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hey so i finally made a parasona!!! his name is maxim and he’s a medium to that asshole galaxy cat u see there, and basically he can do cat things and stuff??? like see in the dark n climb shit stuff like that

his (currently unnamed) spirit uses they/them btw

I submitted a student a while back, the one with gold in her eyes whose family joked that she wasn't human. She's back! (I am sorry for taking liberties, it's just that I love this whole thing.)

They watch her in horror.

She does not wear iron (Her mother’s stories and beliefs were right, it seems. Iron hurts her in a way she does not want to explain.) and the rules her sister taught her all seem to cause her more trouble than it’s worth. Salt damages her hands, makes her bleed and sore, and so she goes without.

She does not carry the protections that the others do and seeing someone so easily disregard the safety measures makes them nervous. She walks in places they are terrified of, alone and unharmed, and no one wants to question why. The gold in her eyes flashes in the darkness and she carries a book in her arms. Pages and pages of drawings, of things seen in her dreams and a world she knows more intimately than her own.

(Her mother still writes her letters, but they treat her as if she never held any power over her.)

(It would seem that the jokes were truths and never something to be laughed at.)

Her golden rings, worn in her eyes, expand until the blue is all but gone. The effect is striking and some believe her to have been replaced but she is the same as she ever was. There was no replacement for her, no sweet words luring her off into Their world.

Her world.

She is stuck between the two and being as odd as she is does her no favors. Too much humanity in her spirit to be right as a Them, too much Other to belong to humans. Trapped in between, this is where she belongs.

(One day, far into the future, she will be faculty and no one will ever tear her from Elsewhere. This is her home now, and she will remain.)

One girl watches her, eyes pinned on her hands as she draws, and she sighs. An audience is not what she wanted. Everyone chooses how to react to her, of course, but she wishes that some would choose to ignore, like everyone else.

The girl approaches her and she looks up, meeting eyes similar to her own, cat pupils and orange. “You have a wonderful talent,” the girl says softly. She recognizes her now, realizes that she looks like someone who isn’t there anymore.

One of Them, one who wanted to be in the world for a while.

“You praise my talents,” she says quietly. Never say Thank You, the rules echo in her head. She wonders if the rules apply to someone who has always belonged.

Both of them grin, two sets of teeth too sharp for humans.

They are never seen apart again.

(Stories will be told of them, to be sure, but they will always be phrased as, ‘Did you meet the professor’s wife yet?’)


Souji’s Petty™ Moment #7: Morning Greetings

Remember when he woke up Chizuru for morning meal preparations?

Souji: Hey… I guess you’re conscious now, more or less. Could you hurry this along? You don’t understand what you got yourself into, do you? You’re getting free room and board you know, so can’t you at least wake up on time?

Chizuru: Uh… You’re Okita, right?

Souji: You should know this by now. Yeah, I’m Souji Okita. Did you fall on your head last night?

*Chizuru is finally completely awake*

Souji: You’ve got cooking duty today. If you don’t get up and get moving, we won’t make it to breakfast today. If that happens… Well, I’m a forgiving soul, but some more… narrow-minded… people will be furious.

“I’m a forgiving soul” is the best part hands down xD

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Hi! Love your blog so much! Can I request headcanons for Todoroki, Bakugou and Kirishima for their s/o that has a quirk that can give them cat ears, a tail, cat paws and they have increased senses and reflexes. (Or the same thing but with a bunny?) I just love animals...

Hey my Love! Thank you so much .////. 💕💫

I’ll go with the cat one, this is so cute 😍

Todoroki Shouto

  • The first time he saw your quirk in action, he was actually a little startled. Are those really ears, a tail and paws? He low key wants to touch them, but he tries to keep himself restraint. After all, those are super sensitive areas, right?
  • He is so in awe watching you just walking, the way your tail swings so elegantly is hypnotic
  • Todoroki is even more amazed when he sees you fighting, the interaction between your elegance and skilled moves keeping him staring at you
  • After a while, he finds out that it kind of turns him on a little and he is super confused? Is this a petplay kink? Wait. You’re not playing. He still hasn’t touched you either
  • He is actually still too shy, to ask if he could touch you in your cat-form, but once you offer him to stroke your ears he can barely stop
  • Purr for him and he will melt for you

Bakugou Katsuki

  • He is not overexcited at all, it’s a fucking quirk, why should he? I mean look at Ojiro, he has that big badass tail, where’s the difference
  • Acknowledges your enhanced senses and reflexes though. You are very capable and that is really appealing to him, more than some cat ears. Your slit pupils however, they’re super damn hot. Even he can’t deny that he goes a little nuts every time you flash him a hazy look through half lidded eyes. Oh, if you purr into his ears, he will immediately drag you into the bedroom
  • If you want to annoy Bakugou, wiggle your tail under his nose or tickle his face slightly. (You guys know that sound boys make when their girlfriend’s hair brushes over their face and they’re all overdramatic coughing and that stuff? Yup, this is Bakugou)

Kirishima Eijirou

  • Little sunshine is all crazy! “Can I touch ya ears? How does it feel to have that tail? Ohhhhh~ it’s hella soft Babe”
  • He actually won’t wait for permission, he’s all over you in an instant. Boy wants to feel everything! If you don’t want him to touch you in certain places, you need to tell him
  • Is that kind of boyfriend who asks if he should buy you cat food? Do you need to go to a vet or a normal doctor? “Ahem, Babe? It’s a quirk, I’m not an actual animal” “Oh, sorry” *smirks*
  • Kirishima loves to cuddle with you, especially if you make yourself comfortable in his lap. He thinks it’s super cute when you start purring, while he strokes your ears
  • Your enhanced skills are super manly and super awesome! You’re beautiful, cute and strong!
  • He will eventually ask you to activate your quirk while rolling around in the sheets, but he doesn’t mind if you don’t want to

I recently caught up with chapter 3 of Beyblade Rising and it got me thinking of how different my cat son behaves in the manga and the anime, and since I have nothing better to do I’m going to compare the two. So here it goes, the  long af manga Rei vs. anime Rei comparison nobody asked for…

Alright so let me begin by saying that Rei’s personality is the same in both, the anime and the manga but the difference comes from the anime focusing on a limited set of traits instead of his entire catness, and it does it more as the seasons go by, relying on the same scheme of good and bad traits and even limiting it more and more as the episodes go by, which is sad because Rei is a very balanced character, he is the right amount of everything without being bland or boring and he does have his very own set of flaws that are also quite different from other character’s.

One of the things that are very obviously different between both versions of Rei is that his flirty side shows up a lot more in the anime than it does in the manga, he does have a cocky side that likes to show off and taunt opponents, however it’s not as visible in the manga. And don’t get me wrong, i enjoy him going ;3c at people but still, it’s only a very small part of his personality.

Rei is actually a lot more serious in the manga than he is in the anime, although in neither version he is afraid of being silly or playing around with Takao and Max his manga self rarely says something unnecessary, or acts without thinking and his generous nature is more concealed. In the anime his generous nature is more obvious, at least once every season he’s lost or considered losing a battle for the sake of someone else, and usually places the needs of others before his own. His manga self is also like this but not as often as the anime would make it seem, as I’ve mentioned Rei tends to overthink his decisions and he’s sometimes torn between what he knows is right and what people expect him to do. Rei’s mindset is pretty inflexible if you really think about it, he has a set of rules and codes of conduct, some things are right and some things are wrong and the sole thought of bending his self imposed rules gives him anxiety. It’s very hard to convince him to change his mind, so far,  canonically Kai has been the only one who has made him redefine what ‘the right thing’ was when he was behaving like a stubborn old man.

Manga Rei’s behavior is similar to Kai’s however their aloofness comes from very different places, Kai’s silent and calculating behavior doesn’t necessarily come from maturity, he’s mostly indifferent and he does feel superior to others hence why he doesn’t find there’s anything to be gained by sharing with others, between that and his crippling fear of abandonment, also Kai is more prone to give in to provocation and his actions are out of pride or out of anger. Rei on the other hand thinks about things a lot, and carefully considers what to do and what to say, so his silence doesn’t really represent anything other than he really doesn’t feel like saying something is necessary, if he needs to say something he will, if it’s not needed he won’t, he is very simple-minded, very practical and will avoid complications to the best of his ability.

Something else I found to be missing from the anime is that they don’t actually focus on how much of a cat Rei can be, his whole design is supposed to make him look feral, not even entirely human, and yet it took two seasons for them to actually add the pointed ears. Rei is very agile, he has sharp cat-like pupils and he’s several times faster than the regular person however even these set of traits get sort of washed off as the seasons progress, in season one he was jumping onto the roof of buses and on season 3 he has trouble reaching a bunch of satsumas in a bush.

Personality wise manga Rei is also more cat-like, he eats a lot, sleeps a lot and has a tendency to perch on narrow surfaces several feet off the ground, in the anime is Kai who monopolized napping and high places for some reason. Manga Rei rarely does anything he’s not interested in (he’s lazy af) and he sort of just lies around and naps when there’s nothing beyblade related going on, idk about other people but I find it to be quite fun, besides probably sensing earthquakes and seeing ghosts in your kitchen another more instinct-based trait manga Rei has is that he’s very intuitive, he knows when something is troubling others even quiet loners like Kai, and I’m glad they kept that side of him in the anime.

I’m leaving it here, maybe I’ll compare other characters manga and anime versions later idk, I’m open for suggestions. Thanks for reading y’all.

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re: Oro, mpreg and spite: yeah, that's about how I see it - forty-nine percent spite, forty-nine percent curiosity, two percent 'Do I really want to get pregnant?' (or other form of doubt/misgiving in other situations). That two percent exists for about twenty seconds before curiosity overwhelms it. He takes meticulous photos from conception to birth and beyond because it's Science. Jiraiya and Tsunade very quickly learn to watch their mouths about impossibilities in case Oro sees it as a 1/2

challenge. Doesn’t work because if Orochimaru wasn’t a snake he’d be a *cat* (gold eyes, vertical pupils, obsessive about looking pretty, doesn’t like water, adores the warmth, inhuman morals and plays with its food) and everything makes him curious. They try to interest him in safer/less dangerous things, but he goes in the opposite direction. ‘Practical jutsus for droughts? Did that in a day. Now I’m making a Portable Desert jutsu so I’m never cold.’ *turns Konoha into a desert* 'Oops.’

Oh god, yes to all of this. Oro is the mad scientist who is mad mainly because he’s never met a human limit he didn’t smirk at as he broke it.