cat punishment

anonymous asked:

is starclan punishing forbidden lovers' kits a canon thing?? i hunted through the wikipedias but i couldn't find any mention of it, but i was curious ^^;

NO lol there was just an anon who was talking about how it was a recurring theme in warriors that the mother/kits suffer but the father is usually fine

like yellowfang has her 2 kits stillborn and then gives rise to brokenstar & his legacy and then has to kill brokenstar herself

mapleshade’s 3 kits all drowned and she was cast out completely even though her mate continued on with his life and no consequences happened to him

bluestar had to give up her kits and mosskit froze to death and she had to watch them grow up in another clan

silverstream died for no reason whatsoever 

leafpool’s kits hated her and she lost her medicine cat status 

like it’s a recurring theme that starclan (or the erins cough) seems to punish she-cats for having kits outside their clan, even though they don’t punish the fathers at all

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