cat print tights

Namjoon Scenario: Halfway.

The Costume Party Series

Genre: Romance

- Why it doesn’t surprise me the fact that he’s lost…- You murmured bored. A friend had invited you to a costume party, saying it was going to be the bomb and that you had to go. So there you were, but your friend was nowhere to be seen, her cellphone was off and you didn’t know anybody else. 

On top of that, you had invited your boyfriend as well, but he was super late. You had an hour waiting for him already and when his text came for you to look after him, you did so but only to scold him.

The party was being held in an old theater, the idea itself was pretty awesome, but honestly you just wanted to find Namjoon. He said he was lost with all the hallways and paths to take. You walked calmly to the place he said he was, passing a hand through your hair with enough care for your little ears to not fall. You were dressed as a wild cat, a tight leopard print dress embraced your body with matching ears and tail, black thigh highs and a well planned makeup for the occasion, deep plum lipstick with some intricate black eyeliner going on.

Namjoon told you he was lost on the east wing, and you thought to yourself how on earth he would have ended up there if that part was near the basement and the party was being held at the center, illuminated by tons of light, with music that could leave someone deaf, where the stage was…. a sigh left your lips, ok it could be obvious, but even though Namjoon was one of the smartest people you knew, he could also be very distracted. So you thought that maybe he got lost while looking at something on his phone, or thinking God knows what. You told yourself to calm down when you were near him.

You had to adjust your eyes to the dim light, when you walked past the poster that said “East wing” the whole hallway had an abandoned appearance. You walked in the gloom, your right hand gripping tightly your cellphone while looking to both sides even though Namjoon was nowhere to be seen.

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Warnings at Waverly Academy [x]

The other day, we had a beautiful snow fall, which reminded me of the changing weather in WAC. Plus, I saw a cute squirrel in the snowy trees, which (of course) reminded me of Casper. To create a look inspired by this beautiful game, utilize clothing in Waverly’s colors (burgundy, black, and cream). A plaid skirt goes well with a button down blouse, a cat-print cardigan, burgundy tights, a piano clutch, and oxford heels. Keyhole earrings, a cat necklace, a key necklace, a cat-ear headband, a cat ring, a raven ring, and gold and cream bracelets complete the classic schoolgirl look.