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"this or that" tag

1. pepsi or coke?

2. soda or juice?

3. boots or sandals?

4. strawberry or blueberry?

5. rock or rap?

6. scary or comedy?

7. tv shows or movies?

8. cake or ice cream?

9. blue or green?

10. night or morning?

11. kisses or hugs?

12. life or death?

13. motorcycle or bike?

14. up or down?

15. noise or silence?

16. makeup or no makeup?

17. jeans or leggings?

18. starbucks or tim hortons?

19. dairy queen or baskin robbins?

20. instagram or twitter?

21. veggies or fruits?

22. spring or fall?

23. winter or summer?

24. smoke or drink?

25. cold or hot?

26. dvd or vhs?

27. scream or cry?

28. chocolate or vanilla?

29. planes or trains?

30. cats or dogs?

31. sausage or bacon?

32. bath or shower?

33. nachos or french fries?

34. money or love?

35. beach or pool?

36. hamburgers or hot dogs?

37. skittles or starburst?

38. circus or carnival?

39. family guy or american dad?

40. birthday or christmas?

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irrelevantbl0g  asked:

I showed my cousin a picture of Pangur and she said that she looked like someone described a cat to someone who had never seen a cat before and then drew what they thought cats looked like

you saying cats do NOT look like stretched taffy?