cat started the fight

Sorry I stumbled on a gif set the other day and couldn’t get this out of my head.

THEY BOTH DO IT. Who taught these boys this move? Do you think it was Peggy?

Peggy (1940s): If I tell them falling over is a Good Fighting Tactic™ do you think they’ll believe me?

Peggy (2010s): Huh.

“Ladies do not start fights but they can finish them”
  • Ladies do not start fights: 
    Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces
  • But they can finish them:  
    Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Saggiterius, Aquarius 

ok @mercymaker-headcanons strap in for angst sunday.

Macaroon was Amélie’s kitty before talon and he’s seen some shit. He was found in the Lacroix’s apartment after Gérard was murdered.

Even though they aren’t fans of each other, Angela takes Macaroon in, promising herself to take care of him “for Amélie” She’s horrible at it though and just feeds him the other half of her sammiches and etc.

Blah blah Mercy fixes Widow blahblah science blah un-blurpleing blah blah Redisaid’s headcannon.

Macaroon is scared at first but eventually recognizes her and then its happy ok and they have like so many kitty cuddles.

Also Amélie keeps trying to start fights with Angela because “You made my cat fat.”

All cats are beautiful. Some take your breath away!

Taravir is a former bottle-baby who lost his home when another cat in the family started picking fights with him, and was brought to West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Eugene, Oregon.

He’s a gorgeous, fluffy, affectionate 2-year-old male kitty who is a extra big, squishy love bug! He loves to play and jump onto high places, and is an absolute gentleman when it comes to his litter box and his hygiene. He loves to lay with you and on you. He enjoys having his belly softly scratched. This sweet boy has a lot of kitten in him still.

In his foster home, he has gotten along well with the kittens and other mellow kitties there. He should be fine with gentle kids who respect him; it is unknown how he would do with dogs.

For more info, call Beth at 541-255-9296! And show Taravir some Christmas spirit and re-blog a cat, would ya?

little letters for the signs #2
  • -(another) bitter edition-
  • aries: you’re no saint, so don’t go acting all high and mighty when someone reveals their demons.
  • taurus: so, you think you’re the best? stop with your pretense of royalty: your crown is nothing but rusted tin, and no one has any intention of bowing and kissing your feet.
  • gemini: don’t fool yourself. no one likes who you truly are, and neither do you — that is, if you know who you are at all. who is it that looks back at you in the mirror?
  • cancer: you call that trying your best? my grandmother could do better, and she’s in the grave. quit throwing your pity parties and grow the fuck up.
  • leo: it’s time you stopped being a child. no one owes you a goddamn thing, and there’s no point in starting shit over it — leave the cat fights to the true felines, sweetheart.
  • virgo: you hold a magnifying glass to everyone else’s flaws, but act blind to your own. don’t tell me you’re all about virtue when you’re clearly tipping the scale in your own favor.
  • libra: you are no princess, and life isn’t a fairytale. don’t expect the world to hang tight to your every empty word and bend over backwards to win your favor.
  • scorpio: you are nothing but a coward, silly fool. owning up to your own mistakes is an indication of strength — i guess that makes you weak as hell.
  • sagittarius: reinventing yourself is like doing a renovation job — and you didn’t do a very good job of it. we can still see all your flaws peeking from behind that ugly wallpaper, you know.
  • capricorn: you think you can thrive alone, locked away in your own private fortress in strength and solitude — but oh, how you are wrong. (you’re wasting away, my friend.)
  • aquarius: you say your “i love you”s to the people you know nothing about, yet spare no words for those who matter. isn’t it time you set your priorities straight?
  • pisces: we get it, you have a good grip. it’s about time you let them go already — they haven’t been spending a second thinking about your sorry ass.

anonymous asked:

We cant let our cat outside anymore because she keeps starting fights with other cats in the neighbour hood. So we've resorted to taking her out on a leash to prevent her from fighting over cats. She went missing recently (she's back now) and I'm convinced that she started an underground cat fighting club

well you’ll probs never know for sure because the first rule of cat fight club is not to talk about cat fight club


inevitably, my brain would take this route with a cat au.

aftermath of this cat day doodle.


I started with a Gracie doodle to practice legs and then I jumped around the generations and went to Gracie’s Great Grandmom+Aunt, then their mom+grandmom, and finally Sandy’s parents.

Part of me wants to make darn sure I follow along with how cat genetics work, but these are already sparkle cats that have powers and ridiculous eyes so if I go like 75% of the way I should be fine.

Also more digitigrade leg practice

Karasuno and what they went as for Halloween

Time to get spoopy

Hinata : Dressed up as a Black Cat. Yes. This boy unironically came to the Club Party in a Black Cat Onsie and rocked it.

Kageyama : Was going to dress up as Jupiter to scare the living shit out of Hinata(Because he’s afraid of space) but then felt really guilty so he decided to put on the Wizard costume that matched Hinata’s. He actually looked pretty good.

Yachi : Was the one who came as a Star. Hinata legit fainted on the spot and Yachi screamed. Please save these poor children.

Tsukishima : Dressed up as Sailor Moon and ended up getting all of Hinata’s attention because he was missing the cat. Almost got kicked out because he was “Starting fights with Kageyama again”.

Yamaguchi : Went full nerd and dressed up as an Enderman. His magenta contacts freaked Tsukishima out too much so he had to take them out. He still looked pretty good though.

Tanaka : Went as Samus so he could pretend to shoot a laser cannon at everyone. Plus he got to wear a wig and blue spandex under a bomb ass suit.

Nishinoya : Went as Sonic so he could do the Rolling Thunder outside of VB.

Asahi : Nishinoya somehow managed to get Asahi to go as Amy Rose. He admitted that the dress may have been a little short but the hammer gave him a little confidence. He was very surprised when Daichi didn’t make fun of him.

Kiyoko : Dressed as Aphrodite. Was the one to escort Yachi out when Hinata fainted.

Daichi : Came as an undead Groom.

Sugawara : Matched with Daichi and came as an undead Bride, the traditional wedding dress and all. He was almost mistaken as a girl quite a few times.

Coach Ukai : He was a Zombie. Just a zombie. (He didn’t have enough time to plan)

Takeda : Tried to be a vampire but was just mistaken as a Goth Child. Joined Ukai in the grownup corner of disappointment.


Ranma and Akane

Ranma ½ ep.102

Akane disinfecting scratches Ranma received when Ukyo and Shampoo,taking advantage of his fear of cats, were  using a cat to scare Ranma into agreeing to go on a date with them, but when they started to fight over the cat. In the struggle the cat was flung onto Ranma, who was already terrified and cowering against a tree, and the panicked cat started to scratch him in the face. 

the signs drunk
  • aries: probs starting a fist fight with someone touching their girl / starting a cat fight with another girl at the party
  • taurus: crying over feeling ugly / literally dancing everywhere with all the confidence they normally don't have
  • gemini: helping the crying girl in the bathroom / looking for another martini
  • cancer: sitting in the corner hooking up with hot, also drunk guy not giving a shit at all
  • leo: downing 7 shots in a record 39 seconds
  • virgo: looking extremely hot / probably isn't even that drunk
  • libra: dancing like a idiot, people are staring. they are literally so drunk
  • scorpio: singing, the intense essence they usually have is gone. you just want to hang out with them really bad
  • sagittarius: problematically starting drama with someone else / throwing themselves at ex boyfriend
  • aquarius: pissing ass naked in the middle of the street
  • pisces: talking to everyone in the world, kissing random people

So the episode starts out at Adrien’s and he’s hardcore training like he has a punchbag, different kinds of fighting equipments (idk what they call them) maybe he’s even in his suit (but I would like to see him flipping shit in his civilian form because Andrien Agressive) and he’s sweating and panting but he just keeps training and it’s the coolest thing because he has awesome skills and we’re all like “damn this kid is a fucking fighter” but he could actually kill you while looking like an adorable cinnamon roll and he just wants to be prepared for the next fight and keep himself in shape to help Ladybug JUST IMAGINE

Hyde | Chapter 10

Days passed. I caught my mom one morning having a deep conversation with N, something that made me smile and slip away. Two mothering figures bonding over a cup of coffee. So cute. Hongbin was slowly becoming stronger, and currently, nine days since his arrival, he was sitting up, talking, and eating better. Soon he would be walking around, much to everyone’s excitement.

Ravi and I grew closer, and I quickly found out he was the type to capture me in a room and have an engaging moment to ourselves.

Leo, I learned, was the sweetest person once you broke through his shy, quiet exterior. He was also a huge animal lover, rescuing a cat from a tree. He also accidentally started a fight between Ravi and N over keeping it; N saying no and Ravi saying yes.

That was how I realized N was the mother of the group and Leo was the dead, with Ravi being one of the sons who normally took Leo’s side. And that explained why they blamed themselves for what had befallen them.

                                      H  Y  D  E

It was thunderstorming outside. The power was out. I could hear the scraping noises of the tree brushing against my window, hear the creaking of the house. It set my teeth on edge. Sitting up, I wrapped myself in a blanket, grabbed my pillow and a flashlight, then went hunting for a fellow human being to snuggle with. My heart lept at everything, from the eerie shadows to the noises of my footfalls. Swallowing, I tried the first bedroom door. Unlocked. Opening it, I slipped inside, my eyes falling on the still figure in the bed. I couldn’t tell who it was, and i was too spooked to think about the details.

Like, if it wasn’t Ravi and he caught me snuggling with his brother. Or if they would lose to their dark side and end up shredding me or something.

Nope. Instead, I crept to the other side of the bed, eased myself down and tried to relax, my back to him. Lightning flashed through the curtains, and the thunder that followed three seconds later made me jump.

“Babe, if you were scared of the thunderstorm and you wanted attention you could’ve just said.” Ravi said dryly, slinging an arm over my waist.

I melted against the sheets in relief. “It’s kind of embarrassing.” I muttered.

I felt him nuzzle up against me. He settled with a sigh, spooning around me. I felt secure and safe, and my eyes drifted closed.

Until something as light as a feather brushed my shoulder. I froze, my eyes snapping open. Indeed, Rai had spread his wings, engulfing us in a feather cocoon.

“Relax,” His fingers brushed my stomach. “Baby, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“B-but, when you have your wings–” I started to protest.

He kissed the back of my head. “My control is better. I’m working on it. Stay quiet and still and you’ll be fine.”

I bit my lip, but decided to trust him. Closing my eyes, I wrapped my fingers through his and exhaled softly before drifting off to sleep.

                                H  Y  D  E

He struggled. The feeling of her, completely vulnerable, wrapped in his arms, was tempting. Gritting his teeth, he buried his face in her hair, trying to distract his dark side with her scent of vanilla spice. When that didn’t work, he pressed soft kisses to her neck, doing his best to not awaken her. It still didn’t work. In fact, it only made it worse.

Kill, kill, kill. Make her pay for what they’ve done to you. Take out your anger, let yourself feel your hatred and your betrayal.

Swallowing hard, he sat up, his breathing laboured. The feeling of freedom, having his wings extended, meant the voices were louder, more insistent. His gaze, sharpened by the bird DNA that swam through his veins, could make out her trembling as she stared up at him.

Icy horror swept over him. She knew. She knew how much he was struggling. He looked away, shame coloring his face.

“Ravi,” Her beautiful voice was soft, cajoling. “Sweetie, it’s okay. Tell me what’s wrong.”

He dug his fingers into the bedsheets. He didn’t want to burden her with this. She was already doing so much.

“It wants me to kill you.” He choked out.

Her fingers slipped along his cheek. “Tell me how we can ignore it. What distracts you?”

His eyes snapped to her, drinking in her messy, mint hair, her tired, patient green eyes. His American girlfriend and her exotic beauty.

“You distract me.” His eyes focused on her lips, watching them curl into an embarrassed smile, his heart thundering.

“I can work with that.” Her grin turned mischievous.

She climbed into his lap, her hands slipping across his chest. He could feel the heat radiate off her hands, and the sensation felt good.

“Talk to me, Ravi. What are you feeling?” She hummed, nuzzling her nose against his jaw.

“Excited.” He replied bluntly.

She giggled. “Good, good. But are you feeling deep below the surface? What are you hiding?”

He swallowed, hesitant. His hands rested on her hips, his breathing catching as her lips worked along his skin.

“Hmmm?” She hummed.

“Anger. Resentment.” He said finally.

“And why is that? What are you mad about?”

“My parents for giving me up.” In all five of his therapy sessions with her, this had never been addressed.

“Oh?” Her tone was soft, encouraging.

He found himself spilling over, the words tumbling out like a waterfall.

“They donated what was needed and that was it. They were paid to do it. Paid to create a monster.” His voice cracked.

She curled closer to him as he buried his face into her shoulder. “Shhh…it’s okay. What else are you mad at?”

“I’m mad at the facility, the lab.” He could feel the tears start.

Swallowing hard, he fought them. He didn’t want to cry. Not in front of her.

“Oh?” Her fingers glided through his hair, soothing him.

“We were test subjects. They didn’t treat us like human beings.”

Her hands cupped his cheeks, her nose touching his in reassurance.

“They hurt us. They took them away.” He clenched his teeth, his eyes shut tight. Tears still escaped.

Alice brushed her sleeve across his cheeks.

“I miss them. They’re my brothers, and they took them away from me.” He bit his lip. “If I had been stronger I could’ve carried him, could have stopped them from taking him—”

Her finger pressed against his lips, shushing him. “Don’t dwell on that. You’ll make yourself sick. Ravi, once Hongbin is flying, we’ll find Hyuk and Ken. I promise you.”

“What if they’re dead?” His voice was strangled as tears flowed freely from his golden eyes. “What if they killed them? What if they take you away? What if I never see you again?”

Her eyes were soft. “Don’t dwell on the what ifs, baby. If they’re dead, which they aren’t, I will personally find their bodies and bury them under the tree out back. I will find the person responsible and make them suffer as you have. They will not take you away, because you are stronger, smarter and faster than you were before. And you will see me again, either in this life or the next. If this is our last few moments, then I want you to know I love you.”

A pained sob tore from him. He buried his face in her shirt, clinging to her like she were his lifeline.