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Okay so I was looking at your Coran drawings(flawless btw) and I say you had an alien moth in one of the pictures and it reminded of this alien race I made for voltron called Adonians and I'd like to gush about them to you if you'd let me.

you mean these critters?

by all means shoot~

gimme all the alien moths

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31 & 32? :D

[send me a # and i’ll take a picture]

You’re asking the real questions aren’t you. :P Long post!

31. your pet(s)?

My kids!!!!! In order of acquisition.

CiCi (11 years old):

(Sergeant Major) Tiny (5 years old):

Mittens (8 years old):

Mica (3.5ish years old):

The Fluff (?????? Maybe 1.5 years):

Echo (1ish year old):

Orville (The Shitty Probably Future Prodigal Son, ~8mo old):

Wilbur (The Good Son Who Stayed Home & Didn’t Waste His Inheritance, ~8mo old):

32. your favorite place to sit?

At my computer in this hideous blanket (and pillow)-covered mess.

Okay so I went outside to check on Zen bc I had just fed him a while ago and I didn’t find him, but instead a GIANT RACCOON. It was eating all the cat food but it ran away when I walked outside ;; There was some left too right? So I went somewhere and when I came back it was all gone and idk what ate it ;-; 

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Wait, have there been situations where kits from the same litter have two biological fathers??

Oh, man, were you not aware? That’s a thing that happens. Cats don’t have two dads, but a litter can have two. 

Now, it’s never happened in the books, but if it did, that’d be interesting as hell. 

The main problem I have when I work with the cats in the shelter, is that i need to make sure the other volunteers understand what I’m doing.

Because I can sit there and go “ok, so i got to a place where this cat is approachable now, but don’t force yourself into the interaction. If you’re scared, don’t do it. It’ll effect the animal, because they’ll feel you being wary and think you’re going to hurt it. I know where it’s challange line is, where it will and will not accept physical approach. Where it will take being talked to and get used to a hand resting on the same shelf in their kennel,” so on.

I’ve had to do a quick “cats are not dogs, humans did not domesticate them, they came to us and because of this their behavior is a certain way and if you don’t know how it falls, you need to at least acknowledge what you know of dogs is not the same.” 
They live in groups, either families or ‘hey we live in the same area and like life lets hang out’. They care for the sick, young, injured and elderly by catching prey in excess to feed them and bring them back to the group– this is why cats need exercise and leave you ‘presents’ and need play. 
When scared and shy, to someone who doesn’t know the differences, it looks like a violent cat– and it doesn’t work that way. Cats are predetors yes, but on the whole they are prey animals. So they are more prone to be frightened or wary. They have no reaction other than hissing or claws, or running. 
There is no “man, the cat hates me” or “the cats out to get me, always hisses when i clean the kennel”
No, pal, it’s a scared cat in a place full of cats that are likewise hyped out and you’re going in hyped out, and changing the few scent markers they have saying “this is mine”: the litterbox, the blankets, the food and water bowls, and the toys. It doesn’t matter to the cat that they got replaced with new ones, the ones that smelled familiar are gone.

Enter, my job.

Professional Cat Person, or more specifically, the shelter cat handler. 
My job is to very calmly get the shit clawed out of me while figuring out how close i can get to the animals, how much work i have to go through to get them to not be so tense it’s bad for them. We are there to help them and make sure their lives are better. I tend to give the more feral cats space, do more talking and slow introduction to scent. They can’t be house cats, they don’t wanna be. A lot of other volunteers are convinced they can be and it’s.. really hard not to explain that nah– some cats no. They’ll just never mesh. They’ll be content as barn cats and i can help them be content with other cats– because some of them need help with cat agression due to trauma– but the other volunteers sometimes don’t listen on that.
I can walk into a room and sit on the floor and cats that won’t be next to each other to save their lives normally, will get right up next to each other, snuggling just to get pets and nap on me.
Because being calm is good for them. Being around a calm presence willing to wait. To give the ones affection that come beg for it, and the rest watch and go “ok, this seems ok” and then we get progress.

I just. Get frustrated on the days I can’t go in and then I go in and people have been trying to touch the ferals and they complain i’m not doing my job because they ferals scratch them. 
And i just have to smile and go “then i have to get to work, don’t i?” 

instead of making strangled noises and draining a waterbottle immediatly