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Slytherin Filling Out Dating Profile

Favorite Activity: Plotting to take over the worl… I MEAN skiing… yeah

Favorite Meal: The hearts of my enemi… I MEAN a nice Filet Mignon

What are you looking for in a partner: All about the Benjamin’s baby. Just kidding, someone to go shopping with

Favorite Vacation Spot: My evil lair… I mean high upon a mountain top to enjoy my future kingdom… I mean views

Favorite Pet: Sna- Cats. I said cats

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Because apparently I’m not done drawing little Carnistir with cats.

Molly the cat: *Grumbles because there’s something sharp stuck in her face / whiskers.*

Me: *Rushes to help her*

Molly the cat:  HHHWWSSSyyyppppfffTTTTT!!!!! *Kicks and scratches and bites*

Me: *Gets the sharp thing out*

Molly the cat: *Cuddles up to me and licks me*

Me: No. It’s fine you’re welcome.

Molly the cat: *walks off with a happy little trot.*


Sorry For Being Filthy Again..

And clearly being an outfit repeater, but this is my work uniform lol. I had a pretty interesting day in the shop. Get this, a woman brought her car in because her tire was “meowing”. She was 100% sure her cat or something was stuck in it, but when I took a look, gladly it was just a frog. The little guy escaped unharmed, but now I’m exhausted and ready to take my lunch and devour my tuna sandwich haha. Just thought, I would share. Take care!

Dinner and A Wedding

Pairing: SiriusXReader and JamesXLily

Prompt: James and Lily find out that what appears to be a normal dinner party hosted by their close friends turns into something a lot bigger.
*Based off of Andy and April’s wedding from Parks and Rec

A/N: Wow it only took five hundred years for another fic to come out I love Parks and Rec, but it’s been a while and some details may be inaccurate and it won’t go exactly the same way. Also I can see Lily and James combining to be a hilarious version of Leslie. Hope you guys like this one!

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Don't Carry People Around, Lev

Pairing: none
Word count: 735
Summary: Haiba Lev is a good kid but he has some bad habits, for example picking up a short person and carrying them around…
Links: ff || ao3
Inspired by: this post from imaginethehaikyuukids

Generally Haiba Lev is a good kid. He might be troublesome to deal with sometimes but overall he never means anything bad. The problem is that Lev has some bad habits. For example, constantly bringing up Yaku’s height to him or picking up short people and carrying them around for a while.

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🅱️stinien: it’s supposed to be alduin from skyrim but at this point it just looks like budget nidhogg.

Otaku Bri: Now I’m just imagining Nidhogg with a huge bucket over his head.

🅱️stinien: LMAfO


-forget the shame cone have a shame bucket.

Otaku Bri: Just holes punctured out for his horns.

-You set his eye in the bucket as well and he’s just thrashing around trying to get it away. Imagine a cat having something stuck on its head xD

🅱️stinien: oh my god

-just keeps running into things and all you hear is just metal thudding sounds

Otaku Bri: Tries to take off and hits the ceiling of the cave.

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Dear learned persons, My hooman enjoys sticking socks on my head and laughing when I try to back out of it. What is so funny about it? Wouldn't they try to back up if I stuck something on their face? With love, Confused Cat

Dear Confused Cat,

Humans are assholes. This is why the great fur-father gave you claws.

Humans don’t like stuff stuck on their face either. I suggest you continue in time honored tradition by using your butt for this purpose as often as possible.

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au where carmilla somehow gets stuck in cat form (maybe Will did something to play a prank on her) and laura finds her on the streets and is like "omg kitty come home with me" and carmilla is like "wtf human no" but y'know laura doesn't speak cat so she takes carmilla home and like bathes and brushes her all the time and basically adores her and at first carmilla was like "this is humiliating" but then she's like "maybe its not so bad having someone love you" (part one)

and even after she can change back she still stays a cat and then of course the stupid useless lesbian vampire falls in love with this dorky human who still thinks she’s just a weird cat (sorry i just love cat!carmilla and there’s not enough about her) -lil anon

hA omg i love the idea of will pulling a prank on her that forces her to stay in her cat form.

and catmilla is probably really aggressive too like ‘no i don’t even know u strange human back the fuck off’ and hisses and tries to claw her but laura is insistent!!! and catmilla’s tummy is grumbling so she relents and lets laura take her home ONLY BC THE HUMAN HAS PROMISED HER FOOD.

and in her lil brain she’s like 'this is horrible i hate this why does she keep touching me’ and she probably tries to escape like….on the reg. oh open window? tries to jump out of it. the doors open? let me scoot on out of there. you’re doing laundry? lemme just jump into your laundry basket and run away while you’re not looking.

of course laura catches her every time and catmilla is totally a grumpy cat for the rest of the day.

eventually yeah, she finds herself kind of enjoying the laura pets her behind the ears while she watches the colbert report or the way she snuggles into her while she watches sad movies. and maybe she hates the tall ginger girl who comes to pick laura up for dates sometimes. but that doesn’t mean much. if anything, it means that she’s been in her cat form too long and she needs to get the hell out of it.

she realizes, for sure, that she’s sunk when laura comes back from one of those outings with the ginger giant, crying her eyes out. catmilla rushes over to her, circles her feet and meows. laura collapses on the couch and catmilla trots up to her and sits on her lap. eventually she vocalizes the fact that she broke up with danny (and that’s the gingers name - she never really cares to remember) and even though she knows it was the right decision, she’s still upset about it.

and then laura and catmilla both fall asleep on the couch together.

the next morning, catmilla figures out that she finally transform back into her normal, physical shape but decides that maybe she doesn’t want to just yet.

she has to do something to get away from laura so she can transform back into her human form and start to woo her like a normal fucking vampire. 

she plans a successful escape and waits a few days before laura stops looking for the damn cat and stages a run in with her.

and the rest, as they say, is history.

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if zelda's embarrassing situations involve her calm and cool visage breaking down i think ganondorf's embarrassing situations would center around his appearance of control shattering i.e. the moments he looks completely helpless. kinda like those times a cat gets stuck in something and it's biggest priority isn't getting unstuck but trying to maintain the illusion that it totally is in there by choice no human stop detangling me from the rope pile i LIKE it here STOP *hiss* that'd be ganondorf.


and when Zelda walks in to find him like that he’s just like. “What are you looking at? This is a new exercise. I’m not trapped. I’m not trapped at all. Go away.”

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Duck got something stuck to it.

Plenty of fish in the sea

Captain Swan one-shot.

I would like to thank oncertwice for being there and allowing me to bounce ideas off of her and stuff. So thank you very much :)

Summary: Fisherman Killian Jones makes a friend in a “stray” cat who thanks him for all the fish by bringing him to Emma Swan. 

There it was again. The black cat. Killian had been noticing the cat for the past month now, it had just been lurking around the docks, the smell of fish had probably drawn it here, as it did most cats, but this cat, he wasn’t one of the usuals. Killian had been throwing scraps of fish to it when he returned back from sea with whatever he had caught on his boat. But it had been a month now, this cat had been here a month.

“Hello there,” he greeted the feline as he stepped off his fishing boat/home. The creature meowed up at him and began to rub himself against his leg. “You’re only being friendly because I feed you.” The cat looked up at him with bright green eyes and meowed at him again. Killian chuckled before bending down and stroking the cat. At once the creature began to purr pushing its head further into Killian’s hand. “If you want fish you’ll have to come aboard.”

The cat was apprehensive to come aboard the boat as Killian left the cat and returned to the deck of him boat. Though as soon as the cat heard Killian opening up one of his large cooling boxes its ears pricked up and it ran onto the ship. “There you go boy,” laughed Killian as he threw a small sardine, the cat snatching it up instantly.

It soon made its way over to Killian sitting down on the deck and climbed into his lap. “You all alone lad? I know that feeling. No family, no home, all I have is the sea,” the cat just purred in his lap enjoying the attention he was getting from Killian.


“Do you fancy staying here?” Killian asked the black cat a week later after the feline had adopted Killian’s home as his own; waiting at the docks for him to come back from fishing when he then came back onboard and stayed there until Killian went off again. The cat just yawned in response revealing its sharp fangs.

 “I should probably give you a name, now that you are officially mine” Killian said deciding for the both of them. The cat blinked at him with its bright green eyes. They were below deck on Killian’s boat. The black cat had found his favourite spot within this past week, which was the blue armchair and would lie there curled up and sleep as Killian slept in his bed. “Perhaps I should also invest into some actual cat food for you as well. And a scratching post,” he added when his blue gaze fell upon his small desk with the scratched up legs.


He was walking back from the pet-shop arms full of a menagerie of products for the black cat that he had yet to name, when he saw something stuck to a lamppost. “Oh no,” he muttered under his breath. A lost poster for a black cat with impossibly green eyes. He let out a sad sigh and juggled with the bags so he could reach out and take the poster off the lamppost to bring it back to him boat with him.

Killian held the poster up glancing from it to the cat who sat upright on the blue armchair staring at him and looking at him questioningly. “So you do have a home,” he said as he scratched behind his ear, “Now you’re going to leave me, just like everyone else in my life. It’s stupid, you’re just a cat. But I…I’ve been alone too long and I convinced myself into believing I had a connection with a cat. I need to spend less time out at sea and more time in bars.” He sat just looking at the cat before finally speaking “Let’s call your owner shall we?”

Killian sat with the poster out before him as he dialled the contact number into his phone. “Hello?” answered a female voice,

“Um, yes, hello…”

“Who is this?” she asked

“Oh right, sorry, lass, the names Killian Jones. I believe I have found your cat,” he told her as he looked to the very thing that had jumped from the chair to his bed and was making its way over to him.

“Really?” she sounded relieved, exceptionally so he noted, “black cat with a slightly grey muzzle, green eyes,”

“Likes to be scratched behind his ear,”

Her ear,” corrected the woman.

“He’s a she!”

“Yes,” she answered. “Would I be able to come and check it’s her and pick her up?”

“I’ll bring her to you, love,”

“I’ll come to you and I’m not your love,” she snapped back roughly.

“Well I don’t know your name, and please it’s no trouble she’s right here with me on my lap,”

“It’s Emma Swan and I’ll come to you,”

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Mrs Hudson has been complaining about thin walls for quite a while. John finds her assertions hard to believe, until he spends a night back in his old room.

It was fun to write this one. Poor John though. I bet that was the last thing that he wanted to hear when he was trying to go to sleep…

It had been a nice night. Having invited John over for dinner, Molly made dinner for the four of them, having invited Mrs Hudson upstairs for the meal. John had seen how Sherlock had eaten the meal prepared by Molly without a single complaint, seeing that the consulting detective was actually enjoying the meal and not eating it to spare Molly’s feelings. He was right though, John thought the meal delicious and perhaps had one too many servings of it. He could not deny it though, Molly was the best thing that had happened to Sherlock and now they were dating it was so much more clear.

The way he looked at his girlfriend was unlike anything John had ever seen from him before and he knew that without a doubt this was real. Sherlock Holmes was entirely smitten with Molly Hooper. The three stayed up late, sharing bottles of wine until John decided he was far too drunk to make it home safely. It did not matter then either way as Mary was away for the weekend and she would not expecting him home at all.

Trudging up the stairs to his old bedroom, he looked around when he entered to see it had been done up since he had last been here. The space was clearly Molly’s considering the desk tucked into the corner was quite tidy and there was the occasional cat post it note stuck onto something. John did not mind though as he saw it as a sign that Sherlock had clearly moved on with his life as he’d allowed Molly to take over some of this space. The room was clearly a spare bedroom now as the sheets were plain and comfortable enough for anyone to sleep on if they were to stay over.

Taking off his outer layers, John left on his singlet and underwear merely for the sake of Molly before he climbed into the bed and tried to settle down though. He could not sleep though. Not long after he had slid into bed, he began to hear noises. Frowning in concentration, he tried to work out what they were. All he knew just then was that they were coming from underneath him on the next floor down.

He rolled over onto his side, hearing how the noises changed. At first they had seemed like giggles and laughter and now it had changed entirely. Heavy breathing, gasps, moans, squeaking of springs. Eyes flying open a minute later, John realised what it was that he was hearing just in time to hear a squeal of ‘Sherlock!’ clearly coming from Molly.

“Oh god,” he groaned, pushing his head under the pillow in an attempt to block out the noises coming from downstairs. He remembered Mrs Hudson going on once about the walls being too thin here. He’d thought nothing of it, thinking that she had been mishearing things or making it up entirely. It was clear now that she had not been.

John did not know then if the walls were that thin the quietest of sounds were coming through or if they were abnormally loud. Even with his head under the pillow, he could still hear the sounds of Molly, but nothing from Sherlock. Instantly imaginings came into his head of what may be going on downstairs before he could stop himself.

Stop it. Stop. Don’t think of that. He’s your best bloody friend.

Even though he did not want to, he heard all that was going on downstairs as Molly grew louder as the minutes passed, clearly enjoying what it was that was happening to her. Soon the noise reached its peak before all grew silent again.

Thank god. Please let that be the end of it.

John was wrong though and a few minutes later Sherlock’s moans began to fill the room. Cursing under his pillow, he tried once more to block out the noises from his mind, but nothing at all worked. He had to listen as his best friend moaned under the hands or whatever other body parts of his girlfriend.

Again things grew silent after Sherlock let out a cry of Molly’s name, but John was not holding out much hope now. It was nearly fifteen minutes later this time that the noises started again, but this time it was even worse. Moans from both of them came up through the floor along with the squeaking of a mattress and the sound of something hitting a wall.

Perfect… Just bloody perfect…

John could not even resort to using ear plugs as those had moved out with him years ago and he was sure that Molly would not have any reason to keep them up here now. They’d drunk as much as he had so it would be contributing to what was going on downstairs and he had to hope for Mrs Hudson’s sake that they were only this loud when drunk. She would have to put up with this god knows how often and this was his first time.

And last if I can get away with it.

Finally all became quiet again after a long while, with John knowing in unfortunate detail of what had been happening downstairs and who had had to help whom out with what. Just when he thought that the happy couple downstairs had finally fallen asleep, the sounds began again with a low groan of displeasure from John. It was going to be a long night.