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How about companions react to ss dying and reanimating as a ghost?

((I wasn’t sure how I wanted them to reanimate. Should they be visible? Should they be conscious? How should it work? I eventually decided on having them be a thinking, formless presence. I considered having Sole interact with the companions, but I liked the idea of Sole spooking them a lot better. Hope you enjoy!))

It’d been some months since Sole passed. Their tragic death had left their companions distraught. However. Recently, the companions were encountering some curious events, and they each came to the conclusion that Sole was contacting them… from beyond the grave.

Cait: “No. Fuck no. Fuck you,” she said, crossing her arms and staring at the letters drawn in the steam on the wall. “I’m not doing this. Ghosts aren’t real, you shit, you aren’t real, you’re not Sole, and I’m not, fucking, doing this right now!” She didn’t take it well. Call it Irish superstition, but Cait did not like ghosts, and she certainly didn’t like the idea of a ghostly Sole trying to speak with her.

Codsworth: He was baffled by it all. His A.I. had no real concept of life or death. Could robots die? Were robots really alive? He made a point of saying he was never equipped with a philosophy module. Not that such things existed, but still. He shivered as best a Mr. Handy can, observing with widened eyes the vase hovering in the middle of the room, suspended in mid-air. “Would… W-Would you like some tea?”

Curie: She was one of the most vehement deniers of Sole’s post-death existence. “It is not scientific,” she’d declare, lifting her chin and glaring at nothing in particular. “There is no scientific evidence of the existence of ghosts. I refuse to-” She yelped as a desktop picture on her desk was knocked over, seemingly of its own accord. Face pale, she stood up from her desk, stomping from the room and rubbing away the goosebumps on her arms.

Danse: He stared blankly at the faded Polaroid picture that had appeared on his desk. His mind searched for a logical answer. Then, slowly, he took the picture and placed it in one of his desk drawers. He did this with every event after. Mysterious voices? Must be the wind. Things breaking? Shoddy Commonwealth construction. Paladin Danse had no mind for the supernatural, and clung to the idea that there was a logical excuse for everything.

Deacon: It’s late at night. Rain patters against the roof and walls. Distant thunder rumbles through the clouds, and green lightning cracks the sky and sears an unfortunate tree. Clad in a turban and dress made out of old curtains, Deacon lights the candles and places his hands on a Ouija board he found in the Museum of Witchcraft. “Spirits!” he shouts, smiling nervously. “Speak to me!” When the pointer moves, his smile vanishes. Maybe this wasn’t such a fun idea after all.

Dogmeat: He is a very smart puppy. Most dogs dislike the supernatural, at times even fear it. But not Dogmeat. He can sense Sole, even without them having to do anything. He sits down where they… are, wagging his tail and panting happily. Hm. I take it back. Maybe he is scared of ghosts. Just not Sole.

Hancock: He’s seen ghosts before. Honest. You take enough chems, have a few too many near-death experiences… yeah, he’s seen some shit. He blows a puff of gray, spiraling smoke into the air of his office, leaving another untouched, lit joint in the ashtray for Sole. “Guess I shouldn’t be surprised you couldn’t just lay down and rest. You’re too much trouble to stay dead. Mostly dead.” His lips split in a cocky grin, and he laughs.

Nick Valentine: So, now he’s adding ‘occult investigator’ to his job description? Nick’s not one to really believe in the supernatural, but he’s a detective, and if the proof is there, he sets aside his personal misgivings and does his best to be unbiased to the case. And when the coffee pot keeps boiling over, well, that’s proof plenty. He sits down at his desk, feeling a little awkward as he gazes out at nothing. “So,” he begins, clearing his throat. “Got any ‘unfinished business’ for me, kid?”

MacCready: He’s terrified. He dislikes synths, aliens, mutants, ghouls - ghosts are absolutely on the list too. He turns paranoid when strange things start happening to him. His things, moved so they’re not where he left them. Strange pictures or images that haunt his dreams. Without help, he may go crazy, keeping all the lights on at night and surrounding himself with teddy bears and comic books in an attempt to keep calm.

Piper: She’s one of the most willing to believe. Her first instinct is to snap a picture, or use Deacon’s discarded Ouija board to speak to Sole. What if she could have an interview… with a dead person? The idea makes her irrationally excited. But ghosts and spirits are hard to pin down, so all her pictures are blurry and the Ouija board unreliable. Half of Diamond City thinks she’s crazy, which makes it all the more frustrating when she’s sure Sole is trying to talk to her. She just knows it!

Preston: He’s not sure what to think. It’s… weird, sure, but a ghost? It’s unnatural. Well, then again, that’s kind of the point. After some thought, he’s reluctant to get an exorcist, and not just because those might not exist anymore. It is Sole, after all. In an attempt to make peace with them, he leaves out bowls of milk, or trays of toast. Sometimes cookies. Sole’s neither a cat nor Santa Claus, but it’s the thought that counts.

Strong: You could literally throwing a floating table at him and he still wouldn’t get the message. Strong has no concept of the afterlife. He believes that death is the end, and death is the point, right? Super Mutants kill everything else, and they are immortal and do not die. Anything outside of that, he is incapable of comprehending.

X6-88: Ghosts. Ghosts. In all his life, the concept had never crossed his mind. His job was to retrieve and/or remove, not to philosophize. He’s tempted to ask someone about it, but dismisses that idea quickly. His handlers would think he’d gone crazy, and might try to recall him. To be fair, X6 himself is still on the fence about the state of his sanity. He decides it doesn’t matter much either way. Whether Sole is ‘present’ or not, he’ll continue on as he always has. Until there’s proof in his hand, no point in worrying about it.


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