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Rather Wobbly Cupcakes, from The Shepherd’s Crown by Sir Terry Pratchett!

Ah yes, Nanny Ogg really isn’t a woman to mince her words, and Magrat isn’t a woman to mince her thoughts, neither:

There was also a plate of rather wobbly cupcakes. [It appears a fact of life that if two or more well-born ladies should gather together, cupcakes are essential. Otherwise the ceiling might fall on them.]

‘I made these,’ Letitia said proudly. 'Yesterday. From a recipe in Nanny Ogg’s new cookbook - you know, A Lot of What You Fancy Makes You Fat.’

She coloured a little, and her hand crept self-consciously to her bodice, where it was clear that when curves were being handed out, Letitia had been at the end of the line.

Magrat took a cake by its little case rather carefully. Some of Nanny Ogg’s recipes could include … unusual ingredients, and she already had three children.

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“Pretty Kitty”

Artwork by @cicisartandstuff

Inspired Fic by @theunforgettablemelody

     The school bell rang. Toralei awoke from her catnap, licking her paws and arching her back in her seat in a yawn. She could smell him a mile away, it was disgusting. But she couldn’t complain, she smelled almost as bad as he did, if not worse. Ever since they had clung to each other deep in the catacomb’s Pit of Eternal Stench, she could not get her mind off him. She was obsessed with Kieran Valentine’s evil potential and drawn to his power. Also, there was no one in the world who wanted to hang out with her now. Not with her smelling like the living dead and all … 

     As she opened her eyes, she was able to catch a glimpse of Kieran’s figure slipping out of the classroom and into the hall, his head hanging low. Time to stir up a little trouble, she smirked, purring loudly in excitement. She followed him out of school and into a back alley that stirred up memories of her own rotten past. But she could not stop herself from following him. Where is he going? she wondered as he went even further down the dank alleyway. She hugged the walls with her body, sneakily inching her way towards him. Suddenly, the walls became increasingly more familiar. Oh, my ghoul. We’re heading towards …

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SpideyPool: That Calming Touch NSFW (Fanfic request 5/6/14)

SpideyPool Fic Request 5/6/14 (Peter & Wades first time- Wade is nervous)

That Calming Touch

Peter sat at his kitchen table, he’d invited Wade over for a late dinner- and, hopefully, much more. Heavy footsteps rang out on the fire escape, Peter knew it could only be Wade. Without hesitation, the young hero made his way to the living room window. Wade stood outside under the moonlight, wearing his Deadpool suit and holding a bouquet of red roses. He saw Peter smile wide, his soft brown eyes glittering.

“Come on in, Wade.” Peter said, the smile still holding.

Wade smiled back from under the red spandex of his mask and effortlessly hoped into the living room. He handed Peter the roses and said “I got them at the shop you always stop at, ya know? With the tabby cat that sleeps in the window.”

“They’re perfect, Wade.” Peter exclaimed, wrapping the merc in his toned, muscular arms.

“Kinda like you, Petey.” Wade said with another big grin, playfully squeezing Peter’s ass.

Peter blushed.

“So, what’d ya make, sweet cheeks?” Wade asked, following the spicy air into the kitchen.

“Homemade chimichangas.” Peter replied, watching the excitement build behind Wade’s mask.

Wade clapped his glove hands and removed the tin foil from atop the hot pan in the middle of the table,the sweet scent of Mexican seasonings and grease filled the apartment like a whirlwind. Wade pulled Peter’s chair out for him, trying to be a proper gentleman. Peter thanked him and sat down, passing the nearly drooling merc a plate and fork.

Peter watched as Wade ate multiple chimichangas, listened as he talked about his day, the ‘boxes’ and how the lady in the flower shop nearly had a heart attack when she came out of the back room and he was playing with the cat. He enjoyed listening and talking to Wade, despite his occasional ramblings and internal arguments. Wade was never boring, never predictable- and Peter loved that about him.

The two men had been together a little over a month now, they’d spent countless nights together, either on patrols or simply enjoying each others company. Wade was the one to initiate their relationship, even though Peter felt the same way- Wade was actually speaking aloud to the boxes when he accidentally mentioned 'just asking Petey out already’. Their lives were nowhere near normal, Peter was a part time hero as Spiderman and Wade was the full time mercenary known as Deadpool, but their relationship seemed as normal as can be to the both of them.

Wade was babbling on more about how he’d run into Logan earlier in the week and that they had another fight, to which he ended up getting sliced up because of. Peter listened merrily, never annoyed or overwhelmed by his chatter like most people are.

“What about you, Petey? How was your day? Did you kick any ass?” Wade inquired.

“It was a normal day, I only had to web up a few thugs in the Bronx and take down a gas station robber.” Peter answered with a nonchalant shrug.

“Do you like your flowers? I wasn’t sure if I should get roses or those other things you like- tiger -lilies?” Wade continued.

“I love them, Wade. Any gift from you can make me happy.” Peter replied, blushing and taking another fork full of spicy Mexican deliciousness into his mouth.

“Aww, stop it Web Head, you’ll make my mascara run!” Wade joked playfully.


The two men were now sitting together on the couch, watching a cheesy horror film. Wade held Peter tight, ecstatic to have the love of his life so close. Peter turned his head to face Wade, then began to pull up his mask, something Wade was still picky about- and kissing his soft but chapped lips. Wade kissed back, feeling Peter shift to sit in his lap. Their hands moved over each others firm bodies, exploring new terrain.

Peter could feel a tightness forming in his jeans, and the start of a bulge in the spandex covered crotch beneath him. Wade grew tense as Peter moved to slide his mask off, raising a hand to stop him. Peter pulled his mouth away and said “Wade, I really want this- I want you.” Wade sighed lightly and replied “I want this too, Petey… but I don’t want you to see all of the ugly. It’s bad enough you’ve seen my face before.” Peter frowned, knowing that this topic would come up sooner or later.

“I don’t care about the scars, Wade. You’re still the sexy man I… I love.” Peter whispered, admitting his feelings for the first time. Wade was quiet for a few moments before saying “I love you too, Petey.” Peter smiled and felt his soft cheeks grow hot. With a few moments contemplation, Wade slowly began to remove his Deadpool maks. Once he did, Peter took the man’s scarred head into his silken hands and kissed him passionately.

Wade purred in delight as he felt Peter’s erection pressing against him, his own groin now throbbing at the young man’s touch. Peter used his Spidey Strength to carefully push Wade down on the couch, never missing a nip of the lips or a gentle caress by the merc. Wade pulled his lips away again as Peter worked his hands up the top half of Wade’s suit and said “Petey, you sure you want this? I can wait if you’re just doing this for me, I mean -” “Wade, I’ve wanted this from the first time we even kissed.” Peter cut him off, smiling cheerfully.

He then continued to slid Wade out of the shirt, while Wade had his hands firmly planted on Peter’s hips, rocking him back and forth slowly. With a light moan Peter let Wade take his tee shirt off, they pressed their chests together as their lips danced and their bodies rocked. Wade opened his eyes when Peter began sliding his hands down the rim of his pants, the hot skin on his scarred flesh caused him to pull Peter’s hips deeper and harder. “I have… oh god… lube in- in the cushions.” Peter groaned, feeling a spark of pleasure run up his spin.

“P-Petey, I… I’m nervous, I don’t want you to have to feel my skin, it’s not fair.” Wade muttered, his bright blue eyes filled with worry and fear of rejection.

“Wade, I’ve never wanted anyone more than I want and need you now. You’re perfect to me.” Peter cooed, love in his eyes as he kissed Wade softly. Wade smiled, letting the anxiety and fear dissipate into the sea of love he had for Peter.

“I love you, Petey.” Wade said, letting Peter continue his venture down the tight red spandex, and moving his own hands to the zipper of Peter’s jeans.

“I love you too, Wade.” Peter replied, his breath short with Wade’s touch.

Peter helped Wade slide him out of the jeans, Wade grinned wide when he saw that Peter hadn’t wore underwear, and much to Peter’s pleasure, he was also commando under the red pants. They moved as one, hot naked bodies rising and falling. Peter grabbed the tiny bottle that rested between the cushions and squeezed a generous amount of the slick clear gel onto his fingers. Wade gasped as Peter began readying him, rubbing the interior of Wade’s ass and sliding fingers in.

“Oh shit, Petey just get in me!” Wade moaned, his eyes closed and hips rocking against Peter’s throbbing, delicious cock. Without hesitation, Peter began to immerse his manhood deep into his partner’s body, causing Wade to groan and growl with pleasure. Peter thrust into Wade over and over, leaving the merc begging for more. Wade nearly screamed when Peter wrapped a hand around his cock, pulling on the length of the shaft and thumbing the head.

With a moan Peter came, now jerking Wade harder and faster until he came onto the couch. They collapsed into each other, panting and slick with sweat. Peter stroked Wade’s back lovingly, he shifted to face the young man and smiled lazily.

“I love you, Web Head.” He purred, feeling utterly content even though he was so exposed. 'Petey really loves us’ one box said 'And we fell hard as hell for him, too.’ another agreed. “I love you too, Wilson.” Peter whispered, nuzzling his nose in Wade’s neck. And for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, Wade felt safe and beautiful. 

Playbills for Trade/Sale

Playbills to Trade

Abe Lincoln in Illinois-Vivian Beaumont-Color x2
Abelard & Heloise-Brooks Atkinson 
Accent on Youth- Friedman- x2, 1 with opening night seal
Accomplice-Richard Rodgers 


Adding Machine-Minetta Lane 

Adult Entertainment-Variety Arts 

After Miss Julie-American Airlines x2

After the Night and the Music-Biltmore 
Agamemnon-Vivian Beaumont 
Ah, Wilderness-Vivian Beaumont- Color 
Ah, Wildermess- Circle in the Square
Aida Tour- Philadelphia June 2002
Aida Tour-Washington D.C. July 2002
Aida- Palace- Color & B&W
Ain’t Misbehavin- Plymouth 
Ain’t Supposed to Die a Natural Death- Ambassador
All About Me- Henry Millers Michael Feinstein cover
All My Sons Schoenfeld 1 Color and 1 B&W
All Over-Martin Beck
All the Way Home- Belasco
The Allergists Wife- Barrymore Theater 1 color, 1 B&W
Altar Boyz- New World Stages
Always… Patsy Cline- Variety Arts
Amadeus- Broadhurst
American Buffalo- Belasco 
American Buffalo- Barrymore 
An American Daughter- Cort- Color
American Plan, The- Friedman- opening night with seal
Amy’s View- Barrymore- Color x2
Anarchist, The- Golden- Opening Night
And Miss Reardon drinks a little- Morosco
And the world goes round- Westside- 
And the world goes round- Bucks County Playhouse
Angels in America- Walter Kerr- 4 Color, 1 B&W (3 different covers)
Anna Christie- Imperial
Anna in the Tropics- Royale
Annapurna- The new group
Annie- Alvin x4
Annie- Palace- Color x2, 1 opening night
The Anthem x2
Antony and Cleopatra- Public Theatre x2
Any Wednesday- Music Box
Anything Goes- Stephen Sondheim (SUTTON FOSTER, LAURA OSNES)
Applause- Palace
Apple Tree, The- Shubert (2 different covers)
Arcadia- Vivian Beaumont- Color
ART- Royale- Color x2
Aspects of Love- Broadhurst x3
At the Drop of Another Hat- Booth
August Osage County- Imperial 
August Osage County- Music Box
Avenue Q- Golden- Color , B&W x2
Avow- Century Center for the Performing Arts
Awake and Sing- Belasco- Color
Bad Friend, A- Mitzi E. Newhouse- Color
Ballroom- Majestic 
Barbara Cook in Mostly Sondheim- Vivian Beaumont Color
Barefoot in the Park- Cort
Based on a Totally True Story- MTC City Center Stage II
The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel- Longacre
BE- Union Square Theater

Beauty and the Beast- Palace x4 
Beauty and the Beast- Lunt-Fontanne x5
Beauty and the Beast- Various tour stops x4
Beauty of the Father- MTC City Center Stage II 
Beauty Queen of Leenane, The- Walter Kerr x2
Becky Shaw- Second Stage
Behanding in Spokane, The- Schoenfeld
Belle Époque- Mitzi E. Newhouse- Color
Belle of Amherst, The- Longacre
Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo- Richard Rodgers- Color
Bermuda Avenue Triangle- Promenade
Bernarda Alba- Mitzi E. Newhouse- Color
Best Man, The- Schoenfeld
Betrayal- Trafalgar
Big Knife, The- American Airlines 

Billy Elliot- Imperial B&W, Tour Oriental Theatre Color

Biloxi Blues- Neil Simon

Black Picture Show- Vivian Beaumont

Blackbird- MTC City Center Stage I

Blithe Spirit- Neil Simon

Blithe Spirit- Shubert Color, Opening Night w/ seal

The Blonde in the Thunderbird- Brooks Atkinson, Color OPENING NIGHT (SUZANNE SOMERS)

Blood Brothers- Music Box

Blue Man Group- Asotr Place Theatre

Blue Man Group “tyubes”- Astor Place Theatre

Blue Window- MTC

Boeing-Boeing- Longacre, Color OPENING NIGHT, B&W

Bombay Dreams- Broadway

Book of Mormon, The- Chcago Tour- (NIC ROULEAU, BEN PLATT)

Born Yesterday- Cort- Color, B&W
Boys in Syracuse- American Airlines

Boys’ Life- Mitzi E. Newhouse

Breaking Legs- Promenade x2
Breaking the Code- Neil Simon
Bridge & Tunnel- Helen Hayes x2
Brighton Beach Memoirs- Neil Simon 
Bring In Da Noise Bring in Da Funk, Ambassador x3

Bring It On!- St. james
Broadway Bound- Broadhurst x2
Bronx Bombers- Circle in the Square- x1 Color
Burleigh Grimes- New World Stages
Burn This- Union Square Theater
Burn This- Plymouth- Color, B&W
Butterflies are Free- Booth x2
Cabaret 2014- Studio 54 
Cabaret- Imperial
Cactus Flower- Royale
California Suite- Eugene O’Neill
Cam Jansen- Lamb’s Theater
Camelot- Majestic
Candide- Broadway
Capitol Steps- John Houseman
Captain Courageous- Manhattan Theatre Club 
Captain’s Tiger, The- Manhattan Theatre Club
Carnival- Winter Garden
Carousel- Vivian Beaumont- Color x2
Carousel- Majestic
Carpetbegger’s Children, The- Mitzi E. Newhouse- Color

Casa Valentina- Samuel J. Friedman- x1 B&W, x10 PRIDE
Case of Libel, A- Longacre
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof- Richard Rodgers
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof- Eugene O’Neill 
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof- ANTA
Cats- Winter Garden
The Chairs- Golden 
The Changing Room- Morosco
Chaplin- Barrymore
Chapter Two- Imperial
Cherry Orchard, The- Vivian Beaumont 
Chicago- Ambassador x12 (4 different covers)
Chicago- Richard Rodgers x3
Chicago- Shubert x4
Chicago- 46th Street Theatre x2
Chicago Tour- Oriental Theatre
Chita: A Legendary Celebration- August Wilson- Color

Chorus Line, A- Schoenfeld COlor OPENING NIGHT

Chorus Line, A- Dury Lane Theatre

Cinderella- Broadway- COlor
Circle Mirror Transformation- Playwrights Horizons
City of Angels- Virginia x3
Coast of Utopia, The- Vivian Beaumont- Color
Cock- the Duke on 42nd Street
Collected Stories- Friedman x3
Collected Stories- manhattan Theater Club- x2
The Color Purple- Broadway x1 Color, 2 B&W
Columnist, The- Friedman
Come Blow Your Horn- Brooks Atkinson
Comedians- Music Box

Comedy of Errors, The- Vivian Beaumont- Color
Come Fly Away- Marquis- Color 
Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr Abridged, The- Westside Theatre
Contact- Vivian Beaumont- Color 
Contact- Mitzi E. Newhouse- Color x 2
Conversations with my Father- Royale 
Copenhagen- Royale- Color
Coram Boy- Imperial- Color 
Corpus Christi- Manhattan Theater Club 
Country Girl, The- Jacobs- color x2 ( different covers)
Country Girl, The- Billy Rose Theater

Crazy for You- Shubert x2 Color x3 B&W
Crimes of the Heart- Golden
Cripple of Inishmaan, The- Cort Color Opening Night x4, 1 with seal
Curtains- Hirschfeld x3
Cymbeline- Vivian Beaumont Color
Cyrano the Musical- Neil Simon
Cyrano de Bergerac- American Airlines- Opening Night x9
Cyrano de Bergerac- Richard Rodgers- Color- Jennifer Garner x3
Dame Edna, the Royal Tour- booth x2
Damn Yankees- Marquis x2 color, x1 B&W
Dancin’- Broadhurst- Color, B&W
Dancing at Lughnasa- Plymouth- Color x2
Daphne in Cottage D- Longacre
Death and the Maiden- Brooks Atkinson- Color x2
Death of a Salesman- Eugene O’Neill- Color x3
Death of a Salesman- Broadhurst- x2
Death of a Salesman- Circle in the Square
Democracy- Brooks Atkinson- Color opening Night
Desire under the Elms- St. James- Opening Night with seal
Deathtrap- Music Box
Deep Blue Sea,The- Criterion center stage right
Defending the Caveman (Rob Becker)- Helen Hayes 
Defiance- MTC City a Center Stage II
A Delicate Balance- Martin beck x2
A Delicate Balance- Plymouth- Color x2
Desert Song, The- Eastside Playhouse
Dessa Rose- Mitzi E. Newhouse- Color
Destiny of Me, The- Lucille Lortel
Deuce- Music Box- Color x3
Devils, The- Broadway
Different Times- ANTA
Dinner at Eight- Vivian Beaumont- Color
Dinner at Eight- Alvin
Dinner Party, The- Music Box

Dinner with Friends- Laura Pels
Dinner with Friends- Variety Arts
Dirty blonde- Helen Hayes
Dirty Rotten scoundrels- Imperial Color, x2 B&W
Distracted- Laura Pels
Dividing the estate- Booth- Color
Divine Sister, The- SoHo Playhouse x2
Don’t Dress for Dinner- American Airlines
Don’t Drink the Water- Morosco
Don’t Play Us Cheap- Barrymore
Doubles- Ritz
Doubt- MTC City Center Stage I- X3
Doubt- Walter Kerr- Color, B&W
Dracula- Belasco- Color
Dracula- Martin beck x2 (2 different covers)
Dream- Royale- Color x2
Driving Miss Daisy- Golden- Color Opening Night
Driving Miss Daisy- John Houseman
Drowning Crow- Biltmore
Drowsy chaperone, The- Marquis 
East is East- Manhattan Theater Club
Easter Bonnet 13th Annual
Easter Bonnet 23rd
East bonnet 24th
Easter Bonnet 25th
Elaine Stritch at Liberty- Neil Simon
Electra- Barrymore
Elephant Man, The- Theater of St. Peter’s church
Ellington- Barrymore- Color
End of the Rainbow- Belasco
Enemy of the People, The- Friedman x2
Enter Laughing- Henry Millers
Equus- Plymouth x3
Evening with Richard Nixon and…- Shubert
Everett Beekin- Mitzi E. Newhouse- Color
Evita- Marquis- x3 Color, x16 B&W
Evita- Adelphi- West end programme with Elena roger
Exit the King- Barrymore- Color Opening night with seal
Exonerated, The- 45 Bleeker Street
Eyes for Consuela- Manhattan Theatre Club x2
Fade Out Fade In- mark Hellinger
Fair Country,A- Mitzi E. Newhouse- Color x2
Faith Healer- Booth- Color
Falling- Minetta Lane 
Falling for Eve- York Theater
Far East- Mitzi E. Newhouse- Color x2
Farnsworth Invention, The- Music Box Color, B&W
Fela!- 37 Arts- Color
Fela!- Eugene O’Neill- Color Opening Night with seal
Fences- 46th Street Theater
Fences- Cort- color
Fiddler on the Roof- Imperial x2 (2 different covers)
Fiddler on the Roof- Gershwin
Fiddler on the Roof- Winter Garden x2
Fifty Words- Lucille Lortel
Filumena- Theater Four
Five Guys Named Moe- Eugene O’ Neill
Flower Drum Song- Virginia- Color
Follies- Marquis- Color x2
Forbidden Broadway Special Victims Unit- 47th Street Theater
Forever Dusty- New World Stages
Forty Carats- Morosco
Fosse- Broadhurst x2
Fosse Tour Chicago
Four dogs and a Bone- Lucille Lortel
Four on a Garden- Broadhurst
Fran’s Bed- Playwrights Horizons
Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune- MTC City Center
Freak- Cort- Color
Freud’s Last Session- New World Stages
Frog and Toad- Cort- Color
Frost Nixon- Jacobs- Color, B&W
Frozen- Circle in the Square (2 different Covers) x2
Fucking Up Everything- Elektra
Fuerzabruta- Daryl Roth- Color
Full Monty- Eugene O’Neill
Funny Girl- Winter Garden. No cover. Liberace signed inside
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A- Lunt Fontanne
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A-Majestic
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A- St. James (2 different covers)
Garden of Earthy Delights- Minetta Lane
Gem of the Ocean- Walter Kerr- Color Opening Night
Gemini- Little Theater x2
Generation- Morosco x2
Ghost- Lunt Fontanne x3 Color Opening Night, Color, B&W
Gin Game, The- Golden x2
Gingerbread Lady, The- Plymouth x2
Girl Who Came to Supper, The- Broadway
Give Me Your Answer, Do!- Gramercy Theater
Glass Menagerie, The- Criterion Center
Glass Menagerie, The- Barrymore
Glass Menagerie, The- Circle in the Square
Glass Menagerie, The- Booth
Glengarry Glen Ross- Golden
Glengarry Glen Ross- Schoenfeld
God of Carnage- Jacobs Color, x2 B&W
Godspell- Circle in the Square, OBC color, Color with Hannah Elless as Swing, B&W Hunter, B&W Corbin with Lindsay, B&W Corbin w/O Lindsay
Golda’s Balcony- Helen Hayes
Golden Boy- Belasco- Color
Golden Child- Longacre x2
Good Boy, The- Booth Color
Good Vibrations- Eugene O’Neill

Goodbye Girl, The- Marquis
G.R.Point- Playhouse Theatre
Grace- Cort- Color x3
Grace- Lucille Lortel
Grand Hotel- Martin Beck
Grand Tour, The- Palace
Grease- Royale x3
Grease- Broadhurst 
Grease- Brooks Atkinson
Great American Trailer Park, The- Dodger Stages- Color
Great white Hope, The- Alvin
Green Heart, The- MTC Variety arts
Gross Indecency- Minetta Lane
Guys and Dolls- Broadway
Guys and Dolls- Martin Beck x2
Gypsy- Shubert- Color, B&W
Gypsy of the Year- Palace 21st Annual!
Hadrian VII- Helen Hayes
Hair- Al Hirschfeld- x2
Hair- academy of Music Color Tour
Hair- Hershey Theater- Tour Color x3
Hair- St. James x2
Hair- Biltmore x2
Hair- Kennedy Center - Tour
Hairspray- Neil Simon- Color x4
Hamlet- Vivian Beaumont
Hands on a Hardbody- Brooks Atkinson- Color x2
Hapgood- Mitzi E. Newhouse Color x2
Happy End- Martin Beck
Happy Time, The- broadway

Having Our Say- Booth- Color x2
Hedda Gabler- American Airlines opening night with seal
hedwig and the Angry Inch- Belasco (JCM, MCH, TAYE, ANDREW)
Heidi Chronicles, The- Plymouth
Heiress, The- Cort Color
Hello Again- Mitzi E. Newhouse Color x3
Here Lies Love- Public-B&W
Here’s Love- Shubert
High- Booth
High Society- St. James- Color
History Boys, The- Broadhurst Color, B&W
Hit the Wall- Barrow Street Theater
Holiday Heart- Manhattan Theater Club at City Center x2
Homecoming, The- Cort x2
Homecoming, The- Music Box
Honeymoon in Vegas- Papermill Playhouse- Color
Hostile Witness- Music Box
Hot Feet- Hilton x2
House of Blue Leaves, The- Walter Kerr Color x2
How I Learned to Drive- Vineyard x2
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying- 46th Street Theater
Hughie- Circle in the Square x2
Hurlyburly- Barrymore Color

I am my Own Wife- Lyceum x3

I Can Get It For You Wholesale- Shubert
I Do! I Do!- 46th Street Theater
I Had A Ball- Martin Beck
I Love My Wife- Barrymore
I Love You Because- Village Theater
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change- Westside Theater- Color
I’ll Eat You Last- Booth- Color Opening Night
I’m Not Rappaport- Booth x2 (2 different covers)
An Ideal Husband- Barrymore x3
If/Then- Richard Rodgers- Color
If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet- Laura Pels
Imaginary Friends- Barrymore- Color x2
Importance of Being Earnest, The- American Airlines x2
Impossible Year, The- the Playhouse
Impressionism- Schoenfeld - Color x2 (1 opening night with seal)
In Praise of Love- Morosco
In the next room or the vibrator play- Lyceum- Color opening night with sticker
In Two Keys- Barrymore
Inadmissable Evidence- Belasco
Indiscretions- Barrymore Color x2
Inherit the Wind- Royale x2
Inherit the Wind- Lyceum- Color
Inspector Call. An- Royale- color x2
Invention of Love, The- Lyceum- Color
Irena’s Vow- Walter Kerr- x2 (1 opening night with seal)
Irish Curse, The- SoHo Playhouse
Is He Dead?- Lyceum x2
It Ain’t Nothin But the Blues- Vivian Beaumont x2
Ivanov- Vivian Beaumont- Color- x 3
Jackie- Belasco- Color
Jekyll & Hyde- Marquis- Color Opening Night x20
Jekyll & Hyde- Plymouth x2
Jersey Boys- August Wilson- Color x3
Jesus Christ Superstar- Neil Simon- Color
Jesus Christ Superstar- Mark Hellinger- Color
Joe Turner’s Come and Gone- Belasco- Color x2 (1 opening night with seal)
Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat- Royale x2
Jumpers- Brooks Atkinson
Kat and the Kings- Cort x2
Killing of Sister George, The- Belasco
King and I, The-Broadway
Kiss Me, Kate- Martin Beck x2
Kiss of the Spider Woman- Broadhurst x2
La Bête- Music Box- Color
La Boheme- Broadway-Color x2
La Cage aux Folles- Palace- x3 Color, B&W
La Cage aux Folles- Longacre- Color
La Cage aux Folles- Marquis
Lady from the Sea, The- Circle in the Square
Last Night of Ballyhoo, The- Helen Hayes
Last of the Red Hot Lovers- Eugene O’Neill
Laughter on the 23rd Floor- Richard Rodgers-Color, B&W
Lend Me A Tenor- Royale
Lend Me A Tenor- Music Box
Lenny- BrooksAtkinson
Lieutenant of Inishmore, The- Lyceum
Lion in Winter, The- criterion center stage right
Lion in winter,The- ambassador
Lion King, The- New Amsterdam Color x2 Stagebill, x1 Showbill
Lion King, The- Minksoff- Color
Little Dog Laughed, The- Cort- x2
Little Fish- Second Stage
Little Foxes, The- Kennedy Center- Elizabeth Taylor
Little Me- Lunt Fontanne
Little Murders- Wilbur
Little Shop of Horrors- Orpheum
Living Out- Second Stage
Loman Family Picnic, The- MTC city Center
Long Day’s Journey into Night- Plymouth- Color
Look of Love, The- Brooks Atkinson
Losing Louis- Biltmore
Lost in the Stars- imperial
Lost in Yonkers- Richard Rodgers
Love Child- New World Stages x2
Love Loss & What I Wore- Westside Color, x3 B&W
Love Thy Neighbor- Booth
Lunch Hour- Barrymore
Macbeth- Lyceum- Color x2
Madame Butterfly- Eugene O’Neill x2
Madrid, The- City Center

Mamma Mia!- Winter Garden
Man in the Glass Booth, The- Royale
Manilow on Broadway- St. James- Color
Mary, Mary- Helen Hayes
Mary Poppins- New Amsterdam color x2 (1 opening night with seal)
Mary Stuart- Broadhust- Color opening night with seal
Marvelous Wonderettes, The- Westside Theater
Match- Plymouth- Color
Matilda- Shubert- Color. any cast that has been in the show except current
Me and My Girl- Marquis x2
Me Nobody Knows, The- Helen Hayes
Medea- Longacre
Memphis- Shubert- x2 Color (1 opening night with seal), x2 B&W (1 with chad, 1 with Adam
Merchant of Venice, The (46th Street Theater)
Metamorpheses- Circle in the Square- Color
Metamorphoses- Ambassador
Michael Feinstein in concert- Booth
Mikado, The- Virginia
Mimi le duck- New World Stages
Minnie’s Boys- Imperial
Miss Saigon- Broadway x2
modern Terrorism- Second Stage
A Moon for the Misbegotten- Walter Kerr- Color
A Moon for the Misbegotten- Morosco
Moon Over Buffalo- Martin Beck
Mort Sahl on Broadway- Neil Simon
More Stanley Mansions- Broadhurst
Most Happy Fella!, The- Booth- Color
Mothers and sons- Golden- color
Motown- Lunt Fontanne- Color
Movin Out- Richard Rodgers Color, x2 B&W
Mrs. warrens Profession- American Airlines
Mule Bone- Barrymore Color
Murder Ballad- Union Square Theatre x5
Musical of Musical, The- Dodger Stages
My Fair Lady- Lunt Fontanne
My Fair Lady- Mark Hellinger
My First Time- New world Stages
My Life with Albertine- Playwrights Horizons
My One and Only- St. James x2
Mystery of Edwin Drood, The- x11 (1 opening night with seal)
Naked Boys Singing- Actors Playhouse
Neil Simon Plays, The- Color Opening night with seal
Never Gonna Dance- Broadhurst- Color
Never Too Late- the Playhouse
Next Fall- Helen Hayes- Color
Nice Work If You can get it- Imperial- 1 with Kelli, 1 with Jessie
Night of the Iguana, The- Royale
night watch- Morosco
Night That Made America Famous, The- Barrymore
Nine- 46th Street Theater x3
No,No,Nanette- 46th Street Theater x2
Nobody Loves An Alabatross- Lyceum
Norman Conquests- Circle in the Square Color with opening night seal, x2 B&W
Norman Conquests, the- Morosco
November- Barrymore
Nunsense- Douglas Fairbanks Theater x2
nonsense 2- Douglas Fairbanks Theater 
Odd Couple, The- Brooks Atkinson- Color
Odd Couple, The- Broadhuest
Oh! Calcutta!- Edison
Oleanna- Golden- Color x2 (1 opening night with seal)
Oleanna- Orpheum
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever- Mark Hellinger
On the Town- Gershwin- Color Opening Night
On Your Toes- Virginia x3
Once- Jacobs x10
Only Game in town, The- Broadhurst
Orphans- Schoenfeld
Orphans’ Home Cycle, The- Signature Theater
Orpheus Descending- Neil Simon
Other Place, The- Friedman
Our Town- Booth

Pacific Overtures- Studio 54

Parade- Vivian Beaumont Coloe
Passing Strange- Belasco
passing Strange- public theater
Penn & Teller- Ritz
Penn & Teller Rot in Hell- John Houseman
People in the Picture, The- Studio 54 opening Night
Performers, The- Longacre- Color x8
Phantom of the Opera- Majestic x14 
Philanthropist, The- American Airlines x2 (1 opening night with seal)
Piece of My Heart, A- Union square Theater
Pillowman, The- Booth x2 Color, B&W
Pippin- Music Box Color x20
Pippin- imperial
Play About the Baby, The- Century center- Color
Play What I Wrote, The- Lyceum- Color, B&W
Power plays- Promenade
Precious Sons- Longacre
Present Laughter- American Airlines opening night with seal
Producers, The- St. James 
Program for Murder- Variety Arts
Promenade, All- Alvin
Promises, Promises- Broadway- Color
Proof- Walter Kerr x3
Pretty Fire- MTC
Price, The- Morosco
Price, The- Royale Color
Pride’s Crossing- Mitzi E. Newhouse Color
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, the- Helen Hayes
Priscilla Queen of the Desert- Palace Color, B&W
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Tour Missiouri Color
Psychopathia Sexuals- MTC
PURLIE- Winter Garden
Putting it Together- Barrymore Color
Putting It Together- MTC AT City a Center
Pygmalion- American Airlines
Race- Barrymore opening night with seal
Radio Golf- Cort x2
Rainmaker, The- Brooks Atkinsonx 2
Raisin in the Sun, A- Royake
Rascals: Once Upon A Dream, The- Richard Rodgers
Real Thing, The- Barrymore
Reasons to be pretty- Lyceum x3
Reckless- Biltmore
Rent- Nederlander 
Rent tour- NJPAC
RENT- New World Stages
Return to the Forbidden Planet- Variety Arts
Right Honourable Gentleman, The Billy Rose
Ring Round the Moon- Belasco Color
Rivals, The- Vivian Beaumont Color x2
Roar of the Greasepaint, The- Shubert
Robert Klein Show, The- Circle in the Square
Rock n Roll- Jacobs
Rock of Ages- Brooks Atkinson
Rock of Ages- New World Stages
Rock of Ages- Helen Hayes
Romance- Atlantic Theater Company 
Romeo and Juliet- Circle in the Square
Rooms a rock romance- New World Stages
Rothschilds, The- Lunt Fontanne x2
Roulette- John Houseman
Royal Family, The- Friedman opening night with seal
Rumors- Broadhurst 
Runaways- Plymouth
Salome- Barrymore x2
Sarah Plain and All- Lucille Lortel
Scandalous- Neil Simon Color
Scapin- Laura Pels
School for Wives, The- Lyceum
Seagull, The- Walter Kerr Color
Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe- Plymouth 
Secret Garden, The- St. James
Seven Guitars- Walter Kerr Color
Sex and Longing- Cort a Color
Shadow Box, The- Lunt Fontanne
Shatner’s World- Music Box Color
Shining City- Biltmore
Shirley Valentine- Booth
Shock headed Peter- Little Shubert
Shortchanged Review, The- Mitzi E. Newhouse
Show Boat- Gershwin x5
Side by side by Sondheim- Music Box
Side Man- Golden x2
Sight Unseen- Biltmore
Sister Act- Broadway Color, B&W
Sister Act Tour Dallas Texas Color
Sisters Rosensweig, The- Barrymore Color x2
Six Degrees of Separation Vivian Beaumont Color x2
Skylight- Royale
Sleuth- Music Box
Sly Fox- Broadhurst Colorx2
Sly Fox- Barrymore
Smokey Joes Cafe- Virginia x3
Some Americans Abroad- Mitzi E. Newhouse Color
Someone who’ll Watch Over Me- Booth
Something Different- Cort
Song & Dance- Royale
Songs of Singapore- Song of Singapore
Sophisticated Ladies- Lunt Fontanne
Soul Doctor- Circle in the Square Color, x3 B&W
Soul of Shaolin- Marquis Opening night with seal
Souvenir- Lyceum Color

Spamalot- Shubert- Color
Speed the Plow- Royale

Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark- Foxwoods x3
Spofford- ANTA
SPOKESONG- circle in the square
Stanley- Circle in the Square
Steady Rain, A- Schoenfeld Opening night with seal
Steel Magnolias- Lyceum Color, B&W
Steel Magnolias- Lucille Lortel
Sticks and stones- golden
Stones in his Pockets- Golden Color
Stop the World- I want to get off- Shubert
Story Theater- ambassador
Streamers- Mitzi e. Newhouse
Subject Was Roses, The- Belasco
Substance of Fire, The- playwrights horizons
Suburbia- Mitzi E. Newhouse color x2
Suburbia- second stage
Subways Are for Sleeping- St. James
Sugar- Majestic x2
Sugar Babies- Mark Hellinger
Superior Donuts- Music Box x3 (1 opening night with seal)
Sweet Charity- Al Hirschfeld x2
Sweet Charity- Minksoff
Take Me Out- Walter Kerr Color, x2 B&W
Taking Sides- Brooks Atkinson
Tales from Red Vienna- MTC City Center
Talk Radio- Longacre
Talley’a Folly- Brooks Atkinson x3
Tally’s Folly- Laura Pels
Tap DAnce kid- Minksoff
Tap Dogs- Union Square Theater
Tartuffe- American Airlines x2
Tarzan- Richard Rodgers Color x3
Testament of Mary, The- Walter Kerr Color
That Championship Season- Jacobs
That’s Entertainment- Edison
There’s a Girl in My Soup- Music Box
Third- Mitzi E. Newhouse Color 
Three Birds Alighting on a Field- MTC city Center
Three Days of Rain- MTC
Three Days of Rain- Jacobs Colod
Three Penny Opera- Studio 54
Thurgood- Booth- Colod
Timbuktu- Mark Hellinger
Time of the Cuckoo- Mitzi E. Newhouse Color
Time Stands Still- Friedman Opening Night with seal

Times Are A Changin’, The- Brooks Atkinson Color
Tiny Alice- Billy Rose
To Be or Not to Be- Friedmans
To live another summer- Helen Hayes
Today I am a fountain pen- theater 890
Too Jewish? Westside theater
Top Girls- Biltmore
Topdog Underdog- Ambassador
Trial of Catonsville 9- Lyceum
Tribute- Brooks Atkinson
Trip to Bountiful, The- Stephen Sondheim
Trip to Bountiful, The- Signature Theater
Trying- Promenade
Twelfth Night- Vivian Beaumont Color
Twelve Angry Men- American Airlines
Twelve Dreams - Mitzi E. Newhouse color
Two by two- imperial
Two gentleman of Verona- Delacorte x2
Two Gentlemen of Verona- St. James Color x2
Two Shakespearean Actors- Cort Color
Two Trains Runinng- Walter Kerr Color
Uncle Vanya- Circle in the Square
Uncommon Women and Others- Lucille Lortel
Under My Skin- Little Shubert Color
Under the Yum Yum Tree- Henry Millers Opening Night
Unexpected Man, The- Promenade 
Utter Glory of Morrissey Hall- Mark Hellinger
Vagina Monologues- Westside 
Valley Song- MTC
Vanities- Second Stage
Venice- Public
Via Dolorosa- Booth Color x2
Viagra Falls - Little Shubert
Victor Victoria- Marquis
View from the Bridge, a - Neil Simon (2 different covers)
View from the Bridge, A- Cort Color Opening night
Vincent in Brixton- Golden Color
Violet Hour, The - Biltmore Color
Visit, The- Barrymore
Vivat! ViVat! regina!- Broadhurst
Wait a Minim!- Golden
War Horse- Vivian Beaumont color x2
We will rock you Tour Utica Color
Weir, the- Walter Kerr Color, B&W 
West Side Story- Palace B&W
What Makes Sammy Run?- 54th Street Theater
What Rhymes with America- Atlantic Theater Company
White Christmas- Marquis Color Opening night with Seal 
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?- Longacre Color
The Who’s Tommy- St. James x 3
Wicked Tour Providece
Wicked Tour Philly X8
Wicked Tour North Carolina
Wicked Tour Houston Texas
Wicked Tour Boston
Wicked- Gershwin Color x7
Will Rogers Follies- Palace
Wings- Lyceum
Wit- Union Square x2
Woman in White, The- Marquis
wonderful Town- al Hirschfeld 
Wonderland- Marquis Color x4
Xanadu- Helen Hayes 2 different covers
years, The MTC City Center
Young Frankenstein- Hilton Color, B&W
You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown- Golden
33 Variations- Eugene O’Neill Opening night with seal
39 Steps- Cort
39 Steps- Helen Hayes
39 Steps- New World Stages
42nd Street- St. james
42nd Street- Majestic
42nd Street- Ford Center for the Performing Arts Color
700 Sundays- Imperial Color x2
1776- 46th Street Theater x3