cat rantings

my cat has been fucking playing me for weeks, playing me like a fucking harp. I feed my cat twice a day with prescribed diet food because she’s really fat and doesn’t know when she’s full so she never stops eating. usually when I come home from class she is all over me like the whore of babylon all over me putting on a pity party and trying to get me to sin and give her more food but no matter what I only feed her the amount of food for her prescribed diet. but after awhile i started noticing that she wasn’t losing weight at all and was actually just getting fatter. so I called the vet pissed and i’m just like the fuck she’s still getting fat. so I switched her to another diet food and that still didn’t work and I was so confused and frustrated like what is wrong with this cat? so a couple weeks go by and I start noticing that I go through bags of food really fast like a week fast and I remembered how I thought that was so weird like I God honest could not figure out why the food disappeared so fast (my former naive and innocent mind) well y'all ready here’s the fucking climax - the other day my class was canceled and I come downstairs at like noonish and do you know what I see when I get down? I see my fucking cat sitting in the food bin. with my own two eyes I see her sitting in the fucking food bin. my spoiled ass cat has been eating like a fucking queen and living it the fuck up while I’m in class and then pretends like she’s hungry when I get home. and you know what’s the real kicker? when she leaves the lid gets knocked shut which is why i never caught onto her scam. she’s fucking been working the system and playing the food game right under my fucking nose like i want to scream and now I have to call the vet in the morning and explain to him how I, a well educated adult in college, got one-upped in intelligence by my fucking cat

No your cat cannot be fed a vegan diet.

This is a biological fact not an opinion. Not an agenda or bias. It is pure scientific fact. You cannot feed your carnivorous pets a vegetarian or vegan diet.  Especially cats. Cats are obligate carnivores which means that they live on a solely meat based diet that is biologically essential for their survival. 

Not only does the meat contain enzymes, amino acids, nutrients and other essential minerals, cats can’t utilize plant-based proteins at all. Cats require high levels of amino acids like taurine and arginine that plants do not provide and require vitamin D (D3) that is only found in meat. So while eating a vegetarian / vegan based diet might “fill” their stomachs they cannot get any nutrients from it as they are unable to break down plant matter. 

This is because of a number of reasons. Firstly plant matter if hard to digest and herbivores require special biological systems to be able to live on a plant-only diet. Such as an enzyme called cellulose that that breaks down the cell wall of plant matter and bacteria that live in their gut, that herbivores cannot do themselves. Cats instead have an enzyme called amylase that can be used to break down small amounts of plant matter. But it is only produced in small amounts and therefore cannot handle high levels of plant matter. 

There is also the fact their digestive tracts are vastly different from that of herbivores. 

As you can see, carnivores have a rather short digestive tract. This because the nutrients and energy in meat is easier to absorb then an animal eating a herbivorous diet.  

Herbivores therefore have long digestive tracts in order to lengthen the time the plant matter is in their body and therefore have a chance to absorb more of the energy. In fact ruminant herbivores have a hour chamber stomach and ruminant (regurgitate) their food in order to better break down the plant matter and absorb more of the nutrients.

The dental structure of a carnivore such as a cat and a herbivore is also vastly different as they are adapted for their different diets. Cats have teeth (incisors and canine) that are used for tearing flesh and holding onto prey. They have only one set of molars as shown and three sets of pre-molars. These teeth are used for grinding / chewing. Compared to that of a herbivore, it’s hardly enough to break down and chew a plant based diet.

A herbivore’s dental structure (horse) contain of mostly molars rather then teeth used for tearing / holding onto prey. As shown below, a horse has many sets of large molars and a large mandible. That allows for long periods of chewing and grinding down on tough plant-matter / grains ect. 

Your cat cannot live on a meatless diet  Any good vet will tell you this and if they don’t they are either not properly qualified or pushing an agenda. If you are uncomfortable with feeding meat to a cat or dog or any other carnivorous pet. Then don’t get that pet. Get an animal that lives on grains or plant matter because you should not own a cat if you’d rather put your own agenda / “morals” over that of an animals life and well being. 

Please for the love of god

Do not declaw your cats. Today my friend who works at a local rescue received an application for a cat adoption. There’s a section for “Do you plan on declawing your new cat?” and the person checked the box for yes and wrote “We have expensive furniture.”

ok then don’t get a cat

sorry but if you’re going to mutilate your animal to avoid ruining your expensive furniture then a cat is not the animal you need

So many reasons not to do this

-it’s EXTREMELY painful. they don’t just remove the claw, they remove the TOE up to the first joint.

-if your cat escapes your home, they have absolutely ZERO way of defending or feeding themselves (not that your cat should be allowed outside for any reason but that’s a whole separate rant)

-your cat will be in pain while walking. because they removed that actual bone, your cat’s weight is now balanced on that second bone in their toe, not the first as was designed. Painful.

-Your cat may even lose the desire to be touched. literally we adopted this adolescent cat whose owners abandoned him because he was an escape artist. they had already declawed him and for the longest time he wouldn’t even let us get near his feet. like we couldn’t touch him if it wasn’t his head or the base of his tail.

do. not. declaw. your. cat.


-buy little nail caps. they sell them at pet stores and they come in all sorts of cute colors

-buy furniture guards. figure out where your cat is most aggressive with scratching. buy a furniture guard and place a cat tree or scratching post nearby and use some catnip or treats to attract their attention to it

-literally just trim the nails with nail clippers. be careful not to quick them. if your cat starts fussing, take a break and come back later to avoid accidents due to them moving around

don’t declaw your cat

Sometimes this fandom forgets Chloe put Marinette down and bullied her for like 3 years… like I get redemption but thats fucked??? And no one talks about it???? Like Marinette had such low self esteem before she got her powers, not standing up for herself… and that’s really sad.

Also, this is why I’m lowkey mad that the show tried to blame Marinette for being angry at Chloe or ignoring her advice… like this bitch has lied and bullied her???? Who wouldn’t????

Suddenly Chloe has become everyone’s fav cinnamon bun no matter what she did while a lot of fans blame Marinette for a bunch of things and criticize her unfairly???? At least from what I’ve seen in the fandom…

Yeah just putting my unpopular opinion out there…

Alright people, let’s get something straight:

Now, I’ve both made and reblogged posts of this nature before, but earlier today I was scrolling through the ‘Recent’ tab of my Billdip search, yknow, just checking out what’s new in one of my favorite ships, and I kept coming across anti-ship posts and people complaining about incest and pedophilia and all that shit.
*Inhales* Now there are just a FEW things I’d like to add to the ‘arguments’ these posts and bloggers were making:

  1. “It’s supporting pedophilia/incest!”
    Actually no, it isn’t. Unless the author of the said ‘fan-work’ themselves DIRECTLY STATED that pedophilia or incest was fun/good, it is highly unlikely that they support it. Depicting something in a creative medium does not mean in any way that you condone it; for example, just because I joke about killing myself after a bad fanfic or maiming one of the characters in said badfic DOES NOT mean that I would do it in real life, or encourage others to do it in real life. I’ve said this line in my previous post, but I’ll say it again: LIKING FICTIONAL CHARACTERS IN A FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIP HAS ABOUT AS MUCH IMPACT ON SOMEONE’S PERSONAL/POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS VIEWS AS SOMEONE ELSE COMPLAINING ABOUT IT DOES ON THE REAL WORLD.

  2. “It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, it can still be used to groom kids into thinking that pedophilia/incest is okay or erotic.”
    Believe it or not, I agree with this one. BUT, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s not OUR JOB to teach naive children what is right or wrong in the world. IT’S A PARENT OR GUARDIAN’S. If a child is young or impressionable enough to think that just because there are pictures and other such media depicting pedophilia/incest it means it’s okay, then they SHOULDN’T BE ON THE INTERNET. Or their parent/guardian should monitor their child’s activity more closely. Moreover, if a child IS naive enough to think such things, then it’s not fucking Fandoms and Tumblr and Fanfiction I’m worried about, I’d be more worried about them stumbling across an ACTUAL PEDOPHILIA OR INCEST FETISH SITE! What then, people? You gonna make accounts on those forums and bitch about morality there? Good luck.

  3. “Well, I dislike it and think it’s disgusting, and I have a right to post my opinion about it on someone else’s blog.”
    Yeah, yes, absolutely, you DO have a right to an opinion! Do you have a right to whine on someone’s blog other than yours, though? NO. Do you really think that you posting a comment in the tags about how disgusting someone or something is will really change anything? It won’t. Now it’s one thing if someone said ‘I don’t support this, I personally think it’s awful, but you’re your own person and are allowed to like whatever you want.’ But even then, I STILL don’t understand why you’d say that on someone’s post. You don’t know this person, that person doesn’t know you, you clearly just implied that you want nothing to do with them or their interests, why the hell can’t you just blacklist their blog and be on your merry way? Know why ladies and gents? Because people are insecure and they need to wave their ‘opinions’ everywhere and at everything until they get recognized. If it’s not constructive criticism and is just someone who’s ‘politely’ stating that they dislike a piece of media and nothing else, they’re not worth your time.

  4. “But it’s encouraging real life pedophilia/incest.”
    *sighs* Yknow, it sucks that I’m the one who has to come out and shatter the Tumblr illusion by saying this, but halting media depictions of something dark or taboo won’t stop horrible things from happening. People, real-life pedophiles are laughing and real-life survivors are scoffing at you for thinking that censoring or filtering TUMBLR media will change ANYTHING. That’s like saying if we cease mass production and marketing of weapons, then worldwide WAR will stop! It’s stupid to think like that. Sadly it doesn’t fucking matter what people do or don’t ship, or write, or draw about, there will always be bad people in the world, and I can assure you that attempting to police stupid fandoms will not change that fact. You want to help fix the world? Go DONATE or VOLUNTEER instead of spending your time whining about what someone is doing with their blog.

  5. “If you ship <Ship Name>, then ur disgusting.”
    That’s close enough to a direct quote I saw from a post, and honestly, I can’t find much merit from someone who can’t even spell ‘YOU’RE’ correctly. And neither should any other sensible person.

And that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Sorry for the long post, but Black Cat is known for her rants lol. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do with your time, and don’t tell anyone that they’re a bad person because they ship this or that.

Like seriously people, it’s just stupid pairings n’ shit.

Brightheart Isn't Beautiful

This is a potentially offensive post, and for that I apologize.

Brightheart isn’t beautiful.

Before you yell at me, hear me out. I have reasoning behind this, and so I’ll explain it with a short rant.

Brightheart isn’t beautiful. Major facial scarring, one open eye socket and one ear shredded to the point where it is barely there.. That isn’t beauty.
We can draw Brightheart with minimal wounds, and with as many flowers as we like, but beautifying the physical aftereffects of her trauma isn’t right.

Say she’s beautiful all you want. But I can almost guarantee that if you saw a feral cat with her kind of injury on the streets, your first instinct would not be to gush: “oh, you’re so beautiful!!” No. You would probably consider the cat ugly. But you’d take the cat home maybe, because you pity them. Then you’d take care of them and suddenly their looks wouldn’t matter. All you’d see would be their funny little mannerisms and quirks. You’d care about the way they feel so warm when you’re cuddling them. You’d care about the way they purr so loudly whenever you scratch them in that one spot. You’d care about the way they wake you up at three in the morning because they’re hungry, and their tendency to snore as loudly as a truck.

Because you’d find that beauty doesn’t matter. 

We don’t need to say she’s beautiful to define her worth. Brightheart is ugly. And that shouldn’t matter. Her looks shouldn’t matter. She is worth far more than what she looks like. Why bother saying she’s beautiful when you could say she’s incredibly mentally strong? Why bother saying she’s beautiful when you could say she’s the kindest damned cat in the whole series. Why bother saying she’s beautiful when you could say she’s deserving of the world? That she has the biggest heart? That she’s resilient? That she has more endurance than than any other warrior? Since when does Brightheart’s trauma have to be validated by beauty?

Some things are not beautiful.
And that’s okay.
You’re allowed to not be conventionally beautiful, or attractive.
Because those things don’t matter. “It’s the inside that counts.” It’s cliche, but it’s really fucking true.

That’s what the body positivity movement should’ve been like. Not “everything is beautiful.” But “beauty doesn’t matter and you’re perfect in your skin.”

Brightheart isn’t beautiful. She is ugly. But her appearance doesn’t define who she is, and we should not put so much emphasis on it. Because diminishing all that she is to what her face looks like is stupid.

While people have good intentions with this, I think it needs to stop, and I think that we should spend more time focusing on the elements of her characters, the qualities that make Brightheart herself.

Once again, this is controversial and can be perceived as offensive. I apologize to anyone hurt by this, it isn’t my intention.

Two Sides to Every INTJ:

INTJ: why are humans such idiots? All these idiots, running into walls and screaming and gossiping behind each other’s backs. Teenagers suck. Why are we all so horrible. This is why everyone hates me, I am evil.


Santa: i’ll give you anything you want this christmas

me: well okay then. gimme a hoverboard. like, an actual, futuristic hoverboard

Santa: boi make it realistic

me: fine

me: gimme a Sonic game that portrays Sonic and Amy’s relationship in a way that’s not just some cheap, uncharacteristic ‘comedy’ gag and actually develops their relationship without having to sacrifice their personalities. why does Amy always have to be the fangirl, when she’s perfectly capable of holding a normal conversation with Sonic? can’t they just be FRIENDS for once?

Santa: uh…

me: gimme a Sonic game that gives the rest of the Sonic cast the character development they deserve. what the hell happened to Cream? where’s Blaze? what’s the point of having such a colorful cast of diverse characters when they’re all just nearly blank stereotypes? flesh them out!

Santa: bro-

me: and lastly…

me: gimme a Sonic fanbase that’s just thankful that they got two Sonic games in one year, even if both games disappointed them.


Santa: so, uh, what kind of hoverboard do you want? what color? hell, do you want a DRAGON? i heard those are cooler

Y'know, it’s awfully convieniant that they got rid of Cat Grant before Mon-El showed up and then brought her back as he was leaving and they never met.
I doubt Lena would say anything because let’s face it, we all know all she’d want is for Kara (Her only friend) to be happy, even if it meant tolerating Mon-El’s abusive ass.

Emotional abuse is just as bad as actual abuse and just because he never hit Kara, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t. Also, fuck Mon-El, he took a perfectly good TV show with a feminist message and RUINED it.

The day Cat Grant says something nice about Mon-El and Kara’s relationship is the day I know the show has passed the point of no return and not even Lena “Queen of the gays” Luthor can bring me back.
Fingers crossed he was just a stepping stone for Kara to realise what she doesn’t want in a relationship.

Ladybug Season 2 RANT


Phew! This is so great!

As season 01 focused on characterization and world building so the viewer gets a first understanding of all the students, the parents, the places, the problems and the magic I can’t shake off the feeling that season 02 has a much faster pace and is adding depth with every minute.

Season 01 often focussed on Marinette’s classmates and their problems, as if we watched Ladybug probing her power and gaining experience. Important information as the difficult relationship between the Agreste was repeated over and over.

Season 02 is like … the staff around Zag Toon has read up all the fanfictions of MLB and started to answer the unsolved questions.

What we did learn so far up to Episode 05:

  • Hawkmoth is more badass than we thought and more skillful in dealing with Nooroo’s powers. He’s a manipulating asshole with a master plan and Natalie knows. She does not even bat an eye on the secret supervillain passage. (How does she cope with all that? Or is she manipulated as well?)
  • Gabriel is conceited since he plastered his butterfly logo over all of his works and interior designs but never feared that someone would draw the conclusion.
  • Gabriel does care somehow for his son beside putting him in a golden cage. He interrupted Riposte before she could strike Adrien who lay on the street defenseless. Plus he remembered her to focus on snatching the Miraculous. It’s a small interference but normally it takes a few seconds for this butterfly pep talks. He gave Adrien a chance to adjust and escape.
  • Transformations are instantaneous. Transformation sequences are fan service. :D
  • Injuries that happen before transformation are not healed thanks to the kwami‘s magic.
  • Marinette can use the skills and reflexes she attained as Ladybug. Plus her civilian self has to have a nick for fighting since she learned to fence really quick. So I suppose Adrien can fight with a staff, too. It’s not bound to their transformations. 
  • Chat can actually purr. Meow! ^.~ (My fangirl heart kinda exploded there.)
  • Marinette is 14, so Adrien is a tad older than her. Probably everyone is around 13-15 years old which explains ALOT. Like everything. Especially the way everyone is so shy about their crush.
  • Adrien has a type. He definitely likes Asian girls with blue hair. :D And he definitely likes the color red. (Change your style, Marinette. xD )
  • Everyone is starting to mature. Usually, cartoons focus on the main characters and that’s it. But with the second season Marinette’s class is slowly getting more mature. Chloé trying to fulfill Adrien’s request. Marinette dealing better with jealousy and actually talking with Adrien. Alya being on television in a live talk show. The class defending Marinette although all they normally did was run or hide.
  • Once upon a time Chloé has been a nice girl but something went terribly wrong. 
  • Kagami Tsurugi has a full name so she’s going to be important. Especially since it’s a mix of the Japanese word ‚mirror‘ and the name of a double-edged sword.
  • And lastly (for now) : Evidence is piling up that Adrien has already found out Ladybug’s identity (or is really certain about it). He is teasing her so much lately, especially as himself. It’s like he wants to say ‘When will you notice, bugaboo?’. Like he’s letting out a bit of Chat Noir to lure out his lady.
  • emma: *glares* i hate you, you annoying excuse of cat
  • church: why? what did i ever do to you?
  • emma: i-
  • church: how do you think jem would feel, since he was the one who sent me to you?
  • emma: h-
  • church: i'll have you know that i used to be experimented on
  • church: tortured and almost /sacrified/
  • church: so stop complaining. i don't need your negativity in my life.
  • emma: *genuinely stricken* i'm so sorry church, i meant it as -
  • church: no need to apologize, i hate you too.
Serious talk...

.I don’t care if you are a Dog Person;

A Horse Person

A Cow person

A Fish Person

Or a fucking SHITTY PERSON who cares about NOTHING



I found these 8 little angels at my University (College) walking in the middle of the CARS at the parking lot!

My University has plenty of cats and even dogs who got there looking for shelter. Where students, for free will, give them food and water 

I got EVERY SINGLE ONE of them and put them at some safe place. I dont know where their mother is, i don’t even know if they will survive till tomorrow!!!

I KNOW if I can not do much, neither do you guys can.. But.. Take a MOMENT of your day just to look at these faces.

EVEN if you are not a “”CAT-PERSON”” Please. Just… please…Stop and look at them, look into their eyes and tell me WHY AND WHAT MAKES THEM ANY LESS SPECIAL. 




i myself am what people would call “A dog-person”. But i have a CAT i rescued! She is my best friend now! Even tho I have a dog!


You are a pet owner.

I have lately been getting a lot of questions. While I don’t mind answering questions from new owners or other questions about health/setup/etc., I have been receiving a lot of messages which have rubbed me in all the wrong ways.

Pet ownership means RESPONSIBILITY.

Owning a fish, bird, dog, or any other animal, means you are a pet owner. When you become a pet owner you are taking on the RESPONSIBILITY of their care.

You are to provide for it, to house it, and to look after its well being. This is a job you have taken on VOLUNTARILY. That fish did not ask for you to put it in a .5 gallon vase and choke on its own waste. You decided you wanted a fish and put it in that vase. In doing so, you stated in NO UNCLEAR TERMS, that this animal’s life, health, happiness, suffering, and death are entirely your own.

You. Are. Responsible.

Part of responsibility is putting your wants below your pet’s needs. Choosing to do something that will make an animal suffer when it is completely unnecessary is animal cruelty or neglect. That’s not okay. It will never be okay. I’m not here to be some pardon for your behavior.

So Act Like a Pet Owner or Don’t be a Pet Owner

If you can’t put your animal’s needs before your wants, do not own that animal. You can and will make mistakes. But that’s what they are. Unintentional mistakes. Correcting them is part of being responsible. If you can’t afford to correct those mistakes or for it’s health, well-being, or needs, then please re-home the animal.


Okay a shadowhunters spin off called “Warlocks” featuring Cat, Dot, Magnus and Ragnor as the mains (obviously)

• every episode starts with the four of them sitting in Magnus’ loft, drinking and staring dramatically into the camera

• basically they take a incident that happened with one of them and drag that person
“Magnus, whatever you think you cannot adopt everyone of the new downworlders"
“You call Raphael baby, like who looks at that salty vampire and goes that is my baby boy”
“Rich coming from Ragnor, didnt you run away and hide in a cottage cause you were tired of dealing with shit”
“Didnt you gatecrash a shadowhunter wedding cause you were tired of not dealing with shit™”
“Dot you literally lived with Jocelyn and Clary, you dont have any right to call me out”

• first episode is them dragging Jace and Clary for their stupid ass choices throughout the shadowhunters series and for not thinking before they do anything
“Like in what universe is going after valentine alone a good idea?”
“Let us just go to an alternate dimension without telling anyone”
“My mom is dead. Why dont I go to a warlock known for illegal magic to bring her back”
“What a goddamn splendid idea”

Memories so many of them
“Do you remember when Magnus decided it would be a good idea to twerk on wannabe”
“Cat, remember when you decided that you had enough and absolutely destroyed that racist bastard by being the perfectly catty babe you are?”
“Dot throwback to the time when you broke up with that bitch of a girlfriend you had and like threw her out in the middle of the night i c o n i c”
“Ragnor that time when that woman thought there was something stuck in your throat and that is why you were turning green”

• M a d z i e Like she visits quite regularly and she would run on screen out of no where, screaming and shouting in glee, wave at Dot and Ragnor, wink at Cat and high five Magnus and then just go away again.

• special episode in which Alec finds out. Like he enters the loft expecting to find Magnus alone as expected and he finds the four of them sitting on the couch, sipping ridiculous drinks and goes ????

• “you are doing what?”
“Are all warlocks this extra?”
“Or are you guys a little special?”
“Why wasn’t I invited. Magnus we are having words”
“That is unfair”

• guest starring Tessa Gray. she tells the viewers her story and the others just sit there eating ice cream and randomly bursting into tears
“J e m. He was so beautiful”
“The world is unfair, gosh is it unfair”
“Fuck it. I dont care. I am going to meet jem and give him a hug.”
“Will was so damn hot”

Honestly, when we say we want to end street harassment grown men act like we are saying they can never find a woman attractive in public. As if there isn’t a HUGE difference between thinking to yourself “wow that person is so pretty!!!!!” or scaring and dehumanizing them by yelling, threatening, leering and otherwise behaving as if they’re not even a person but a product for your consumption.


I understand that emergencies come up and the pet may need an unexpected surgery. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m saying that if you get an animal you should be able to afford a basic checkup or vet visit for the pet. If you cannot provide that for your pet, you do not need the pet.

I have a friend who “loves” animals and she’s wanted a dog since she moved out on her own. She didn’t have the money for a dog so she was going to get a small pet instead. So she was going to get a bunny. I tried to talk her out of it because I knew she’d get bored of it and I knew she couldn’t afford the basic vet care for it. She wouldn’t get the cage that was the right size because it was “too expensive” and she didn’t “have enough room for a cage that big”. I told her if she doesn’t have the room or the money for a cage that big then she shouldn’t get the bunny. But she got it anyway.

The bunny ended up getting much bigger than she expected, the cage was not big enough like I told her it wouldn’t be. But she was like “oh well it’s fine”. She didn’t feed it right. She didn’t clean the cage right. She’d wait until it was so gross and moldy and disgusting to clean it.

Now, 4 months later she’s decided that she’s getting a dog. She can afford the dog and the supplies for the dog but she cannot afford basic vet care. But she’s still getting the dog anyway. But now she’s getting rid of the bunny because she can’t have both the bunny and the dog. She’s not even selling the bunny, she’s just giving it away.

If you cannot afford to take an animal to the vet for regular checkups, you do not need to get the pet.

If you are going to get bored of the pet in a few months and get rid of it, you do not need to get the pet.

If you cannot take the time out of your day to PROPERLY clean the cage or living area of the animal, you do not need to get the pet.

Do not get a pet unless you are prepared for regular checkups, the supplies, the time it takes to clean their area, and the attention they require.

A pet is a commitment. If you’re not going to want that pet a few months after you get it then you shouldn’t get it.