cat started the fight

Musicals as types of people in school
  • Phantom of the opera: The emo kid with short hair that's always in every singe musical the school puts on
  • Cats: The kid that knows that everybody hates them but they still fight to pursue their dreams/the kid that nobody knows is an acrobat
  • Sweeney Todd: The goth kid who hisses as people in the hallways and only hangs out with like two other people and keeps a diary
  • Heathers: The really popular and preppy girl who's secretly really sad about everything
  • Spring awakening: The kid who makes waaay to many sexual jokes and lost their virginity before everyone else
  • A chorus line: The kid who's never available to do anything because they're at rehearsal
  • Wicked: That one kid that was always ignored in school but grew up to be extremely famous
  • Into the woods: the kid with an unnaturally morbid sense of humor
  • Les Misérables: The kid who's way to into politics and starts fights just about every day

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How would cat!Yuuri react if he saw himself in the mirror? (with poofy fur and sleek fur) Same goes for cat!Yurio

Omggggg, he’s probably casually concerned every time. But because he’s an adult cat who had a previous owner, he’s probably more used to them.

He’s doing his best ;v;

Yura would full on hiss and probably try to start a fight AHAHAH


ok @mercymaker-headcanons strap in for angst sunday.

Macaroon was Amélie’s kitty before talon and he’s seen some shit. He was found in the Lacroix’s apartment after Gérard was murdered.

Even though they aren’t fans of each other, Angela takes Macaroon in, promising herself to take care of him “for Amélie” She’s horrible at it though and just feeds him the other half of her sammiches and etc.

Blah blah Mercy fixes Widow blahblah science blah un-blurpleing blah blah Redisaid’s headcannon.

Macaroon is scared at first but eventually recognizes her and then its happy ok and they have like so many kitty cuddles.

Also Amélie keeps trying to start fights with Angela because “You made my cat fat.”

Dating Jason Todd Includes

A/N: Another obligatory Dating Headcanons! I wasn’t planning on writing today but it’s my birthday so happy birthday to me!! How could I resist some Jason Todd? I do plan on doing full on NSFW headcanons for Jaybird and Dickiebird, but idk when so…

Warnings: slightly NSFW. Nothing big.

  • You’d think big bad rooty-tooty-shooty Jason Todd would be one of those cool, chill boyfriends? Think again.
  • Big softy. 24/7.
  • Pet names. Things like ‘Princess’, ‘Babe’, or ‘Doll’. Even if he’s just calling you from across the room. Likes to shorten your name or call you by your initials too.
  • Only really calls you by your full name if he’s hurt. Like after late night patrols. 
  • Likes letting you patch him up after. Doesn’t really like showing you crowbar-related scars. He’ll sit on the floor scarfing down cold leftovers while you bandage him up.
  • Favorite past time is taking you on motorcycle rides. He likes the wind and the speed but also likes feeling you there and knowing you’re safe.
  • Very Protective. Like Super Protective. Will start a bar fight with any cat-callers, creeps, and assholes. Hell, he’ll fight Dick if he’s getting to flirty with the one-liners.
  • Always getting to wear his leather jacket (don’t mind the bullets in the pockets, he needs them).
  • Whenever he goes out and knows he’ll be awhile/going someplace dangerous, he gives you one of his spare helmets to hold onto, just for comforts sake.
  • That boy has a sex drive in him. He can go any time and anywhere. Yes I mean anywhere.
  • Prefers sleepy morning sex, after a long night of patrol when he’s well-rested enough to hit all the right spots.
  • Surprisingly he’s very vocal during. Likes to try daring positions.
  • Likes lazy mornings too. He’s use to being a hero (or anti-hero) at night and in the past, Bruce’s socialite ward, so now he likes mornings where he can just mill around and relax.
  • Likes holding you from behind and shoulder kisses. Loves kissing the side of your head and neck.
  • Favorite past time is also reading with you in his arms. He’ll ask ‘You done?’ every time before he turns the page, just to make sure he’s not going too quick. Also loves little library and book store runs with you. Will def wait outside as you get your favorite book signed by it’s author.
  • Overall a big sweetie. He would start caring a bit more and watching his steps more closely now that he has a home and someone waiting for him in it. 

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RFA + V + SAERAN hurting MC (physically) reaction?? (intentional or unintentional whatever)

wow I love drama! 


  • he was playing games as usual
  • and it was a bit… intense 
  • so he got a lot into the game 
  • but he lost 
  • he was just about to win 
  • but he didn’t 
  • and by accident he threw the control
  • and BAM! 
  • just in your head 
  • it wasn’t that bad 
  • “Yoosung, calm down. I am not bleeding so is fine” 
  • “No, I am an idiot. I didn’t wanted this. Sorry” 
  • feels super bad about it for days 
  • doesn’t play games when you’re there 
  • just to be sure 


  • this dude was going way to fast in the motorcycle 
  • and you were there 
  • “ZEN STOP” 
  • “what? I don’t want to” 
  • he was mad because the role he got was really bad and not even principal 
  • he was pissed 
  • and you screaming at him wasn’t getting it better
  • “then get out” 
  • he stopped in the middle of the street 
  • “Zen calm down”
  • but he just wanted to get you home so he could go somewhere alone 
  • “get back here… let’s go home” 
  • but you didn’t 
  • you wanted him to calm down first 
  • but that was not near to happen
  • “ugh fine…” 
  • and he fucking threw the helmet at you 
  • hitting you in your arm 
  • and since it weight a lot it also hurts a lot 
  • and you broke up 
  • started crying part because it hurts and also you were mad at the situation 
  • “MC no… please I wasn’t…” 
  • “Zen just take me home…” 
  • probably feels like shit now 
  • and for the rest of his life 
  • won’t talk for the rest of the ride 


  • She was practicing some judo moves 
  • it was a stressing time for her 
  • work was hard 
  • and Jumin was a jerk 
  • so she was practicing to calm her nerves a bit
  • and you were there doing some work 
  • not that close to her 
  • but also no that far 
  • and she made a bad move 
  • and it got to you 
  • “ouch” 
  • “MC I’m so sorry. Are you okay? Did it hurt?”
  • very concerned about you 
  • stop practicing and made some coffee for you 


  • Elizabeth was sick 
  • and you were taking care of her 
  • of course you loved her as much as Jumin 
  • but he was worried to death since he wasn’t able to be there with her 
  • returned from the office very late and tired 
  • to find you awake 
  • “Is everything fine?” 
  • Elizabeth was sleeping but you couldn’t 
  • “yes, go to sleep” 
  • and that little order made him a bit mad 
  • he was tired and got lot on his mind 
  • “don’t tell me what to do. I am in my house and I’d like to stay awake for a moment” 
  • and it happened that you weren’t in the best mood too 
  • taking care of the cat the whole day wasn’t easy 
  • and you started a fight 
  • of course you two said a lot of things 
  • usually the same as every other fight 
  • but… 
  • he told you to stop being lazy and do something for your life 
  • this got him so mad 
  • you both knew that Jumin actually worked pretty hard 
  • and he just pushed you aways from him 
  • but his force was a little more than what he thought 
  • and you fell on the floor 
  • “I’m leaving…” 
  • couldn’t say a single word 
  • he was so shocked about his own actions 
  • how could he do that to the most precious thing on his life 
  • probably bought a million things later for you 


  • You knew what it was to be with him 
  • some days he just didn’t wanted to see you 
  • it was not that bad 
  • usually talked to you about wanting his space for a couple hours 
  • but this wasn’t like that 
  • he didn’t wanted to speak 
  • or see anybody 
  • a bad day remembering things from his past… 
  • and you didn’t wanted that 
  • “Saeyoung, please let me in” 
  • you were actually worried at this point 
  • he didn’t answered for hours 
  • so you opened the door with the key 
  • and he was there 
  • sitting in the corner of the bed 
  • watching at some picture 
  • “Saeyoung… don’t do this to yourself” 
  • he looked up at you 
  • mad that you were there 
  • “leave me” 
  • but you didn’t 
  • and he stood up very fast 
  • took you by your wrists and throw you outside 
  • when he realized what was happening stoped 
  • to see how your wrists were all red 
  • from his own hands 
  • “MC…” 
  • couldn’t look at you 
  • looked himself again just to cry about how much an asshole he was to you and how you did deserved something better 


  • was working on some new photos 
  • and wanted you to help him a bit 
  • “just put those things in there” 
  • he was looking for a better light 
  • and was kind of focused on the camera 
  • while you were on the floor moving some things for the photo 
  • walked way to close to you 
  • and you were about to stand up 
  • when he let the camera down 
  • but it got on your head 
  • feeling like shit for not knowing you were there 
  • tons of apologies for the rest of the day 


  • this was one of those days 
  • were he was bad 
  • really bad 
  • nightmares and screams
  • of course you didn’t left his side
  • but he was getting a bit aggressive 
  • “Saeran… is me”
  • it was like he wasn’t actually in front of you 
  • but in front of someone else 
  • someone he hated 
  • didn’t recognized you 
  • and BAM 
  • hit you pretty hard in your arm
  • you screamed out of pain 
  • and he came back to reality 
  • just to see what he has done 
  • “It was me? MC… please forgive me” 
  • didn’t knew what to do 
  • a few tears came out of his eyes 
  • but you told him that is was okay 
  • because you knew what he was going through 

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could you do the MC just graduated from high school one you were already working on?

@misschalant I love your icon.

NOTE!: she is of age and she can marry

I’m seriously surprised that this was requested TWICE, but I’m happy for it, because I like this one a lot.


  • Woot! He’s not the youngest in the RFA anymore!
  • On the other hand, how is she more mature than him? It’s not fair~!
  • On the other other hand, she is more than willing to play video games with him
  • And! She’s planning on going to Skyy University for college! So they could live together, go to school together, and come home together! ^///^
  • Plus, he feels like he gets to be the provider in the relationship
  • Her parents love him. Just adore him.
  • He’s practically perfect (young, smart, sweet, devoted, they don’t know about his gaming habits, is working towards a career, etc)
  • When he asks them for permission to marry MC, there is no hesitation when they say yes


  • So young and so confident!
  • Jaehee is genuinely impressed by MC and the kind of person she is at her age
  • She encourages MC to go to college, helps MC with homework, gives her free food (and leftovers) from the cafe so that MC doesn’t have to worry about her finances too much
  • She’s probably the least comfortable with having a younger partner
  • It’s not that she doesn’t like MC, that’s definitely not the case, she just feels odd about it
  • MC gets a business degree and, because she’s already the co-owner of a business, she’s able to graduate with flying colors
  • It’s not until MC is 20-21 that Jaehee feels comfortable furthering their relationship


  • MC is living alone at her age, and he knows full well what that feels like
  • He’s super supportive of her and definitely wants her to attend college
  • She works a couple of jobs to pay for the tuition not covered by her partial scholarship
  • MC decides to major in management so that she can be Zen’s manager, much to his glee
  • 90% of he reason Zen’s holding back “the Beast” is because he doesn’t want to push her before she’s ready
  • It’s funny because she’s about the same age as Kyungju
  • When MC and Kyungju meet for the first time at the first RFA party, EchoGirl is like a full blown Mean Girl, casually insulting MC
  • “Wow! That dress is so… unique! I never would have had the guts to wear a baggy dress to this party! It totally flatters your figure!”
  • “Thanks!” MC responds, not taking the bait by getting angry. “I really like my figure! I’m so glad I don’t have to resort to proclaiming my bust size to get a guy! :)” 
  • Zen was so turned on by her confidence and bravery in that moment
  • He will never admit that he was almost as turned on when Echogirl decided to grab MC’s hair and start a cat fight (which MC quickly ended by punching Echogirl in the neck and calling for the Tai Kwon Do security guards)
  • When they move in together while she’s studying, Zen makes sure to take her to and from school via his motorcycle (he eventually gets a car because it SO much safer and he’s so worried about her getting hurt)
  • Her classmates are super jealous that she has a hot, older boyfriend, who rides a motorcycle, and later when he starts getting even more popular, that she’s dating a famous star


  • Okay, he was… surprised
  • But age doesn’t really matter when it comes to love. It’s just a number
  • Besides, he doesn’t give a shit what the media thinks
  • MC is level headed, free thinking, and is very capable of thinking for herself anyways, so nobody can truly say that he’s a creepy older man controlling his much younger partner
  • Even then, she’s a caretaker personality, and he has to encourage to act more her age. Be selfish. Think about her own wants and needs more often
  • Her parents are super split on the issue of them getting married, but Jumin (only barely) agrees to wait until MC is done with college to marry her
  • Jumin is really good to her and takes really good care of her, so her parents warm up to him eventually


  • Well, her age was just another reason for him to push her away
  • MC was too young to be saddled with the likes of him and his emotional baggage
  • She had a bright and shiny future ahead of her
  • Once they get close, however, its memes and jokes everywhere
  • He knows he can send just about anything to MC and it will make her laugh
  • His favorite is waiting until 2am to send her something ridiculous and send her into fits and giggles


  • When he found out Rika had picked a literal teenager, fresh out of high school, to stay in an apartment with a BOMB in it, V was beyond angry
  • How could Rika take such a young, innocent life and put them in danger with so little regard for their safety and well being?!
  • He’s like a mother hen
  • He fusses over her safety and her health and always triple checks to make sure she’s taking care of herself properly
  • V’s so reluctant to get involved with her, too, worried about how the media might portray her, how they might get the wrong idea and bash him and how she might blame herself
  • But MC is patient with him, never pushing, always just there for him


  • Who cares how old she? She’s mature for her age, so she can survive this.
  • He watches her through the chats, and when the bomb threat is revealed, she stays calm in chat, but when he checks the CCTV, she’s crying, she refuses to leave the bed, too scared
  • Out of guilt and pity, he calls her, they talk, and he starts calling her every day
  • He calms her down, only talks about himself vaguely, but damnit if he doesn’t fall for her
  • When he’s ordered to take her to Mint Eye, she fights him until his voice masking system fails, then she feels betrayed
  • When she hears his story, she forgives him a little, but it’s not easy
  • After the major events of the story, she helps him return to the world, even if it’s difficult for both of them because they both have some serious PTSD

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Hi! Is there a post you made about everyone's daemon description? I'd really like to know O: Also i'm bad at searching on people's blog, I apologize if it was obvious... Thank you!


  • kevin’s ONYX (osprey): about as friendly as kevin - their eyes are the same, intense and often unfriendly. she is very beautiful and quite quiet, fidgets with her wings when kevin is anxious. she perches on kevin’s forearm or shoulder, and preens his hair when he’s upset.
  • nicky’s ESME (common marmoset): very talkative and friendly, quite playful and tactile. esme likes to ride around on nicky’s shoulder and use his hair as handholds, and also likes to climb all over him.
  • allison’s ZYDEN (northern goshawk): another bird of prey - he is more fierce than onyx, and his looks meant he was often a subject of photos alongside allison herself. her parents thought her daemon should have been something softer and sweeter, but zyden is very much like allison: beautiful and dangerous
  • dan’s LORIMER (ocelot): a cat amongst the birds of the other girls, lorimer started plenty of fights with zyden and tau before they (and their humans) decided to band together. lorimer is bossy and brave and warm-hearted, with very sharp claws when tested
  • matt’s PIPER (boxer dog): piper is sweet-natured and enthusiastic, and very loyal. only rarely backs down from a fight though. she and sin are as close as neil and matt - complete opposites, but they somehow fit anyway.
  • renee’s TAU (mute swan): exceptionally beautiful, madly protective. tau isn’t talkative, and leaves the sweetness for renee to deal with. attacks with his wings if provoked, and they can break bone. sin doesn’t trust tau at all because he’s so watchful, and doesn’t behave like renee does - he hasn’t changed much from renee’s days as natalie, and sin recognises that.
  • andrew’s AMARANTH (spotted hyena): a huge female hyena from a species known for their matriarchal pack structure. she is affected by andrew’s medication, and doesn’t talk while andrew is high. the animal noises she makes instead are half the reason why people are afraid of andrew. after andrew sobers up she does talk, though it remains rare. her name means ‘the flower that never fades’ and has connotations of fidelity, loyalty and enduring love :)
  • aaron’s CELESTE (spotted hyena): quiet and rarely ventures out of arm’s reach of aaron. she doesn’t have amaranth’s scary rep but is probably worse tempered. she and amaranth are called ‘the twins’ by the other daemons - they’re pack animals, for better or for worse, just like the minyards themselves.
  • nathaniel/neil’s JACINTH/SIN (melanistic fox): black-coated with silver speckling and a white-tipped tail. sin is very strongly opinionated, notable for speaking to other humans - even ones she doesn’t know well - which is unusual amongst daemons. she has even less self-control than neil, reckless and mouthy, and it does get them both in trouble.


Summer School (Jeff Atkins X Reader)

Request: You should do a Jeff Atkins imagine where he meets the reader the summer before their freshman year he just instantly falls for her but she’s just super oblivious to it and you can do whatever you want from there :3

~*Jeff’s Pov*~
Summer school fucking sucks. It’s honestly a waste of time, besides who cares if i failed a couple classes? In my opinion its no big deal buy yet here i am bored out of my mind when i could be doing something fun.

The only thing that doesn’t absolutely suck about summer school is (Y/N). Shes amazing and im pretty sure she doesn’t notice me. We both failed Language Arts in 8th grade so we have to make it up now.


“Uhm hi”

“Is this seat taken?” She asks pointing to the seat next to me.

“Nope” i lie. I was saving that seat for my best friend Troy, we were supposed to stick together throughout summer school, but i mean he’ll understand right? She put her things down and sat at the desk.

“So (Y/N) im really surprised you have summer school, you always came off as a good student.” I say trying to start some conversation.

“I am in most classes, not to brag, but Language Arts was really kicking my ass” she said giggling

Holy shit her laugh was so cute.

“Yeah but i think thats mostly Ms. Adams fault considering she spent most of class talking about how her son and her cat get in fights” I replied to her and we both started laughing.

After a few weeks me and (Y/N) got really close and i think i fell in love with her. Everything about her was perfect. Literally everything. I really doubt she feels the same way about me but im hoping that will change soon.

It was the last day of summer school and everyone was ready to leave. (Y/N) came and sat next to me where i was waiting on my dad to pick me up.

“Ya know Jeff these weeks have been really fun with you.” She says “I honestly don’t know why we weren’t friends back in 8th grade considering we had the same class”

“Yeah but I guess thats what i get for being the quiet kid, you don’t really just make friends.” I answered smiling.

I was kind of bummed that this was the end of summer school. I didn’t even get to tell (Y/N) how i felt.

“Hey my mom is here to pick me up, but we should definitely talk more next year!” She said

Then I realized that i had all of freshman year for me and (Y/N) to get close, and i couldn’t wait.

TEW after their fourth shot (crackpost warning)
  • Joseph: Didn't actually drink it, is on a juice cleanse. Mom Friend Mode™, activated. Hearding everyone like cats.
  • Kidman: Aggressively throwing shreds of napkins like confetti, has almost started 2 fights in 10 minutes.
  • Sebastian: "I'm not even very drunk yet. That probably says a lot about me..." Would really like to be drunk.
  • Leslie: Foresaw the consequences of this way in advance. Gracefully did not accept the first one.
  • Ruvik: "Lol is Kidman even old enough to drink?" Repeatedly calling everyone "fuckin losers". Periodically throws something at Sebastian. Also, just killed a man (so, basically no change).
  • Jimenez: "Drunk science!" (strong possibility that there's no change here either)
  • Conelly: Was already wasted like GTA after round 2, furiously dancing to old pop music.
  • Tatiana: Stabbed someone with a giant syringe, was kicked out of bar, snuck back in through a window and is now scaring other bargoers from the corner.
  • Myra: Speaking rapid German. Does not recall where or when she learned German but has temporarily forgotten that she also speaks English.
  • The Keeper: Does not have a mouth? Is one of the people Kidman almost fought.
  • The Administrator: Physically incapable of absorbing alcohol. On shot number 6 and is solely there to fuck with his agents. Is the other person Kidman almost fought.

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Hi again. I'm the same anon who asks about the rules. Thank you so much for that. I would like to request for Starish, QN and Heavens reaction to shy , plain (not ugly but not pretty) and tomboyish (prefer t-shirts over tight tops, sneakers over high heels) s/o having people gossip about s/o when two of them pass by some random citizens saying "how did that plain girl get such a hottie like him?". S/o personally is not bothered at all but the princes don't have the same reaction

Boy this was some work! 18 people in one ask xD Anyways, tell me what you think!

Your date was going amazing despite the several pairs of eyes locked onto you. Your boyfriend and you didn’t care, choosing to enjoy yourself rather than bother with their attention. With your hair cascading down, a shirt and pants put on and your favourite pair of sneakers; it was all perfect until that one whisper.

“So plain. I wonder how she got him.”

You walked on, head held high as you ignored the sudden downpour of whispers that were now initiated.

“Yeah! ○○○-kun has better taste in girls, she’s…ugh.”

Your boyfriend stiffened and your grip tightened on your interlocked fingers as you pushed forward, silently asking him to not react. Giggles were followed. His fingers were shaking but you gave him a small smile, sure that this childish behaviour would end soon.

“I know! She must have seduced him with her….other things…” Someone purred teasingly, causing laughter to erupt and your boyfriend stopped, tugging you back as he turned to face them.


You didn’t like the smile Otoya’s face had. It suddenly turned cold when he heard that accusation. Determined to rectify the situation, he kissed your forehead before looking at them. The words came out immediately. “Stop! What do you know about ○○○-chan huh?! Nothing! That gives you no right to talk about her badly!” The redhead fumed, ever ready to defend you no matter what happened. He took your hand and walked off, making sure to shoot everyone a scary glare before doing so.


Your date was pleasant until they ruined it throughly. While you were used to such insults, knowing that they didn’t really affect you, Masato wasn’t. He didn’t like, he hated, the fact that you tolerated such utter nonsense. His grip tightened on your fingers and you tried to persuade him to let go but he wasn’t having any of that. “Enough of this childish banter. One does not continue to insult someone just because that person tolerates it. ○○○, let’s go, I’d rather not deal with them.” He warned, satisfied when the women nodded, utterly shocked. If these girls were a bunch of men, consider their futures ruined if Masato ever demanded a search carried out on them.


His smile turned firm, almost cold. His ‘grin’ widened as he leaned closer to that girl who insulted your assets. “Wahaha! I didn’t hear you quite there! What did you just say?” He asked, his voice bright and cheery but it sent shudders of fear down your insulter’s spine. They looked away, suddenly embarrassed. Natsuki smiled at the rest who averted their gazes before turning back to you and humming happily. He didn’t wheedle an apology out of them but was sure that they were sorry for crossing by you and speaking like that.


He did not like the words he just heard. He was disgusted, willing to break a few jaws but alas, he did not raise his hand at a woman. His eyes narrowed at the crowd who visibly looked afraid to their wits. “I see. ○○○ seduced me. Of course she did, which is why she dresses so ‘plainly’ as you put it, and does not announce to the whole world that we’re dating. Of course, she seduced me.” He chuckled darkly, his eyes glinting predatorily. “I’ve never heard anything more dumb than that. ○○○, we’re leaving. People who gossip about you are just jealous.”


One gaze from Ren had them stiffen. He smirked, the expression not reaching his eyes as he slowly sauntered towards your accuser, eyeing them from head to toe. “So, lady, care to repeat what you just said?” He whispered, low and dangerous. The girl shook her head almost immediately, shooting you a glare. Ren stepped in between, shielding you from her. He spat out the next few words. “For you to insult someone because you don’t have what they you know what it speaks about you, ladies?” The girl’s face turned pale and the remaining who laughed along with her, tried not to cower. Ren ran a hand through his hair, his smirk widening. “It says that you are someone who cannot see the beauty in a person. You are someone who judges people by just their surface.” His voice was cold, enough to horrify you as well the motley. “I want you out of my sight and a million miles away from my honey. Now.”


He balled his fists angrily, his voice louder than before. “You all, stop! Enough there!” The girls looked shocked as he dropped his fists, glaring at each and every one of them. “Ugh. You all are children. ○○○ did nothing to get me. I fell in love with her. Wanna know why?” He narrowed his eyes, noting the speechlessness in the audience. “Because she’s definitely not like this.” He spat out and took your hand, making sure you left the place immediately. He might’ve lost a few fans there but you mattered more.


You swore that you heard the prince hiss when he heard the first insult itself. Now? He was furious, ready to destroy anyone, anyone who insulted you. “How repulsive.” The words came out louder than he intended it to. “This is so mean of you to do so.” He told, pointing his shaky finger to every one of the girls. “So what if you all think ○○○ seduced me? It does not change that I love her and that I know her more than you all.” He pivoted on his heel, stomping off, with you in tow. He didn’t want to start a fight but if he was still a cat, he would have most certainly scratched every one of them. You were his precious princess. You don’t deserve such horrible accusations.


He laughed. Loudly. Clenching his stomach, he turned back to face your pile of insulters, shaking from the after effects of his sudden outburst. Your eyes were widely open and so were the eyes of the women who so freely gossiped about you. “I’m sorry, sorry~ ○○○-chan seduced me? I’ve not heard a funnier joke than that!” He laughed again, the sound darker and dangerous this time. He smiled at the women who refused to meet his eyes, shaking his head. “The one who’s ugh is you, not my ○○○-chan.” Seeing them stiffen, he smirked and continued. “Besides, if she did seduce me, I doubt I would have left our bed and brought her out on this date!” He added cheerily before taking your flustered hand and running off.


You had to hold onto Ranmaru to prevent him from actually starting a fist fight with women. He just stared them down, his heterochromatic eyes glaring daggers at every single one of them. “Ran…let’s just go..” You whispered helplessly and he stiffened at your pleading voice. He decided to heed to your request but spat out a few words before leaving. “Disgusting. I’d die sooner than be admired by any of you.”


He didn’t like the mixed bout of anger and frustration kicking inside him. He knew that people gossiped like this only when they were jealous, indicating that they couldn’t have what the subject of their topic possessed. This was normal among humans and yet hearing such insults towards his ○○○ irked him. He wanted to give them a setback and so he did, when he eyed them all with a narrow gaze, his tone flat. “Stop. This is nothing but immature behaviour. Although ○○○ remarkably tolerates this, I won’t. How you all talk makes me feel disgusted.”


He wasn’t going to tolerate this. His icy blue eyes turned cold as he suppressed a scoff, instead plastering on a smile that was everything but pleasant. “Peasants.” He disliked the kind of language he used for a motley of women but right now, none would get away with insulting his ○○○ to his face. The word did shock his audience as he eyed them all murderously, his glares sharper than a dagger. “Apologise to ○○○ now. I would not bear with you all talking to her with such disrespect. She is my countess, my jewel. Far be it from me to bat an eyelash when fools like you openly accuse her being.”


It was only once when you saw Eiichi snap. You had committed his form to memory so that you would not rile his temper up again. Now here he stood, his fists curling, his eyes glinting dangerously. He snickered like a devil, sending the women into another set of whispers but his low voice shut them up. “Low. So so so very low of you to talk about my ○○○ this way. Why do I even have you as my fans?” His trembling laughter shook you to your very core. He made sure to leave them all a glare before taking your wrist, pulling you close to his chest and walking off.


You knew your boyfriend was a man of few words but his silence now scared you more than his talking. His grip on your hand tightened and you tried not to yelp. You tugged on your intertwined fingers, indicating that you two should leave but Kira halted you in your steps, pulling you close. “No.” He whispered to you. He repeated that louder to the women in the back, his golden eyes gleaming with a sense of protectiveness. “○○○ is nothing like how you picture her to be. She’s the most amazing woman I have ever met.” His words rocked the females into silence. “Your behaviour speaks a lot about your character, however.” He told them loud enough before walking off with you, clenching your fingers reassuringly.


“Haaa…I smell jealousy of their nails~” Nagi cooed, completely in character, the only things that showed how angry he was were the twitching of his lips and the narrowing of his brows. He sauntered up to them, his coffee cup still in hand from your recent date. Eyeing them one by one, he smiled when he found his target, the one who thought you ‘seduced’ this boy. Without a word, he splashed the cold liquid onto her, she screamed in response. He smiled innocently but his eyes glared murderously at every one of them. “Whoopsie! I totally accidentally dropped that~ I’m sorry~” He sang out. His next few words were cold. “Do that next time and I doubt cold coffee will be only thing that spoils your dress.”


He was torn in between yelling and politely correctly the women who dared to insult you. Clenching his fists, he breathed out slowly, deciding to take the gentle route first. “I beg your pardon?” He asked, ever the gentleman, hoping they would correct themselves. He didn’t expect the women to repeat their words, this time they sounded far more dramatic. He balled his fists, you held his arm and pleadingly tugged on it, asking him to let go. He stared into your (e/c) eyes, his violet ones burning with anger. He turned back to them. “That was very rude and childish of you. I believe you owe ○○○ a sound apology.” He said, his piercing gaze unwavering. Seeing the determination in your boyfriend made you tear up and a few of them apologised. In the end, Eiji showered you with all the love possible, in an attempt to make you forget those insults.


His smile froze when the last few words dropped out of those women’s mouths. You saw his eyes darken a shade dangerously but your grip was firm on his arm. He met you eyes and was torn between doing something to those snakes disguised as women or to just walk off. His rage won. His fingers traced your hips as his arms wrapped around your waist, lifting you up in the air. You shrieked, surprised by the sudden motion, the emotion only increasing when Van brought his lips to yours, claiming you passionately before your onlookers. Collective gasps were heard. Some jaws dropped. Jealousy was the obvious emotion amongst them. He pulled away, kissing your mouth again before turning to them with a smirk. “Say what again? ○○○ is my girlfriend. I love her. My one and only. You dare do that again and I doubt I’d tolerate it. Feel lucky that she’s so patient.” He spat out, making sure you didn’t have to deal with such an event again.


You saw his jaw twitch, the veins in his biceps rising as he glared at the women. You tried to pull him away, sure that he would go violent but he wanted to give them a good thrashing, by words if not actions. His clenched fists were turning pale from the force as he edged towards them with every step; you ran frantically behind him squeaking a “Yamato, don’t!” and “Yamato, please.” along the way. He didn’t listen. Stamping his foot loud on the ground, he eyed them all. “Say what? Repeat your words again.” He challenged, cracking his knuckles. The pale, aghast faces of the women did not serve him well and he was determined to get an apology out. He motioned towards you. “Apologise to her.” He thundered, his eyebrows furrowing. “Now.” You heard a mumble of sorries and nodded before yanking Yamato off, covering your blush and tears for he just stood up for you, proving his love.


“How utterly terribly disappointing that all of you are blind to the obvious beauty ○○○ possesses.” His clear voice rang out, like a stream of pure water amongst the cacophony of cicadas. He shook his head disapprovingly, ready to hex the person who dared to throw such false statements at you. When one of them tried to justify their words, he shot them a glare, silencing them. “Apologise to ○○○ this very instant.” He demanded, his grip tightening on your hand.

Hufflepuff!Yugyeom || Hogwarts AU

Gryffindor!Jackson || Hufflepuff!Yugyeom || Hufflepuff!Youngjae || Ravenclaw!Mark || Ravenclaw!Jinyoung || Slytherin!Bambam || Slytherin!JB

  • House: Hufflepuff
  • Year: Fifth 
  • Only on the Qudditch team cause his family use to be on it so he’s only doing to make them happy.
  • Mainly seats out and subs when he’s needed.
  • Befriends all the muggle-born because they showed him the light of the muggle world.
    • By that I mean he constantly ask them if he did their homework would they buy him muggle things
      • Chris Brown Albums or any R&B albums 
      • Band merch
      • Snack goods
      • Stuff like that
    • Plus they have different crazy experiences like amusement parks man those are his favorite stories. His family shielded him away from all the muggle related things so hearing about it just makes him happy
  • If you see him in the hall he’ll always have a smile on his face
  • If you see him eating he has a smile on his face but that could also be cause food just makes him happy
  • Astronomy is his favorite subject.
  • Seems cliche to other or it’s so pointless but it’s space how can people think it’s cliche or pointless? 
  • Usually after practice he goes on his broomstick and flies around until in the sky because its so peaceful for him
  • Sneaks out of his house dorm to fly in the night sky cause honestly the night sky is better, cooler and having that hot sun shining on his face is a plus too.
  • Funny thing is because of his late night little flying he sleeps through his morning classes.
  • So he gets in a lot of trouble because of that but a lot of the professors don’t give him any sort of punishment just cause they can’t stay mad at him.
    • like no one hates him not even the most evil and corrupt Slytherin hates him
  • Remember meeting his roommate Youngjae and it’s still one of his favorite memories .
    • They meet the train going to Hogwarts. It Yugyeom’s first time ever whereas it was Youngjae’s second year and Youngjae lost his little cousin so he was stuck with a bunch of first years, they shared the same cart Yugyeom told Youngjae to wake up from his nap cause he was snoring loudly and when cute girls walked by they just gave looks. Probably cause Youngjae’s snoring sounds like a dying cat. Youngjae and him start fighting because of his insult and than started talking about him what the school was like
    • Because of that Yugyeom vowed that he would make an amazing potion for Youngjae to stop snoring.
  • Youngjae is best friends with you because the two of you are in the choir together.
  • Yugyeom told Youngjae that he thinks you’re cute so he asked Youngjae if he could talk him up when he’s around you.
  • Well Youngjae’s way of “talk him up” is this and this was infront of the entire house at dinner. “Hey, Y/N! Yugyeom has a crush on you so go on a date with him.”
  • Yugyeom was about to fight Youngjae but when you said sure, they both stopped and turned each other’s head to you. Youngjae mouthed the words “you’re welcome”
  • He would be fascinated with your stories like he would just smile and stare at you.
  • Since you were a half blood he would just love hearing stories about your mom side (the muggle side) of the family.
    • Later one when you’ve been dating for a while you decide to take him during summer vacation to meet your family and probably a concert or two just so he can be super incredibly happy.
  • Make sure to talk to you about astromony
  • Like he teaches you everything he knows
  • Where the constellations are, weird space facts and other things.
  • He takes you on late night flying trips just so you can see the night sky.
  • Since you both can’t sleep in each others room, so y’all eat a lot of snacks and try to do homework and crash on the couch cuddling each other but wakes up before everyone else so the both of you won’t get in trouble.
  • squishy squishy hufflepuff couple.
The Angel and The Prophet

Summary: Reader is a prophet and has eyes for her trench coat wearing guardian angel

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 2803

Warning: Language, Fluff, SMUT, bondage I guess, NSFW

A/N: @arcturuz requested Cas smut and here it is! Special thanks to @sofreddie for talking through the idea with me :) Quite nervous about this one, never written for Cas, so I hope I just do the angelic stud justice! Fingers crossed!
Also! Absolutely mind blown by the reception on This Means War, thankyou so much for the love, it’s honestly made my weekend.

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Dear Diary…or whatever

You’re new so…Hi! Never written a diary before, but there are things going down in my life that has just GOT to be recorded.

Where do I start? This has been the craziest couple of months I’m not sure if I’m dreaming in all honesty. We’ll go from the top I guess.

I’m walking home from work one night, cutting through the park. This crazy storm just seems to start and it’s like it’s following me. I’m jogging along, very wary that I’m in a wide open space but I can see my apartment block so I just decide to make a break for it. Then I hear this loud crash and I black out. Somewhere in this black out I had a dream. Two guys, proper lumberjack lookalikes with all the plaid, driving along in this sweet ass car, talking some crazy shit. Demons and monsters and something about vessels for Michael and Lucifer? Stopping the apocalypse? Real bat shit stuff.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do the tfp autobots as cats too?

Me: I should give my hand a rest. 

Also me: But I wanna write the Autokitties. 

This is in reference to this original post about the Deceptikitties! Thanks for requesting this because it was just as much fun as writing for the Decepticons. :D

So here’s the Autokitties, I’m having trouble sleeping anyway, so this was good to do. :)


  • Even as a cat, Optimus tries to be a leader and help out the other cats when they need him. Mostly spends his time keeping the others out of trouble or calm them down with affectionate head nudges if they’re freaking out when first turned. He’s a little off put by the human petting him at first but soon he gets used to it. In fact he ends up really liking when they pet him and seeks them out throughout the week for cuddles. He purrs a lot and very loudly, the human loves it.


  • He also likes to explore the base because he’s still very protective of the other cats. At night, he’ll prowl around, on guard in case there’s an enemy attack (what he thinks he’ll do as a cat, the human doesn’t know). It takes Ratchet coming to hiss and meow at him for Optimus cat to relax and go to sleep. He usually sleeps with the human or Ratchet or a lot of times, both of them. He’s the only cat that doesn’t put up a fuss when the human brushes him or trims his nails. 


  • When he’s a robot again, he’s relieved. He doesn’t want to be so small and vulnerable ever again, especially while they’re at war. He does a lot of times remember how nice it was to not have all the pressures of being a Prime for a while. He also still thinks about the human petting him and they’ve occasionally caught him staring at them then looking away with a slight blush.


  • Smokescreen honestly has so much fun as a cat. He’s a sweetheart but a big handful for the human and the other cats. He just wants to constantly play and is pretty hyper, so he’s always running around and trying to get the other cats to play with them. This means they swipe at him a lot so he’s gotten some scratches. He’ll go and cry to the human loudly until they take pity and snuggle him.


  • He really loves toys and playing with the human, so they learned quickly to exhaust him that way so he doesn’t annoy the other cats as much. Then he’ll curl up with the human and take a cat nap. He’ll also cry at the human when he feels he’s not getting enough attention and twist around their feet until they trip. He hates getting his nails trimmed or even worse getting baths. He screeches and does everything he can to get out when the human tries to bath him, so they quickly give up on that shit. 


  • Once he’s turned back, he’s bored with being a bot. It’s a weird feeling and takes him a while to get over. He just really loved being a cat and being taken care of by the human. It takes him forever to realize that it wasn’t really about being  a cat and more because he has a huge crush on the human. ;P


  • Ratchet is the ultimate grumpy cat and he does not like being petted. However, he won’t scratch the human ever, he’ll only hiss at them if they’re bothering him. The other cats though he doesn’t care about scratching (except Optimus cat) and will claw at their faces when they’re being annoying. He also bit Wheeljack cat once when he wouldn’t leave Ratchet alone, not that it bothered Wheeljack much.


  • Now that he’s a cat, he takes full advantage of it to sleep All. The. Time. When he can, he is sleeping because he’s such an exhausted kitty. The only person he’s okay with sleeping beside him is the human and/or Optimus. He’s adorable when he sleeps and the human likes watching him because he makes amusing sounds. He only lets Optimus cuddle with him and tends to perch in high places so the other cats will leave him alone.


  • It’s complicated when he’s a bot once more. On the one hand, it’s good because now he can go back to being a medic and helping support the Autobots. But just being able to relax and sleep for a week was so helpful to him and he enjoyed not having so much stress. He also enjoyed seeing Optimus relax too so it’s a bit hard for him to watch his friend having to go back to being a warlord again.


  • Bumblebee is a sweet kitty and he often likes to play with Smokescreen kitty. The two can be found running around chasing each other and getting into trouble. He can’t meow though and it bothers him a lot, so the human picks him up sometimes and cuddle with him to help him feel better. He’s just as affectionate as Smokescreen kitty, but isn’t as pushy and doesn’t mind if they’re not always paying attention to him. He doesn’t want regular cat food so he’s always begging for their food and the human just wants to eat their pizza in peace, yeesh.


  • He likes to crawl up the human’s legs though and sometimes accidentally scratches them. He just wants all the kitties to be happy?? So he’ll sometimes follow Optimus around and hiss at Wheeljack when he tries stuff, but Wheeljack cat isn’t scared of him at all. It’s cute though. When he’s snuggling with the human, he always wants to lay on their chest. ;) He falls off of stuff a lot as a cat too for some reason.


  • Being a bot again doesn’t bother him much. He thought it was fun to be a cat and just get to play and be taken care of by the human but he’s cool with going back to himself again. He makes sure to pick up the human and give them a gentle headbomp as a thank you for their kindess. He’s become a lot closer to them after that and wants to be around them a lot.


  • Wheeljack is the Prankster Kitty™ who lives to fuck with the other cats just because he can. The human can never get their hands on him to stop him if doesn’t want them to. They can’t even trim his nails because he’s always on the move and surprisingly agile. He evades them easily and eats his food whenever he knows they’re not looking. Occasionally he’ll be in the mood for pets and crawl onto the top of their head or lay on their face. The human doesn’t appreciate this but they just let him because wow he’s cute??

  • Speaking of, he’ll purposely jump on the other cats to start a fight. He likes roughhousing with them, him and Smokescreen get really into it sometimes and have pissed off Ratchet. Optimus usually has to break them up. But of course, Wheeljack likes to fuck with Optimus the most. He doesn’t jump on him because Optimus is way bigger than him even as a cat. But he teases Optimus kitty by stealing his treats and toys and swiping at his tail.  The human swears by Primus that Wheeljack has a kitty smirk.


  • Once he’s not a cat anymore, he’s very amused with the whole experience. It’s good to be a giant robot again though because he missed leaving the base to explore and kicking ‘Con ass. He teases Ratchet and Optimus a lot about how much he got to them while they were all cats. He also flirts with the human by reminding them of when he’d sleep near their head at night. :P

This took me forever to write, but it was worth it.