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So these are my very special boys who are both rescues off the streets! I love them very, very much which is why I have to stop being selfish and do the right thing by them.

My family is in a bit of a pickle that involves wrongful eviction and probably racism in some way. Anyway thing is we have a new home but the place doesn’t accept ANY pets at all. To make matters even more slightly desperate we have to move out but June 1st! 

Now I need someone to temporarily Foster BOTH my cats together for a while. I’m talking like year or so. So if you really love cats with personality and live in SoCal’s Inglewood, Gardena, or even LA area would you be willing to give these loving boys a home???

I’m totally paying for all their expenses like food, litter, toys, treats, etc. All I need on your part is to love and care for them with regular check ins to be sure they are okay. Cause uhh these cats are like my life yo. 

  • Pixel: White and Black pretty boy who sleeps a lot. He’s a chill cat that loves two things chili and me in that order. Enjoys chasing things and rubbing against black clothes
  • Pneuma/8-Bit:Gray and white screaming baby who eats Pixels food. Screams a lot when he thinks you’re not paying attention to him. Probably doesn’t know his name.

Both are super loving and enjoy cuddles soooo much! They are very shy tho and take a bit of time to warm up to new people. Just give them time, space, and food to adjust then they won’t leave you alone. Also good with kids!! Like super good?? Pixel is the best with kids.

So yeah that’s what’s up right now! I’m a little bit in constant distress over this cause I really love my cats a lot and just want what’s best for them

Abandoned Kitten in Need of Home(CA)

This weekend someone abandoned a kitten in the parking lot of my restaurant. I was out of town that weekend and the other employees weren’t able to catch him. I caught him last night and he is currently with me. I cannot keep him due to already having more than enough cats. Unfortunately I can only keep him until the end of the week at best and tomorrow at worst and then he will have to go to the SPCA. If there’s anyone in CA(I live in the Central Valley in Tulare County) willing to take him in or knows someone willing to take him in please contact me. He is shy but once he’s in your arms he will snuggle and purr in your lap!

If you can’t take him then please help spread the word! I am willing to drive to you or meet you halfway!

EDIT: Thank you for everyone who reblogged this! Kitty boi has a home lined up!


I haven’t really posted recently because this past week has been an emotional rollercoaster…
My boyfriend and I love our cats with all our hearts, but I’ve been dealing with various health issues for years and in the past few months, it came to the point where I wasn’t sure if I could handle the kitties and if I could provide them with the best possible life while struggling with my own physical health on a daily basis. After much consideration, we decided to look for a new home for Leo and Minnie. As if it was meant to be, we found them an amazing, loving, pet-centred family. They already have a dog and they just lost their cat of 20 years. Yesterday we said goodbye to our furbabies so I’m still an emotional wreck but we know it’s for the best… Leo has a new play partner in their dog, and Minnie has their two story house with a huge window that she can explore to her hearts content. And of course they have each other, because we would never separate them. They immediately bonded with the new family and even though we are sad and miss them deeply, we are so happy for our kitties and their new adventure.

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RE: Your commentary concerning indoor/outdoor cats in the UK. It might be worth noting that many rescues (including the RSPCA/SSPCA) won't rehome a cat to a home without outdoor access. This only further reinforces the idea of it being a basic necessity for cats in the UK.

This is interesting! I don’t think there’s a similar requirement in the US. 


Need Permanent Home/Temporary Foster Home - URGENT

(Pictured from left to right: Isis, Ginger, Max, Willow, and Saffron)

Update#2: A family friend has offered to temporarily house all four remaining cats to keep them from going to a kill shelter and to give us more time to find them permanent homes. Please consider reblogging and please contact me if you can provide a home for any one of them.

Update: Max has a home, and I was informed yesterday that my grandmother was able to pay rent this month and wont be leaving until November 9th

I found out a few days ago my grandmother is being evicted later this month (October 20th) and now I need to find homes for my five cats. I’m unable to house them myself at the moment and it’s very very important to me that they are safe and cared for.

Max, Isis, Ginger, and Saffron are about 7 years old. Willow we’re not sure of. They’re all very good cats, if not a bit shy with strangers, but Isis is more hands-off and not a “lap cat” so i’m concerned about her finding a home.

The two boys, Max and Willow, are neutered and do not spray walls or furniture. Unfortunately the girls are not currently spayed. They are all strictly inside cats.

I’m specifically interested in a temporary foster for Max and Willow but there’s really no time to be picky and it’s most important they’re safe and loved!

If you’re in the Clearwater, Florida area and interested or know someone who might be interested in providing a good home, even temporarily, for any of these cats, please contact me at:

I’m Yours

Also on AO3
Directly follows “Deadly Sweet.”   This one did not come out as smoothly, so I’m hoping the edits made it better.

“Goodnight Maman, Papa,” Marinette called as she headed toward her room.

“Going to visit Chat?” her mother asked, knowingly.

Once her parents got to know the superhero, the teasing had changed, rather than letting up, and she hadn’t even told them about… whatever it was between them.  "I’m not sure,“ she replied, trying not to let any further hints by.  "I think he had something until after eight, so it depends on how tired he is.”

“If he stops by, see if you can pin down a game night,” her father asked.  "I dug out some of the old classic games we talked about last time, and I think he’d like them.“

Marinette nodded.  "I’ll ask him when I see him.”

“Great,” her father said.  "Gotta get to know the future son-in-law somehow.“

"What!?”  Marinette froze on the fourth step, turning to stare.  

“Honey,” her mother said, gently chastising.  "I told you she’s not ready to hear that yet.“  She patted his shoulder.

He smiled up at Marinette.  "Sorry Cupcake.  Just pretend I didn’t say that.”  He turned back to his wife, lowering his voice, but not quite enough.  "But we can talk about it, right?“

"You’d better believe it.”  Her mother winked and they wandered toward their room, each with one arm around the other.

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Are there any circumstances where it's okay to declaw a cat? One of the vets I work with says she only agrees to do them under extreme circumstances. For example, today she did a front declaw on a cat whose owner has a blood disorder where her blood doesn't clot, so whenever the cat scratches her she has to go to the hospital. The vet explained all this to me but I'm still not sure if I buy it...what do you think?

The only circumstance in which it is acceptable to declaw a cat is when it is out of medical necessity for the cat, and in these cases it generally is a few digits. This may happen in cases if severe injury, infection, or any other reason amputations of any sort become necessary.

I do not think the situation your vet described is an appropriate situation to declaw. That cat is at an increased risk of joint issues, chronic pain, and even becoming more aggressive. It doesn’t resolve the issue because the cat will become more quick to bite, since their first line of defense has been removed.

That person should not own a cat if it is unsafe for them to do so without mutilating the animal. Pets are not a right, they are not entitled to that animal. They should have rehomed the cat and gotten a pet more suited to their life and condition. Or, hell, maybe try some fucking claw caps?

the-fifth-key  asked:

My sister and I both live at home, and at the moment, both my parents are on a 4 month holiday so it's just us two. My sister got a cat last year (even though I'm very allergic to it and fleas) which has been alright cause it's mostly an outdoor cat. But last week, my sister decided on short notice to move in with her boyfriend and can't take the cat with her. She wants me to look after it even though I'm really allergic and generally don't like it anyway. What should I do?

I don’t think you should take it. It was shitty for her to get it in the first place while living with you, and it’s utterly unreasonable of her to decide to foist it off on you because her life decisions are making her unable to care for it. This cat’s welfare is not your obligation, and it’s not fair to you to put you in this position. 

Also, it’s worth noting that you’re likely not going to take great care of an animal you don’t want, don’t like, and have health issues related to. Even if you intend to and try really hard, resentment builds up and can affect the cat’s quality of life. That’s not fair to the cat. 

Help her rehome the cat if you’re worried about it’s future care - or if you’re worried she’ll just abandon it - but you definitely don’t have to take it yourself. 

anonymous asked:

Hi Dr. Ferox. I have a question in regard to the ethics of the procedures declawing/ear cropping. A veterinarian I worked with explained to me that she will declaw a cat because she fears that if she does not do it herself, the owner will find a way to have it done, and that way may not be through a licensed veterinarian. Do you think denying people such a "service" may lead to the animal being harmed by unlicensed people attempting to do it themselves? What can be done about this? Thank you.

I seriously hope there isn’t some layperson going around chopping off the last bone of a cat’s toes because a veterinarian declined to do it. If that is happening, both the owner seeking the procedure and the non-veterinarian should be heavily prosecuted for animal cruelty and performing acts of veterinary medicine without a license.

Originally posted by softly-satanic

Some vets will reluctantly agree to perform declawing of cats as a last resort because they feel that they understand just how much pain the cat will be in and use a higher quality analgesia protocol than another vet might. They feel that if it’s going to be done somewhere, it might as well be done by them with practiced surgical technique and the best quality pain relief available.

They may also believe that the cat will be rehomed, abandoned or euthanised due to not being declawed, and that therefore performing the procedure effectively saves the cat’s life. I think this belief is false, as the procedure is illegal here in Australia with no difference in the oversupply of cats. If someone is going to surrender their cat, they will do so. If they don’t have the surgical declawing option, which they perceive as an ‘easy’ solution, they are more likely to pursue a better compromise like soft paws or regular nail trimming.

Ear cropping is a little different in that it is a 100% cosmetic procedure with zero medical benefit for the dog. It’s only done for human aesthetics because somewhere along the line dog breeders decided that surgically altering a dog’s ears to the desired shape was easier than breeding them that way. It should be banned and universally condemned. If you want a breed with straight ears, then breed them to have straight ears. No breed should require surgery to ‘look right’.

Cat declawing, dog ear cropping and dog tail cropping are banned in Australia without a specific medical intervention, as it should be. Dog breeds that were traditionally docked and cropped have had no downturn in popularity, no increase in injury, and more and more breed clubs have banned surgically altered dogs from being shown. These are steps in the right direction.

If somebody attempts to dock tails or crop ears at home, they can be prosecuted for animal cruelty and I have had no hesitation in reporting them in the past. When I graduated the ban had only just come into effect, and many old school ‘breed enthusiasts’ were moaning about it. They complained that ‘young vets these days didn’t really understand dogs’ and similar such nonsense. They’ve had to get over it, and dogs get to keep their natural ears and tails as a result. Interestingly, Rottweilers in general seem much more confident with tails.

As veterinarians we are supposed to promote good animal welfare. That’s what started us on this path, right? Most (all?) professional veterinary associations condemn declawing, ear cropping and tail docking.

If we don’t decline to do unnecessary cosmetic surgery, then public opinion will never change, and the demand will never lessen. We owe it to the countless future dogs and cats yet to be born to speak out against these practices. This it why even if they were legal down here, I would personally refuse to do them.

(As a side note, desexing is entirely different. Desexing has a proven medical and social benefit, and is only soft tissue surgery compared to a partial amputation or cutting away cartilage. Far less pain, far more benefits.)


So today was a bad day. I’m stressing over having to rehome my cat Lilith, exams and 100 other things.

I put off a run all day and just beat myself up over it. So I just didn’t go. Instead I did a short dumbell workout and went for a walk.

Feeling a little better. Tomorrow is a new day.

My intake for today:
Cornflakes with honey, dried fruit and coconut.

Peanut butter and apple

Chicken noodle salad and vegetable crisps

Salmon fish cake with light mayo and vegetables.

A few wee chocolates and a cereal bar.

c o n t e n t || l o v e d

My cat, MaoMao is an older rescue cat who started out life as a very young, feral Mum to two kittens. When she was taken in she was deemed too feral to be homed with humans and so was placed into a barn, with an outdoor run to enjoy her days with other rounded up feral cats.

As many as five or six years later it was noticed that she couldn’t walk without severe pain and was diagnosed with advance stage pillow paw. She had surgery to fix her paws and during her isolation her handler realised two things: Her life in the feral-barn was not a good life for her (she didn’t get on with other cats and was extremely timid and undernourished). The second thing was that she actually did seem to like her human handler’s company (and belly rubs!), even if she was very afraid, flighty and slow to trust.

The next stage of her rehab she was homed with my friends who foster cats that may need some time getting used to humans or being taught how to love. { mandytsung & choplogik }. They looked after her for many months, and taught her what a loving home could be. She slowly progressed from hiding behind furniture and art canvases to learning to play and be petted and being social. All along she was the sweetest cat you could imagine. Still, she clearly had some issues, most of which seemed to revolve around her fear of humans.

Her paws healed, but pillow paw is a chronic auto-immune condition. Due to her health and the fact that she was so timid and afraid of new people, it didn’t look too likely that she would find a permanent home.

I met her while house sitting a couple of times and feeding her while my friends took trips for work. We clicked almost instantly, and we fast became tentative pals.

Cleverly, one time, my friends had me look after her for a week in my own home, while they went away. It was just one day into this week that it was clear she had Arrived to her forever home and she was never going to leave.

Now don’t get me wrong, that photo up there is not representative of the entire year we’ve lived together. It took a lot of hard work from us both to learn to trust and love each other.

We’ve come so far, and it has been the most rewarding and beautiful friendship I’ve had with an animal. She’s learned everything from hand gestures, to words and signs of affection. Each one I had to teach her with repetition, patience and respect for her wild tendencies.

She now talks and communicates with me in every way imaginable. She {mostly} listens to me and she definitely understands me. We have the utmost respect for each other. As a result, we are now so close that we can rub our heads into each other, we can spoon and we can sleep next to each other all night long. She comes when I call her and she’s learned to tell me in tender ways when something crosses a line. Earning the love, respect and trust of an animal that many would have passed over is truly something.

She is the smartest, sweetest cat I have ever known and I am so happy to love her and spoil her and provide her with her dream home.

She’s probably about 9 years old now. I hope we get to be pals for a long time.

Do let me keep you

(Or: In which Dan and Phil get a cat.)

Disclaimer: These fictional characters are based on real people. I do not claim to know them, nor do I cast aspersions on them.
Wordcount: 7662
Warnings: Animal injury/death (not the cat!), very mild body image issues, societal pressures against everything which isn’t the perfect romantic/heterosexual love story.
AN: Thank you very much to my beta adoringphil and artist moreorlester, and to silverluminosity for suggesting the title. This is likely my last fic for the phandom, so I figured it was probably time to write that kitten!fic I’ve been promising for two years, right? :P It’s been real, phandom. More details as to my departure here, but for now, click here to view Sam’s incredible art (also embedded below), and enjoy the story.


Quite how they talked each other into getting a cat, neither was entirely sure.

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Birmingham’s first cat cafe to open in the near future. 

Ally and her partner Damian, from Moseley, are currently on the prowl for a property in Birmingham to open a cat cafe. 

It will be a japanese-meets west style cafe where people can relax with a beverage and a slice of cake while friendly felines wander around. 

The duo are hoping to open Happy Cats Cafe after a crowdfunding campaign which will be launched ‘very soon’.  

Ally, said: “We are launching our crowdfunder campaign very soon, its not live yet. Looking for the right location, it will be a japanese-meets west cafe where people can relax with our rehomed cats, coffee and cake.” 

betterunderstanding  asked:

Hey, I've been worrying lately over getting a pet (cat, probably) sometime in the future. My living situation is currently unsuitable (roommate allergies) but I've been told by many people, my doctor and therapist included, that an emotional support animal would benefit me. But I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to take care of it properly if I had a major depressive episode. When left on my own, my mental illness kicks in and I forget things like eating, sleeping, hygiene; the idea of the (1)

emotional support animal is that having a companion would make me more aware of these things and my own mental state. I have shown signs of this working well with me (taking care of myself when coupled with caring for another person) but I still worry about the responsibilities of pet ownership. I figure a cat would be low maintenance enough for me, but still comforting. I’m also a bit squeamish about cleaning up after them - my tolerance for ‘ew’ is sadly nonexistent. Any advice?

Ah, I definitely feel you on this. I am also at a point in my life where health issues and spoons make me hesitate about adopting animals because what if I can’t provide the level of care needed during bad patches. 

If you think it’ll help to have an animal around to take care of, honestly, try it. Maybe start by fostering for shelters so that you’ get a ‘test run’ for pet care and aren’t making a permanent commitment. 

There’s definitely stuff you can do to minimize husbandry requirements for low spoon days, and to help with being squeamish. It’s not exactly cheap, but if the pet helps, it might be a good investment. You can get timed feeder - ideally they’re for when you’re on travel or working long hours, but if you were able to fill them every few days it would be good for when you think you’ll have trouble feeding the animal regularly. There are litterboxes that automatically scoop poop into a bag for you, although those can sometimes scare cats, and then you just pitch the bag. A cheaper option is a double-layer system where you lift the inner liner and all the clean litter falls through, leaving you with just the clumps that you can dump into a bag without touching. 

If you decide to get a cat, go talk to the shelter or wherever you get it from about why you’re looking for one and they’ll help match you to an animal that will be low-key and fit your needs. I think the other thing I would mention here is that if it doesn’t work out, there’s no shame in rehoming the cat after you give it a try. There’s a lot of stigma around adopting animals being ‘giving them forever homes, a phrase which I actually really hate because it doesn’t account for eviction or job loss or any of the other millions of reasons a well intentioned, loving owner might not be able to keep their pet. I obviously don’t advocate getting an animal just to throw it away carelessly later, or just on a whim and then dumping it, but your situation is different. If you get a cat and find after a few months that you really don’t think you’re able to provide it with a high enough quality of care, even with all the accommodations you can make ahead of time for low spoon days, it’s okay to accept that the cat would be better off somewhere else. 


Hello friends! These precious babies are Shinzi (left) and Bonzai (right). They need a new home. I wish I could take them but I can’t. They’re very sweet but shy, both neutered, (unfortunately declawed) and love laser pointers. They have to stay together (they cry when even in different rooms from each other). They’re precious and sweet and if you’re in Central Texas (Austin specifically) or anywhere near please consider them!!! I love them so much I don’t want to see them at a shelter and taken apart from each other. Please contact me if you’re really, really interested. I want them to be happy and safe.