cat sitting on a pillow

i feel like jason would be the sort of person who would bring home all the injured and scrappy dogs and cats he finds on patrol but he never lets himself?? get attached like he always tells himself oh he’s going to drop them off at selina’s or at the rescue after he’s fed them or maybe give them to damian if he’s feeling like he wants to piss bruce off

but like there’s this one cat who is such a fuckin asshole and ruins jason’s shirt and also jason’s arm and that night, jason wakes up and just sees the cat?? sitting on his pillow?? and jason swears he’s never seen a cat look so disapproving but maybe he’s just projecting because he knows he slept with his suit still on and his gun is still on its holster and he smells really bad but oka y who the fuck is this cat anyway, to look at jason like jason is a mess

jason hates the cat so much and okay maybe he doesn’t drop the cat off with the others the next day but that’s just because he’s not going to let this cat go without showing it he can be a decent, functioning human being

(he calls the cat bruce sometimes. he pretends it doesn’t happen.)

-At this point Andrew is 100% sure that this cat is fucking with him on purpose.

-Like he knows, rationally, (and Neil has told him multiple times), that animals are not capable of being spiteful.

-But Sir Fat Cat (really) is a spiteful cat. And he has decided he does not like Andrew.

-Which is fine. Because Andrew doesn’t like him either.

-But some of the things that have happened in the past month since they got him are unreal.

-First, he has no complete pairs of socks. He think’s he going crazy for about 3 weeks until Neil finds Sir sitting on a pile of the missing socks in a dark corner of the apartment.

-Then, he gets home from practice thoroughly irritated and tired, only to find the cat sitting perfectly on his pillow and only his pillow, so he has to wash his pillowcase before sleeping on it.

-He sleeps on the hair covered pillow out of spite and ends up sneezing violently the second he wakes up, the damn cat staring smugly right at him from the headboard. (Neil’s pillow is still completely pristine despite the fact that Neil is away at a game.

-The last straw is when Neil does get home and he’s kissing his neck and Andrew’s hand is on his hip and Andrew finally feels like his skin isn’t trying to crawl off of him when his foot collides with a furry mass and there’s a yowl and goddamnit.

-Then Neil’s pulling away and laughing because he’s in love with the damn cat and Andrew hates his life.

-This goes on until one day when Neil is gone again and Andrew and Sir are having an honest to God staredown on the couch (when did this become his life?)

-He puts his feet up on the couch and doesn’t protest when Sir climbs up to lay on his chest.

-They both fall asleep and from then on, they still don’t like each other, but they have an understanding (and Neil has photographic evidence)

-The picture ends up being their Christmas card that year.

my cat woke me up this morning by sitting on my pillow and poking my cheek, which would be cute if her idea of morning wasn’t 5am