cat shaped book

Brad: yep I gave my boy a car for his birthday with ma own money yep that’s me im such a good parent

Tristan: *in passive aggressive voice* I can’t believe you spent that much money on a fucking toy car HONEY

James: it’s ok act happy what no I’m really happy he’s my baby brother I’m fine they gave me a cat shaped cake and book on my birthday and he gets a sick red car IM TOTALLY FINE


Take It From The Top


So I didn’t have a prompt for this one (I’m sorry, I will get round to writing all of them I promise) but I just love origin stories.

Summary: Adrien didn’t think that the ring he picked up off the street would be that much of a big deal but no - he’s followed around by something that vaguely looks like a cat, the entirety of Paris is threatened by a guy named Hawkmoth, Adrien somehow turns into a superhero - with a strange name to boot - and meets someone called Ladybug, who sounds about as equally threatening as Chat Noir does.

Pairing(s): Pre-Chat Noir x Ladybug

Words: 3751

Warnings: not edited and OOC (you know the drill)

Disclaimer: Is my name Zagtoon? No? Wow what a surprise.

Thank you to @darkscaleswriter​ for the idea for the villain ^__^



“Stop following me,” Adrien glared at the tiny black… vaguely-cat-shaped thing that had been whizzing around him for the past three days.

“Ah but I can’t do that until you listen to me,” the vaguely-cat-shaped thing contradicted.

Adrien whirled around. “My dad thinks I’ve become deluded for talking to myself and you’re really not helping whenever I have to do homework,” he exclaimed, ignoring the strange looks he got from passersby on the street at the outburst.

“But you have the ring.”

The ring.

The tiny piece of jewellery that he hand absent-mindedly picked up off the road and placed it onto his finger, only to discover that the stupid thing wouldn’t come off.

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