drunkenly on the makeshift stage at the back of the bar, “Every second of the night I live another life.” You aren’t usually this bold, but considering the multiple shots of tequila your friends have been supplying you since you stepped foot inside, you figure you might as well take advantage of your intoxication and let loose a little. You aren’t naive; you know you lead a pretty boring life. Your life revolves around your pain in the ass job and your overweight cat. However, this morning you’d had some kind of epiphany while talking on the phone with your mother. Between her singing her own praises and lecturing you over your lack of marital status, you realized that she wasn’t entirely wrong. You absolutely hated your life, you were going nowhere fast at your job and you couldn’t recall the last time you went on a date, let alone had sex. After hanging up with your mom and barely avoiding an existential crisis, you called the one person that would know what to do in this situation, Calum, your self-proclaimed best friend.

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vhope, soulmates

title: whatever we want to be

author: admin juv (galaxicious@aff)

pairing: hoseok / taehyung

length: oneshot / 1.8k word counted

Taehyung thinks Hoseok’s perfect for him.

He didn’t know when it all started, but the first time he met Hoseok was in an arcade. He was playing basketball with what looked like a grumpy old man (at least that’s what Taehyung sees). Taehyung didn’t know what was so attractive about him, but something about Hoseok was screaming ‘I’m your other half’ right in his face. The way his face pulls up into a snarky laugh when the grumpy one beside him misses, the way he flops around like a fish out of water when he shoots in a ball, even the way he dresses reminded Taehyung of himself. Taehyung was always deemed as a weird human being. He had a close circle of friends as not many could actually tolerate him. He doesn’t really remember what happened, but he could recall that he said something like:

“Hey, I know this is pretty weird, but I think you and me are born to be together.”

The rest of it was a blurry mess. But he could easily picture out the shock on Hoseok’s face and a glimpse of amusement across his other friends face. But of course, all the bits of pieces of memory were fragmented in different parts of his brain. He doesn’t remember things that aren’t important, and he hates it sometimes. He didn’t like that gaping hole buzzing in his head. He didn’t like the feeling of incompletion. But Hoseok seems to fill up that gaping hole effortlessly. Hoseok would always send Taehyung little reminders of what he needed to do that day. He was always there with Taehyung when he needed to run an errand. Taehyung likes his company. He likes the way Hoseok makes him laugh at trivial things. He likes the way Hoseok curls his fingers around his wrist just to pull him a little closer when there is too many people. Sometimes Taehyung steals little glances at Hoseok and he could feel everything around him slowing down to a blur. Call him dramatic, but he really thinks he could die without Hoseok, which makes him glad that he actually asked for his number when Taehyung saw him at the arcade.


Hoseok was Taehyung’s partner in crime.

Whenever Taehyung was planning something weird and out of the world, Hoseok was always beside him in a split second, smiling as he listened to Taehyung blabber out the rendezvous adventure he had in store that day. They had done many things together before, but he liked this particular one the most.

Turns out his idiot friend fell in love with the grumpy old man at the arcade. And Taehyung didn’t want to miss a chance to set Jimin up with him. He had called Hoseok, who practically snickered when he heard that someone was crushing on his hyung.

“Seriously? Your friend likes Yoongi hyung?” Hoseok cackled, unable to stop his laughter as Taehyung unintelligently babbled on.

“Do you think we could set them up? Like lock them together in the zoo in a cage of monkeys or something! Yeah that would be cool. I want to be with the monkeys too.”

Hoseok stayed silent over at the other line for a full minute before bursting out in laughter again which caused Taehyung to pout. He really wants to be with the monkeys. Hoseok was still wheezing after a while, but he managed to calm down enough to say, “I think it’s fine, we could set them up. Just no monkeys god Taetae!” before spiraling down into a fit of laughter again. Normally Taehyung would’ve felt offended. But Hoseok laughing over at the other line was enough to make Taehyung’s heart swell with joy. He unconsciously smiled along with Hoseok.

And of course, with Hoseok’s plan and Taehyung’s brain, they managed to make Yoongi wait outside Jimin’s house. Yoongi looked pissed, but that didn’t stop Hoseok and Taehyung from their plan. They hid behind a bush not far away from them and waited. Jimin was suppose to come out and start hitting Yoongi because Taehyung managed to convince Jimin that he found the mastermind behind the petition for gyms to be closed down. Hoseok on the other hand managed to make Yoongi dress up in all black in the middle of summer because “Hyung, someone I know passed away recently. Do you think you could accompany me?” Taehyung then called Jimin, telling him that the mastermind has arrived. It didn’t take long before Jimin jumped out from behind the door, latching himself onto Yoongi, causing both of them to fall to the floor unceremoniously.

“You will not close down the gyms as long as I am still here!!”

“What the fuck? Who the fuck are you? Get the fuck off me you’re heavy!”

The number of cusses in Yoongi’s sentence was too damn high, but that was enough to send Taehyung and Hoseok into a fit laughter as they fell back against the grass together. Taehyung didn’t know how he got there, but somehow he has his head resting against Hoseok’s stomach and he could feel the vibration sound through his ears every time Hoseok laughed. Taehyung’s laughter soon died down and he tried his very best to not focus on how soft Hoseok’s tummy is. Instead, he settles on staring up at the sky. He didn’t stop staring until he felt Hoseok’s fingers carding through his hair. He looks up and was immediately greeted by a soft smile. For a while, Taehyung was taken aback by how angelic Hoseok looked with his snapback on and haired pulled back. Taehyung didn’t deny it, but he would definitely reach up to kiss his forehead if not for Jimin’s untimely shriek for help.


There are sometimes when Taehyung feels out of the blue.

There are sometimes when Taehyung doesn’t feel like doing anything other than hiding under his blankets and shielding the world out. He didn’t know why, but days like this he feels sad and his chest feels heavy. Taehyung didn’t sit on his desk to doodle little aliens, he didn’t try talking to a cat, he didn’t even want to look at his phone. On days like this, Hoseok gets worried. When Hoseok doesn’t wake up to a long chain of messages from Taehyung, he knows something is wrong. Hoseok doesn’t think Taehyung is weird. He thinks Taehyung is just being himself. He doesn’t like it when people pinpoint his flaws, doesn’t like it when people throws Taehyung annoyed looks. Hoseok sighs when he wakes up to no messages from Taehyung. This was the second time in a month and Hoseok was starting to think that Taehyung was sick or something. He threw on the green tee Taehyung bought for him to celebrate their 6 months of friendship and walked down the street to Taehyung’s house.

Upon entering the house, he noticed the mess the younger has made out of the living room. Pillow casings were everywhere and shoes were throw haphazardly in front of the porch. Hoseok helped Taehyung clean up his living room before making his way over to his room, making sure to knock before entering.

Taehyung was lying on his bed in a fetal position with his sheets pulled up to his head. Hoseok breathed out deeply as he made his way over to the bed, carefully and gently moving the blanket down. Taehyung looked up at Hoseok, gaze locked on his as he sprang up from the bed to wrap his arms around Hoseok’s neck. Hoseok simply chuckled before slipping into bed with Taehyung still latched onto him like a koala. He wrapped his arms around Taehyung’s waist, pulling him closer and resting his chin on top of his head.

No words were spoken as Hoseok gently lulled Taehyung to sleep, massaging his scalp and whispering sweet-nothings into his a hair while Taehyung clings onto Hoseok like he’s about to slip away anytime. Times like this Taehyung thinks Hoseok knows him the best. He knows when he needs to talk and he knows when Taehyung just needs a hug.

Before falling asleep, Taehyung wonders if it’s possible to fall even deeper for Hoseok.


“Hyung, what are we?”

Taehyung’s question seemed to catch Hoseok off guard as he blinked at the younger blankly. They were lying side by side in a heap of blankets outside Hoseok’s backyard. Taehyung invaded Hoseok’s house in the late evening and demanded that they make a blanket fortress. Turns out that it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Hoseok bites his lip as Taehyung interlinked their fingers together. For the past 10 months, Hoseok has developed feelings for the younger boy. But he always seemed so out of reach. Up till now, Hoseok thinks he still can’t read Taehyung as well as he wants himself to. Taehyung’s like the vast sea, and Hoseok’s afraid he’ll get lost in it. The only one time they fooled around was when both of them were drunk. They didn’t talk about that the next morning, nor did they talk about it the next day.

“We’re anything you want us to be.” Hoseok said, keeping his eyes on Taehyung’s face, careful not to miss any flash of emotions.

“Oh,” Taehyung replied, slipping his fingers away. That was when Hoseok started to panic. He quickly grabbed his hand again and leaned over to lie on Taehyung, ignoring the whine coming from beneath him. Taehyung stared at Hoseok and he retuned the gaze, ignoring the burn on his cheeks. Hoseok didn’t know what he was doing, but he finds himself leaning down and placing a soft kiss on Taehyung’s lips. Taehyung’s eyes widened comically, hands frozen at his sides. He couldn’t register what was going on, but he returned the kiss when he felt Hoseok tilt his head slightly. The kiss itself was soft and the way their lips moulded against each other made Taehyung’s heart skip a beat. Hoseok broke the kiss first as he stared into Taehyung’s eyes again.

“You.. With you, I’m comfortable. I can talk about anything with you or just sit in complete silence. You see me at my worst but only talk about my best. I-i don’t know where I’m going with his, but I really need you Tae.” Hoseok blurted out, patiently waiting for Taehyung to reply. Taehyung didn’t understand what Hoseok said at first. But after a while he seemed to understand what he meant. He grinned, reaching out to pull Hoseok down for a searing kiss.

“I really need you too hyung. Maybe you’re right, we can be whatever we want to be.”

And with that, Hoseok beams with Taehyung mirroring his action.

Although there’s nothing official established between them, Taehyung thinks this is enough. He doesn’t need Hoseok to proclaim his love out loud. He doesn’t need Hoseok to shower him with kisses everyday. What he needs is just Hoseok beside him. He’s sure this time that Hoseok thinks the same too.

They’re simply contented with being anything they wanted to be.