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Can you try an INFJ Ravenclaw we make up 3% of the population but I would love to see one!

Thanks for the ask! This was also requested by @oureffervescence , @theonetotwopercent , @dreaming-galaxies , @bluever27 , and @ptx-potter-party . Lots of Ravenclaw INFJs out there! 

- More INFJs in Ravenclaw than in any other house, because their passion, distinct moral senses, giving instincts, and connectedness with others are all traits that their house reflects

- VERY perfectionist when they’re doing something they think is important

- Work on their project until oops it’s 2 A.M and I haven’t eaten or drank anything in the past 24 hours

- Always trying to improve things and make life better for others

- Such??Sweet??People??

- It can be difficult to get them to open up about themselves because they’re always thinking about helping other people *sigh*

- But if you can get them to come out of their shell, they’re amazingly fun to be around

- Would probably set up a mock trial system to make sure that Hogwarts disputes are handled fairly

- Sometimes people think they’re extraverted because they spend so much time around other people, but they definitely need to retreat sometimes

- When they do, they love to curl up in their dorms and do whatever they’re passionate about- writing, drawing, reading, petting their cat

- AMAZING public speakers, could probably persuade Voldemort to switch to the good side (unlike Useless Harry Potter)

- The opposite of arrogant, which dispels a lot of Ravenclaw stereotypes

- They like to solve things through non-violence, like Martin Luther King Jr. (who is probably their hero)(and who was an INFJ himself!)

- Finally burn out after their 48th hour of forgetting to sleep because they were thinking about the plight of the endangered unicorns

- And yet they’re always the ones reminding their friends to drink water, wash their robes, and get to sleep!

- In classes they absolutely devote themselves to the subjects they love

- Really creative when it comes to unique ways of solving problems, so they have 12 notebooks full of sketches and plans stuffed under their bed

- They don’t just think about doing what’s right, they actually do it. How?

- Very versatile- they could grow up to make great scientific discoveries, be an influential public speaker, an artist who expresses their ideas through creativity, an impassioned teacher, an eloquent writer, or basically anything

- Round out Ravenclaw’s sharp edges tbh (sorry to end on a sappy note)

Send me an ask requesting headcanons/aesthetics! 

Miscellaneous Adrien Agreste Headcanons
  • He’s super touchy-feely. Of course this is kinda canon with the shoulder thing, but let’s take that to the extreme. I think his mom was probably the same, and when she left/died/whatever, and his dad got all cold or was cold to begin with, he was starved for it. So he’ll casually throw his arm over Nino or Marinette or other friends, and he hugs people a lot, and he’ll put his elbow on other people’s shoulders. (people love it)
  • During at least one of his fights with Gabriel, he left the house in the most atrocious outfit he can possibly put together, just to spite his father.
  • He’s also left with the most amazing outfit he can possibly put together - with clothes that were designed by his father’s rivals. Again, just to spite his old man.
  • He knows full well that Chloe is nasty, and he doesn’t like the way she treats other people, but he also knows that she’s a good person at heart and hopes that one day she’ll realize it, too. That’s why he’s still friends with her, not just because they grew up together.
    • Also they grew up together, and he would play dolls and dress-up with her all the time

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NASCAR anon here with another prompt, if I may. I need Military!Kara So like Kara's in the army and has her bomb dog kyrpto, she goes MIA. Kyrpto is sent home to cat and Carter. Carter is like super attached to this dog, and then they want to try and take him away. Cat won't allow that. Cue like 2 months of of fighting with lawyers and one day kyrpto is acting super weird, non stop barking. She lets him out and the barking stops. She looks out and it's Kara, cuddling him. Fluffy reunions

Hi NASCAR anon! I hope this will please you, I am not quite happy with it but I can’t seem to find another way around it so …
(I apologize for any mistake in there, it’s raw and I will probably have to submit it to a beta if I have to post it on AO3)

Here, have some angst with a happy ending!

“Mom, come on, we need to get going now!”

Carter Grant, already dressed up and closing his fancy winter coat up to his chin, is frowning at his mother and there is a disapproving scowl etched upon his childish features.

His mother, clad in a pair of casual but designer denim jeans and a floating, dark grey cashmere sweater, simply smiles sweetly at him before focusing back on her fashion dilemma. She’s standing in front of a closet, inside of which there are shelves and shelves full of shoes on display.

“Can’t you just like, grab one pair and then we can go?” Carter asks, already sounding defeated because he knows, better than anyone else, that Cat Grant will never do just that. The glare his mother throws at him from above her shoulder only confirms it.

“We are going to be late.” He sighs and then lets himself fall backward on the queen-sized mattress of his mother’s bed.

“Stop sighing and whining around, Sweetheart. We are not going to be late, we still have plenty of time. Her plane doesn’t land for another three hours and we do not need to wait in a crowded airport in the meantime.” His mother retorts with another meaningful glare but he sees sparkles of gold flicker in her green eyes, a tell-tale of impatience and anticipation.

“Fine. Fine.” He relents, trying his best not to sigh. He takes off his winter coat and then approaches the shoes closet, coming to a stop next to his mother.

He smiles at the memories flooding his mind when he considers the many, many shelves of shoes. He can practically name the creator and the collection for each single pair, with an approximate date of creation or first exhibition.

“Need a hand mom?” He asks with a smile and she simply nods.

He notices she’s smiling too.

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Andro punk fashion for a Black Cat (spiritual-otherkin)

Meow Beanie: $9.99 I love this beanie so much! 

Cat Ear Hoodie: $24.99 Also it has pockets which for me personally, is a must in a hoodie. 

Speaker Cat Backpack: $55.00 The base is always black, but the eyepatch comes in three different colors; red, purple and pink. 

Bell Collar: $10.99 I love this collar so so much! 

Baseball Cap: $10.90 I love this, it’s super cute! 

Beanie with Flaps: $14.99 This is adorable! 

Blouse Sweater: $16.99 I love these types of sweaters! 

Cat Hoodie: $30.98 It has a kangaroo pocket and little paw prints on the pocket! 

Paw Print Gloves: $9.71 Super soft looking! 

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lost and found ii

bughead fanfiction - chapter two
link for chapter one down below


“the walls we build around us to keep sadness out, also keep out joy”
-Jim Rohn

“You still know how to cook, right? Because, if the answer’s no, I’m going to retract my offer.”

Living with Jughead is an adjustment at first.

Betty finds out he smokes; a habit she grimaces at but keeps silent about, though he’s well aware of her disapproval. He is also surprisingly quite tidy, albeit a bit messy in terms of leaving things out on the kitchen counter, but otherwise tidy overall. She finds he constantly has to have the television on, playing some or other classic film for background noise. On his days off, he spends the first half of it typing away on his laptop and the other half kicking his feet up on the coffee table to indulge himself in his film noir.

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“Black Cat #13” by Sebastien Romero.

I just watched Markiplier play Dinner With An Owl and had to find this song.


Saffron: It’s so sweet of you to have remembered my birthday, Jared! Oh my God, oh my God, Teddy got me two tickets to Guyzone! Can you believe it? I know, right? I haven’t told Syb yet, she is just going to die. Lliterally. Oh yeah, I got a car, too. So how’s your holiday? Do you miss us? We’re just having a little party with some cholesterol-free brownies and fat-free cookies when the old man and Mum get home. Yeah I know, it’ll be pretty wild! So what are you doing right now?

Jared: We’re just playing video games. Dad wants to wish you happy birthday. Here.  

Saffron scrambles to sit up.  

Joël: Hey, Saffy. Happy birthday! How’s things? 

Saffron: Okay.

This is not how she wants to feel on her birthday. 

Joël: So what awesome presents did you get?

Saffron: Nothing. 

Joël: Nothing? 

Saffron: Just.. stuff.

She’s punching her leg with her phone.

Joël: Saffy? Are you still there?

Saffron: Yeah.

Joël: It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to me. I’ll put your brother back on the phone.

Saffron: Sorry. I just wish-

Joël: You wish what?

Saffy: I just wish nothing had to change. I wish I didn’t have to have birthdays. I wish I didn’t have to grow up. I wish you never left us. 

She remembers the stereo that he bought her for her room when he and her mother first started living together. It was pink and white and shaped like a cat. The ears of the cat were the speakers. A couple of years later, when her mother told her that Joël was leaving, she dropped it out the window of her second-storey bedroom onto the concrete path. 

Joël: I’m sorry you’re still upset with me, Saffy. But it wasn’t-

Saffron: It wasn’t what?

Joël: Nothing. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you cheer up and have a happy birthday. Okay? Are you listening, Saffron?

Casual reminder that Sweet Shalquoir:

  • is a sarcastically talking cat
  • implied bilingual speaker (english/french)
  • implied reader (with the amount of books in her “home”)
  • check out her voice oh sweet goodness her laugh
  • she gets her own concept art what the heckie
  • immortal kitty