cat showdown

ok but like. bear with me for a sec

Chase’s warriors. his cats. they’re big cats, the kind of k-species that are always teetering around on endangered species lists. idk about you, but it would make sense to me for some of the warriors to have the forms of extinct/endangered breeds of cat? and his lair is just. fuckin crawling with them

imagine some misled wildlife conservation/restoration group hailing Chase Young as a hero for his work in maintaining tiger/etc populations

Chase doesn’t know how to deal or how these people got into his house, stop bothering his warriors

Other people have commented on the various failings of Season 2 of Supergirl a lot better than I have, so I’m not going to get into that here. The thing that bugged me the most, on a petty, nitpicky, oh come ON level, was the way everyone was running around in terror of the Daxamite invasion. Okay. So the spaceships have shields. But they sent in ground troops. To fight against 21st century humans. Not just any humans- Americans.

For those who don’t know, Daxamites have a weakness, much like Kryptonians do to kryptonite. Their weakness is against lead.

Fucking lead

Chase Young is part dragon. Dragons are known to hoard things.

Chase Young has an army of cat warriors. 

Therefore, he hoards cats.

Meanwhile, Dojo hoards cookies.