cat punch bowl

High School Never Ends

A collaboration for @supercatweek

Summary: Cat attends her high school reunion at Kara’s urging and Kara goes along to work at the hotel while Cat meets up with old classmates. But when Kara makes a surprise appearance at the party, a jealous ex saunters over to make things interesting between Cat and Kara.

Cat Grant was three martinis deep at her own high school reunion and she was miserable. This was a perfect, shining example of exactly why she avoided social entanglements like this one.

Maybe entanglement was a strong word; it wasn’t quite there yet. On a scale from awkward moment to full-blown scandal, this was hovering near “quiet debacle.”

Her thoughts wandered to her assistant, as they so often did; Kara, the perky little pain in her ass who just last month she’d referred to as “her guardian angel.” Now, standing here in a musty old hotel ballroom surrounded by ingrates, car salesmen and local carpet store managers, she was more inclined to think of the girl as one of Satan’s minions. She was pretty and distracting and always quietly pushing Cat to be nicer, to embrace life, to go to high school reunions just to “revisit the wonderful memories of the past.” That’s how she’d ended up in a shitty Metropolis-suburb hotel on an otherwise perfectly good Saturday night.

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