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Hi pj Who are your parents????

PJ: “Well… seems like the mun here is trying to do homework stuff so I’ll answer this stupid question quick…

“Technically - I don’t have parents… just the misfortune of being created by Dumb and Dumber’s ink and strings.”

((Dumb = Ink, Dumber = Error))

“Gold Experience Requiem is such an asspull”

1) Nah, it’s pretty well established that whoever gets the arrow wins the battle in the end, and Giorno got the arrow.

2) Requiem stands aren’t too much of an asspull considering Bites The Dust established that stands do get new, amazing and unforeseen powers and abilities when a user is pierced by the arrow. Even if Requiem Stands are different in appearance and function to an Awakened Stand like Killer Queen: Bites the Dust 

3) GER’s powers is really easy to explain too, it’s a weaponised No Sell that causes anything that hit it to be stuck in a death loop, which juxtaposes base GE’s main ability at creating life from inanimate objects. Life and Death in equal measures.

I don’t know, GER feels like a more thought out, better explained and well paced battle and stand than “Oh, I have the same type of stand as the antagonist and because of that i can suddenly stop time for two seconds like he can lol”



Let’s follow the daily life of Izaya and Flea as they “flea-ing” the day.

I recommend you guys reading the Catnip fanfic first before reading this oneshort.

For @rukazaya-senpai ❤


This is part 1 of 3. Part 2 (afternoon) is planed to be released in July.

Let’s… not do the whole grave dancing “told you so”’s re: the situation with memeufacturing. Their victims are probably going for their tags looking for solidarity and help not self indulgent “I always got bad vibes from them because [shitty discourse they made a year ago]” (even though judging people on how morally “pure” their discourse is is exactly how you get to a position like this - despite the very real discussion to be had about how people manipulate and weaponise discourse for their own benefits)

And please stop joking about it.

I though we learned about this post-leftbians debacle