cat protection


In some locations, the temperature is starting to drop (I actually had to scrape frost off my window the past 3 days I had work.) And cats  will sometimes crawl under and into cars and car engines for warmth.

So just knock on your hood, honk the horn if you have one, make a bit of noise to warn any cats that may have thought they found a warm bed and give them a chance to vacate before you turn on your car.

  • Ciel(Dread Lord):*is sitting on a couch*
  • Add(Psychic Tracer):Meow!
  • Ciel:What was that?? A cat??
  • Add:Meow! *goes to Ciel's lap* Meow...
  • Ciel:A-Add?!! W-what are you...
  • Add:prrrrrrrrrrrr...
  • Chung(Fury Guardian):Oh no, seems that I hit him too hard...
  • Ciel:Can someone please explain what is going on here??
  • Chung:I... Accidentally swung my canon on Add, and I think I hit his head... He now has amnesia and thinks that he's a cat.
  • Add:Meow. *paws Ciel*
  • Chung:*drops canon* Should I??
  • Chung:But if I don't he'll stay like that forever!
  • Add:Mew.

So I emailed a cat protection place near me to see if they had any volunteering opportunities and I received an email back asking to fill out a form and one of the options is to be a ‘cat cuddler’. 

This was the description:
“Cat Cuddler- variable hours available 1.30am-3.30pm. Socialising grooming and playing with the cats in our care”“

How perfect does that sound?
Going to visit and play with cats; it must be a dream.

Robyn entered my raffle to raise money for Cats Protection, she won this kitty tattoo. Thank you 🐱

Because even though His Imperial Majesty Anders is the greatest ever, I obviously also needed a queen-schadenfreude shirt that would be okay to wear to work. And this one is also super amazing. Thank the Maker for these designs, basically. ✿◕‿◕✿

Armed Citizen

Little sister to the rescue.

Tom White had seen an underweight cougar twice the day before; he had to chase the cougar away from the family’s calves.

Then, when his 14-year-old son was outside feeding their dogs the next day, the cougar showed up again and appeared to be stalking the boy.

The cougar followed the boy to the basement door of the home, where he hurriedly took refuge inside as White’s 11-year-old daughter shot and killed the cat to protect her brother.

This was one of several cougars that had been killed in the area this winter for attacking domestic animals.

(The Wenatchee World, Twisp, WA, 2/25/14)


So I’ve got a bit of a problem and was wondering if anyone could help me out. We’ve had trouble with some of the children in the street before, and one in particular has been very bad. Basically shouting and screaming in the garden (I live in a flat so its a shared garden), breaking things on our veranda, and generally being noisy and destructive. It’s his mothers fault, she sits out there and does nothing as he runs wild. And in the summer she can be just as bad, sitting in the garden in the afternoon drinking, making a mess, and being very disruptive. Normally I could deal with all of this, but we have recently gotten a new rescue cat. He’s just stared going outside, but he is very nervous and easily spooked, and still quit young (we think around 18 months, but can’t be sure).

Today I was planting some seeds in the veranda when I caught this boy shouting and screaming at my cat, and telling him to jump from the veranda. When he saw me there he decided to shout at me too. With my other cat it wouldn’t be so bad, he’s lived here all his life and just ignores the noisy children. But I’m worried my new cat is going to be too freaked out to go outside at all if this boy does this again, maybe next time when my front door isn’t open for him to run inside or I’m not there for him to feel safe with.

What do you think I should do about this? Talking to the mother isn’t an option, people have tried in the past to get her to control her child but she just doesn’t care. Should I do a cat protection spell? Or maybe a house protection? If this keeps up I may have to go as far as to do a banishing on this destructive family. Any advice would be much appreciated?

Cat adoption centre work

YES YES YES! Got an email asking me to come in for a training day at the Cat Sanctuary near me. So frickin’ excited to be able to go there every week, don’t even care that i have to get up early, can’t wait!