cat sitting on a rocking chair

andreil: dust to dust, ashes to ashes

inspired by: this art of neil and renee

music: colors – halsey | brother – falling in reverse

“Andrew,” said Neil. “For fuck’s sake, Andrew, that’s enough.”

But Andrew had never listened to Neil a day in his life and that wasn’t about to change now, so he continued to pour another two spoonfuls of sugar in his coffee. Andrew wasn’t a coffee person (it was too bitter for him), but once in a blue moon he surprised Neil and drank it – each time, of course, with enough sugar to perhaps put someone else in a coma.

“Mind your own business,” Andrew said when he was satisfied with his sickly-sweet concoction and walked out of the kitchen without another word. Neil should have been used to this after so many years, but he would never understand how someone of Andrew’s size could consume so much sugar without becoming diabetic. So he picked up his own breakfast and followed Andrew’s footsteps to the coffee table and set down his plate of food and mug.

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Sk8er Girl Ch1 (Trixya) - Squeaky Pink
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Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

Or: She was a sk8er girl. She said see you later girl. She wasn’t good enough for her (or was she?)

[AN: Pink Shrooms aka Squeaky Pink. We’re writing this together but alternating chapters and POVs. Pinky is mainly Trixie’s POV and Squeaky is mainly Katya’s POV.]

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farmer ronan and college student adam!!!!

  • adam staying at the barns when he’s on break from school (sometimes ronan visits him in his dorm on weekends)
  • sometimes they get up really early to go feed the deer
  • one time adam comes back after a couple weeks and ronan has acquired a pond AND ducks. ducklings. waddling all over ronan’s lap.
  • sometimes they get up really late and are lazy in bed and maybe they have breakfast in bed roll around as sunlight leaks into the room and that’s ronan’s Favorite thing bc sunlight and adam parrish are a magical combination
  • anyway
  • ronan and adam laying down in the grass of the cow field while the sun is setting
  • they watch the fireflies float around them and opal runs around trying to catch them
  • this is adam’s Favorite thing bc fireflies and moonlight and ronan lynch are a magical combination
  • maybe they get a dog
  • maybe they have a cat in the barn and then KITTENS
  • blue, gansey, and henry come over to see the kittens and end up taking 2 of them home
  • late nights sitting on the porch in rocking chairs bc ronan is trying to embrace his Old Man Farmer aesthetic
  • adam always fixes the tractor when it breaks down. ronan likes it when mechanic!adam makes an appearance
  • adam doing the whole “honey i’m home!” thing when he comes home from school (HOME)
  • ronan and opal in the kitchen attempting to cook except opal isn’t the most helpful and also ronan doesn’t stop her from eating things before he’s finished
  • ronan grabbing adam with flour covered hands and kissing him hello
  • Life on the Farm With Ronan and Adam is my new favorite thing
star wars characters as my childhood neighborhood
  • luke skywalker: mrs. cooper, who had a boxer puppy named abbi that was actually mine at heart, passed out candy and bunny plushies and let me use her porch to play pirates and had the coolest granddaughter
  • leia organa: good friend from up the street we played really, really complicated games with. nobody has ever played barbies harder than this. there was a lengthy, emotional plot, drama, questioned the value of life. also our elephant toys looked similar, so we married them
  • han solo: me, who named the apple tree a papple tree because i thought the apples it produced, which were very definitely just apples, tasted like peaches, and claimed one tree to be my tree of playing. you couldn't touch my tree. i loved my tree.
  • chewbacca: the tree
  • C-3PO: the big golden great dane named maggie that i tried to ride like a horse. showed up at completely random times. never understood that she wanted me to pet her, not sit astride her as we rode into narnia
  • R2-D2: maggie's evil twin, who we never saw but heard howling in the night, the reason i believed werewolves were real until i was 9
  • darth vader: the person with the cow-themed kitchen, with the cow salt-shakers and the cow apron and the cow chairs. gave me a sea horse plushie with a torn tail out of spite. used to hunt for tiny tomato frogs in their rock garden after they disappeared mysteriously
  • the emperor: the crazy cat lady with three feet of bushes obscuring her house from view, making it look like an urban jungle. her cats populated the woods and i thought they were in a cat gang, which meant the cat lady was a werecat lady, because only cats can be in a cat gang. staked out her house with binoculars. did not know how to work binoculars, mission failed.

Whoops, my hand slipped.

On a serious note though, this one is a tad bit more intense than my last couple dom-centric posts have been, so please be aware of that. 

As always, any aspect of BDSM can be a very loving thing between two partners who trust each other. Communication is key, my friends. 


Hey! Could you do one of dom-ing Rafael and making him scream? Thanks lol :p


*Potential trigger warning: Barba is going to get slapped but he explicitly asks for it

Oh, this was really too good. Sitting alone in Rafael’s home office, you let out a loud peal of laughter. He had been naughty. Scrolling through his computer’s history, you clicked on link after link of porn videos. It wasn’t snooping; he knew you used his computer every day as you worked from home. Knew because he had been the one to drop your computer off at the tech shop on his way in to work, because he had offered up his computer as a replacement. He never used this one anyway, preferring to do all of his business on the laptop provided to him by his job.

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Let Me Love You pt. 2

Summary: She never really looked at Bucky that way, but she just recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend and Bucky is more than willing to help her get her mind off of him. Maybe she would let him help, if only he would stop being so infuriatingly annoying for just one second. A five part mini-series based on Ariana Grande’s ‘Let Me Love You’

Word Count: 2,110

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Unnamed female character

A/N: Holy cow! I was not expecting that kind of feedback! Thank you guys so much, you have no idea how much this means to me! As promised, here is part two, and I hope that you like it.

Part one , part three, and part four here!

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It was Friday night.

It was girl’s night.

Getting to spend time with her friend’s had become something of a rarity. They were always somewhere, probably halfway across the world kicking ass. But this weekend they were home and- come hell or high water- they were going out; they were going to get totally drunk, eat a crazy amount of greasy food, watch terrible movies. The usual.

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Lucius stared at the wooden crib and lowered his wand slowly, almost certain that he’d reassembled it correctly. The crib was an antique, but it had been too wide to fit through the doorway of the room Lucius and Narcissa had selected for the nursery, so he’d had to break it down and hope for the best when putting it back together. He wouldn’t have trusted an elf or a servant with a task as important as this one. He tipped his head to the side, inspecting his work from a slightly different angle. Is that rail level?

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. As the time for the baby’s birth grew rapidly nearer, Lucius questioned more frequently exactly how qualified he was for the task of parenting. The room around him was filling steadily with tiny toys and furniture, some of which hadn’t been used since he himself had been a child, though some of it had also seen use by his sister. A few of the items had been Narcissa’s, such as the black, stuffed cat that sat in the rocking chair. In addition to the multitude of new items that he and Narcissa had started to buy, Lucius hoped that these gifts from family members would bring comfort to their son or daughter.

He pushed himself up from where he’d been sitting on the floor and lifted the toy cat from its perch at the back of the rocking chair, turning it over in his hands for a moment before placing it at the foot of the crib. The sound of soft footsteps drew his attention, and he glanced toward the door as his wife came into the room, her hand resting on her protruding belly.

“It looks beautiful,” she said, nodding to the crib with a smile. She moved to his side and stretched up to kiss his cheek. “Thank you, love.”

“Are you sure?” Lucius glanced from Narcissa to the crib and back, still not entirely pleased with his work.

“Yes. Relax. It’s perfect.”

He shrugged noncommittally as she reached for the stuffed animal within the crib, picking it up gently with the hint of a smile. Lucius knew Narcissa didn’t have many fond memories of her childhood, so the sight of her probably recalling something that was actually pleasant brought a smile to his lips, as well.

“My great-grandmother Rhea gave her to me. The Rosier side was just a bit more sentimental than the Black side.”

“Did you say ‘her’?” Lucius’s smile widened, and Narcissa blushed.

“I named her Bastet. I brought her everywhere, until Mother told me I was being absurd. Then I started leaving at home in my room.”

Lucius watched his wife as she returned the stuffed animal to its spot within the crib. He hated that Narcissa’s family had sought to rob her of her childhood. The child to whom this room would soon belong would have no such problem.

“We should get a cat.”

Narcissa looked to Lucius with wide eyes, looking uncertain as to whether she’d heard him properly. “What?”

He shrugged. “You wouldn’t have to carry it around; it would likely either follow you or be off doing whatever it pleased, but we could get one, if you like. It could grow up with the baby.”

Narcissa smiled brightly, stepping closer to embrace her husband, who, for the moment, decided to allow himself to believe he might be decent at fatherhood after all.

inside the signs’ brains

aries: fire. just fire

taurus: a very homely place. vaguely smells like coffee. you look to the left. you see a cat. it meows, demanding money

gemini: two people viciously arguing over a violin. it is an empty room. all is quiet. no noise. yet, they still argue. they do not stop. you break the violin. they stare at you until you leave

cancer: a doll screaming. it is screaming so much. it is telling you to place your infinite trust in it

leo: peel the skin off your face right now 

virgo: you sit in a rocking chair facing the woods. it is dark out. completely dark. you can’t even see anything. you start to feel nervous. you hear the crack of a branch

libra: a crowded room full of people. they are all wearing masks. you are wearing a mask. a masked man takes you by the hand. you are unable to break free so u bite it off

scorpio: a child is eating dinner with her family. the father seemed to have made a funny joke. they all laugh. they are eating the mother. the child learns a valuable lesson that nothing really matters.

sagittarius: a nice day, a nice dog you see as you walk to the clinic, a nice nurse, a nice doctor. you leave because you are happy. you are happy. make sure you are happy. it won’t be long

capricorn: you desperately turn on the light. you cannot see anything. you turn it off. you see it. it is in the corner. it is waiting. be ready

aquarius: you are coloring something very pretty. you color on your skin. three snake-like figures whom you don’t recognize approach you. they ask you about what you’re coloring. you answer in a language you do not understand

pisces: drive drive drive drive!!!! into the sea!!! they are awaiting your return!!!! you hear them speak!!! they are there!!!! there is something inside you that doesn’t sleep well

Lost and Found

Pairing: Luke & Female Reader

Words: 1500+

Warnings: sfw 

Princeton goes missing and Luke finds him which leads to a cute conversation. 

Masterlist | Feedback

(gif isn’t mine) 

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Come here Cosmo... Part 11 Pietro x Reader

(Credit goes to GIFS original owner.)

suggested by  dear-daddy-stars

Fandom: Marvel,Avengers

Characters: Pietro Maximoff,Tony Stark,Wanda Maximoff,Clint Barton,Bruce Banner,Vision,Natasha Romanoff,Thor,Steve Rogers

Word Count: 904

Warnings: Cursing.Also it turns into complete crack XD


Travelling through the airport was a nightmare for the entire group,but more so for (Y/N) and Cosmo.The queue to get tickets took half an hour,and when they finally got to the desks,they were met by a bitchy receptionist who did not want to comply and help the group.The group was charged extra for overweight luggage and Thor argued with the receptionist about Mjolnir being a carry on item or not.

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1) What sin problem?  I don’t even understand what he’s trying to hint at.  Racism exists because people are sinfully judging others?  But judging others on something other than skin color?  So it’s not racism?  I’m genuinely confused.  Usually I can follow the train of thought from any of these wingnuts, but I have no idea what Huckabee is trying to say.

2) Racism exists because people like Huckabee think it’s cute to reference offensive racial stereotypes.  Those tweets were back to back, y’all.  “Racism isn’t real…now let me say something extremely racist.”  And you just know Huckabee was SO PROUD of himself after that tweet too.  I can see him sitting in a rocking chair with a glass of hooch chuckling to himself.

Sidenote: Can I just personally say I am OVER the Asians eat dogs & cats thing?  We had Thai in the office one day last week and my boss was like “this doesn’t look like chicken.  Did they put cat in this?” with a straight face, right next to one of the Asian guys in the office.  How exactly would an American restaurant manage to say a particular dish has one kind of animal but then include a totally different species?  Regardless of that stupid stereotype, we do have health inspectors who’d catch that anyway.

Besides, I’ve had both dog and cat and a) dog is a very rich delicacy and it tastes amazing – nobody is about to “slip” some dog into your dish instead of beef because dog is way better and b) cat isn’t all that great and you’d be able to tell immediately if your sesame chicken had cat meat in it instead of chicken.


Okay.. I need to let this out.

Forever young came out. And yes the whole fandom is now at an emotional state. As I read the lyrics, I start to picture out my journey as their fan. Ever since nmd era, I was with them. And hoseok has this line “there is no everlasting fan.” I seriously cried. I just hit the table too hard. I mean as of now I’m still a student. But I have the capacity to think and do what I want. And I want to be with bangtan’s side no matter what. I want to scream their names till the end. Because they give me happiness they affect me in a way that only they can do. Through their songs, I feel strong. I feel like I can conquer anything.

Yes all of us need to grow old. Have white hairs, wrinkles, grandchildren. But I see myself sitting on a rocking chair, maybe petting my cat. And I would reminisce these memories I have made with bangtan. I don’t regret anything. I don’t regret all the sleepless nights, the tests I failed because I chose to wait for their teaser or mv, all these sermons I get with mom and dad. When people say “oh you’ll forget them” to me. FUCK NO I WONT. they don’t know our feeling. This feeling of loving someone so genuine but that someone just treats you as a fan.

Life is so much more fun with bangtan in it. I love how they make me feel happy, that their songs inspire me and make me feel strong. I love supporting them. And I know that this journey is yet to have more memories. So I will be forever young with bangtan.

I love bangtan so much.

anonymous asked:

You and Maggie are adorable and I hope you get married (if you want to!) and have the financial means to have: all the cats + birds + kids if you want to, that you want + a really big bathtub so you both can sit in it and have lavender bubble baths :> I also recommend rocking chairs. They're excellent stimming tools and you get to feel like a gramps holding your SO's hand while watching tv. 🐣🐔 (a very young bird and an old bird to symbolize being together in youth and elderhood)


NaruSasu: Pranks for That

NaruSasu: Pranks for That

Yawn and stretch. Just like every morning, at precisely six a.m., he would yawn and stretch before turning off the annoying buzzer. Or maybe not. He could barely move.

“What the..?!”

Oh. The sheets had been tucked in tightly on all sides. Dammit, Naruto…

He wiggled out and remade his bed, muttering various choice phrases. Glancing at the calendar on his way to the door, he realized why he had been pranked. It was April Fool’s Day. Of course, Naruto would be participating in this ridiculous tradition of pulling pranks.

“Oh for the love of–!” he yelped, having been drenched by a bucket of water so painstakingly perched on top of the door. He would have to be on full alert today. After he changed into dry clothes.

Wait a minute.

The corner of one of his shirts was poking out of the drawer. His meticulous cleaning methods would never allow for such a thing. The odds that something was in that drawer that shouldn’t be in that drawer was extremely likely. But he was cold, and he needed dry clothes. Bracing himself, he opened it.

On top of his favorite shirt lay a pink and blue rubber snake. One of the squishy ones. Ugh. He set it aside and changed his clothes.

He made his way carefully across the hall into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Before he used it, however, he sniffed his toothbrush. He was glad he did, because there was garlic powder on the bristles. There was also water in his toothpaste. He swapped it for Naruto’s, even though he really liked his cinnamon toothpaste. Peppermint would have to do for today. On his way downstairs into the kitchen, he dodged three trip wires, one plastic wrap blockade, and a banana peel. He left the trip wires and plastic in place, but the banana peel went into the compost pile. Of course, there was tape on the sink sprayer, which he immediately removed.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake…” Sasuke muttered upon opening a cupboard door. Not only had Naruto been busy setting up pranks all over the house, but he had rearranged everything in the kitchen cupboards. He must have been using shadow clones.

Once he had managed to find a bowl, a spoon, a glass, a box of cereal, and the milk, he was about to sit down at the table when something occurred to him. Sure enough, there was a whoopie cushion on his chair. He removed it and sat down to eat. There were plastic bugs in the cereal, which he had to fish out as he ate.

While he was eating, he happened to glance out the window. He had a clear view of the Hokage Rock from where he sat, and some idiot had been quite busy painting funny faces on all the previous Hokage and the current co-Hokage. Currently, his stone likeness was being turned into a cat-girl by an orange speck. Naruto.

“At least you painted your own face, too…” he muttered.


Wait a minute.

Naruto was outside.

Sasuke stood up immediately, finishing his de-bugged cereal on his way over to the door. With a hollow click, he locked the mischievous blond out. Problem solved. Or so he hoped. He’d better lock the back door, too. And the windows.

Just as he had hoped, there was a rattle, a louder rattle, and frustrated pounding at the door. Sasuke simply smirked and kept washing the dishes. Ignoring the yelling and constant thumping, he focused on the delicate curve of the ceramic bowl as he scrubbed away the cereal bits. Perfect. Now to make that glass as shiny as if it were brand new and keep ignoring Naruto.


He kept working, even humming a little tune as he did so. For some reason, this twangy little country ditty was stuck in his head. He hated country music, but it was a catchy tune.


He ignored him.


Still ignored him.


Alright. He couldn’t be too cruel. He dried his hands on the dish towel and went to unlock the door. Swept in with a burst of wind and rain was a very cranky and soaking wet Uzumaki.

“Fuck you,” he snarled, giving his fiancé a big, soaking wet hug.

“You know I’ve mastered the art of revenge, dobe.”

“Yeah but it’s the day all pranksters look forward to and I couldn’t help it.”

“Even as Hokage, you’re still a dork.”

“Yeah, but I’m your dork,” Naruto replied, nuzzling his lover’s cheek.

“Oh, sure, play the romance card. Smooth bastard,” Sasuke muttered, wrapping his arms around the other man’s shoulders.

“Nailed it.”

Sasuke chuckled, burying his nose in the soft, blond hair. Despite the onslaught of pranks he’d faced this morning, he couldn’t help but smile at Naruto’s antics. He knew that it had been done out of love, and not out of malice. It was definitely worth the occasional chaos and mischief, because these little moments of honest affection could wipe away months of misery in seconds.

“Wanna go make out for no reason whatsoever?” Naruto asked suddenly, glancing up at Sasuke.

“Sure, why not.”