cat photos


Yet another quality that makes cats so awesome is how completely unselfconscious they are. Cats are so confident in their own individual amazingness that they’ll pose for selfies even in the most unflattering poses. If you don’t have a cat for proof, look no further than @unflatteringcatselfies here on Tumblr.

And if you live with a cat who’s posed for laughably awkward photos, submit them here.

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Cats rule and it’s never too soon to share more photos of sleepy kittiess snoozing the day away in cozy flower pots (and all sorts of other unlikely places). Japanese Twitter users have been delighting each other with photos they’ve taken of cats who’ve claimed planters as perfect beds.

Meanwhile Bored Panda’s collection of flower pot kitty photos (previously featured here) is now comprised of nearly 140 photos of sleepy feline plant imposters. Click here to view them all, but make sure you’ve got a pillow handy for napping afterwards.

[via RocketNews24, Togech, and Bored Panda]