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Since you are a cat, do you like milk? Or cat nip? Actually, i might have some with me...

Don’t give Swap Jack any. I don’t think he can handle it. Thank you for offering though………

Gardens of the Witches

Already starting to plan this years garden so I thought I should do a post on Witch Gardens

Moonlight Garden

A garden that blooms in the moonlight, a great place to perform night time rituals, meditations, or to just take a midnight stroll. A garden that is full of magick even after the sun sets. 

Plants to add in your moonlight garden:

  • Moonflower: (Ipomoea alba) A nocturnal relative of the morning glory. Has fragrant flowers that open at dusk and close by dawn.    
  • Evening Primrose: (Oenothera biennis) Has beautiful, scented flowers that bloom only at dusk. 
  • Night Flox: (Zaluzianskya capensis) A sweetly fragranced flower that only unfurls its pinwheeled shaped flowers after dusk. 
  • Four O’Clock: (Mirabilis jalapa) Its scented flowers bloom at around 4:00pm (hence its name) and do not close up until morning. 
  • Queen of the Night: (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) A species of cactus whose flowers only open at night. Attracts moths and bats!!!
  • Night Blooming Jessamine: (Cestrum nocturnum) Strong, sweet scented star shaped flowers that only bloom at night. Attracts moths and bats!!! All parts are toxic, do not ingest!
  • Angel’s Trumpet: (Brugmansia) Produces a strong scent on warm summer evenings. All parts are toxic, do not ingest!
  • Evening Stock: (Matthiola longipetala) Produces lots of small blossoms that produce a perfume described as a mix of vanilla, rose, spice, and cloves only after the sun sets.
  • Ever-Flowering Gladiolus: (Gladiolus tristis) Release a strong almond fragrance after dusk.  
  • Lilac: (Syringa vulgaris) Although has a perfume during the day, it is said to be a lot stronger after dark. 
  • Flowering Tobacco: (Nicotiana) Open in the late afternoon and have a fragrance that smells of jasmine. All parts are toxic if ingested!
  • Summer Snapdragon: (Angelonia angustifolia) Preferably in white, to reflect the moonlight. Has a scent apple-scented foliage. 
  • Silvermound: (Artemisia schmidtiana) Has thick foliage that will shimmer under the moonlight.
  • Jack Frost: (Brunnera macrophylla) Hdeart shaped leaves of silver and green, perfect to add more highlights of silver to your moon lit garden. 

Any plant that blooms after dark or has white, lavender, pale pink, pale yellow on it is a perfect addition to your moonlight garden. 

Things to add:

  • Stepping stones that have the phases of the moon.
  • Fairy lights
  • A place to sit
  • Candles
  • A small fountain to sing along with the insects and birds of the night
  • String charms and bells on tree branches for a soft jingling every time a gentle breeze passes. 

Herb Garden

For witches who need a more practical garden for uses of healing, tea crafting, drying, and growing plants used in their practices.

Plants to add to your herb garden:

  • Anise: Helps to ward of the evil eye, find happiness, and stimulates psychic abilities. 
  • Basil: Use for anything pertaining with love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection. Dispels confusion, fears & weakness. Drives off hostile spirits.
  • Bergamont: Corresponds with money and prosperity. Provides with protection from evil and illness, improves memory, stops interference, and promotes restful sleep.
  • Borage: Corresponds with courage and psychic powers. 
  • Cat Nip: Is sacred to the Goddess Bast. Brings forth beauty, happiness, good luck, and good spirits.
  • Chamomile: Corresponds with love, healing, and sleep. Is known to reduce stress.
  • Chervil: Brings a sense of the higher self, placing you in touch with your divine, immortal spirit.
  • Coriander: Corresponds with love, health, immortality, and protection.
  • Dill: Corresponds with money, protection, luck and lust. 
  • Lemon Balm: Corresponds with love, success, healing, and psychic/spiritual development. 
  • Marjoram: Used to cleanse, purify, and to dispel negative energy.  
  • Mint: Promotes energy, communication and vitality.
  • Oregano: Corresponds with joy, strength, vitality, and added energy 
  • Parsley: Calms and protects the home.
  • Rosemary: Protects, cleanses, purifies, and aids memory. 
  • Sage: Used for self purification and dealing with grief and loss.
  • Thyme: Attracts loyalty, affection, and the good opinion of others.

Things to add:

  • A place to dry herbs
  • A place to compost any herb scraps
  • Rocks
  • A place to leave offerings before you harvest

Bee Garden

Make yourself a sanctuary to watch bees frolic and thrive

Plants to add to your bee garden:

  • Bee balm
  • Lavender
  • Crocus
  • Snow Drop
  • Wildflowers/Any native species
  • Catmint
  • Borage
  • Anise hyssop
  • Heliotrope
  • Sunflower
  • Oregano
  • Yarrow
  • Coneflower
  • Black eyed susan
  • Asters
  • Goldenrod
  • Foxglove
  • Marigold
  • Pansies
  • Sweet peas
  • Nasturtiums

Things to add:

  • Bee houses
  • Bee waterers/bee baths
  • Bee feeders
  • A place for offerings to the bees

Some other ideas for your garden:

  • Hummingbird garden
  • Medicinal garden
  • A garden whose plants and decorations represent/correspond with your practice.
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Faerie Garden 

The options are endless! I hope this gives you some ideas for this years garden.

Happy planting!

==Moonlight Academy==

Marauders at Disney
  • James and Sirius, upon entering the park, make a beeline to secure fast passes for their favorite rides (the ones like Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, etc.)
  • At this point, Remus is really regretting not investing in a pair of those child-leashes that a good third of the parents at the theme park are sporting.
  • Peter tries running after Sirius and James, but gives up (not being fast enough) and hangs back alongside Remus, getting distracted by the array of gift/candy shops lining Main Street USA
  • Remus has to get a picture of Sleeping Beauty’s castle upon entering. He just has to. 
  • James and Sirius are really smug when they get to cut in front of everyone with their fast passes. Remus just gives apologetic looks, and Peter has to shovel down the pretzel he bought before they get on the ride. 
  • Ok, so considering the average temperature for Scotland during the summer time is around fifty seven degrees, and for southern California (L.A.) it’s around eighty one- they’re dying.
  • James and Sirius are wearing the bare minimum, and Remus has to rent a locker to stuff his sweater into
  • Sirius is rocking a man bun
  • James buys a Wizard Mickey hat and absolutely refuses to take it off
  • Peter may or may not be on his fifth churro by the time lunch rolls around
  • Remus really enjoys the small corners and alleys of the park where the crowd thins 
  • Peter gets a coonskin hat from frontierland
  • Lots of shameless flirting with princesses coming from Sirius that result in autographs with the occasional phone number attached. 
  • James seeing the Ariel and automatically missing Lily
  • Peter getting sick on the teacups ride after James decides to spin theirs as fast as he fucking can.
  • Lots of “JAMES NO!” 
  • Sirius and James, after hearing about the two hundred feral cats that prowl the park at night, decide to go on a hunt for them
  • They legit smuggle cat nip inside the park and search the bushes for cats
  • Remus is so done with everyone’s shit
  • He just wants to have a normal visit at Disneyland is that so hard to ask?
  • Peter really wants to watch the parades, but Remus sees this as an opportune time to beat the crowds (now gathered along the street) to the rides
  • Remus is honestly ride or die. He doesn’t fuck with these slow ass tourists who have no idea where they’re going. He knows where to go and everyone is getting in his way.
  • Sirius getting picked on by characters (i.e. Chip ‘n Dale tugging on his man bun and snickering at it) 
  • James in a flexing contest with Gaston
  • Remus only taking pictures the Mickey and Friends characters
  • And he’s all embarrassed to walk up to them at first 
  • James taking the mic from the tour guide on Jungle Cruise because he thinks his jokes are lame, so he starts dishing out puns like its nothing and does a mic drop
  • Peter screaming a little too shrilly when the Yeti pops out on the Matterhorn
  • Sirius and James trying to find the entrance to the secret basketball court on the matterhorn
  • Also using alohomora to get into restricted areas of the park
  • Sirius singing Small World on repeat
  • James trying to harmonize
  • Remus really likes walking through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (James and Sirius are hardly impressed)
  • But his favorite ride is the Disneyland Rail Road
  • Peter’s favorite ride is Star Tours and he convinces the others to ride it at least four times throughout the day.
  • James’ favorite ride is Indiana Jones. When he sees the snake statues in the ride, he mutters “Snivellus?”
  • Sirius prefers Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • Remus getting really insecure because he notices little kids looking at the scars on his face with mild confusion- some are even scared
  • But then Peter Pan comes over and he does his thing. He tells Remus (making a big show of it so that others can hear) that he must’ve put up a good fight against the “pirate” that did that, and comments on how brave he is
  • Remus is just smiling the entire time and plays along with Peter Pan, and the kids gathered around are awestruck
  • Sirius and James posing for the camera on Splash Mountain 
  • Having to restrain Sirius and James from jumping into the Rivers of America to get to the island
vernon; the boy next door (m)

genre/warnings: fluff/romance/smut, flangst, adorkableness, use of non-penetrative sex toys, (not so) dry humping

word count:  14737

feat: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua, Jeonghan + various 

prompts: roommate!Vernon, silliness, cuddles, mac n’cheese = love 

(a/n) my birthday project for my muse. thank you for everything vern:) and kisses for @vernkn​ who gifed my soft sweater vernon aesthetic. enjoy!

She loved Joshua Hong.

When she was so graciously offered to live in her aunt’s vacation penthouse close to her university of choice, the only catch was that she had to pay some of the bills. Completely fair, because it was a kind enough gesture to give away a freshly furnished space to a niece you barely talked to. Luckily, there was enough room for another guest, enough to split the rent.

So in comes the savior of her life, brother from another mother, Joshua Hong, decked out in sandy beige Sperry’s and ironed white jeans. Fresh from South California, he wore their sunshine on his smile, and their attitude in his Cheshire eyes. He was attending the same university as well, and was conveniently looking for a means to stay. Needless to say, she pounced on him at orientation before he could ask anyone else.

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Sex Kitten tea

I came up w this idea the other day when I bought some cat nip. But basically it’s a sexy time tea

-½ Tbsp mint (I used a mint blend of peppermint and spearmint)
-1 tsp Catnip
-1 tsp lemongrass

Steep for three minutes or more. I put in some honey in the shape of a heart and stirred clockwise. No kidding, my husband tried to get frisky w me after drinking the tea. I even made a joke about with him after our kid barged in before anything could happen.

“aw, darlin’, i guess you’re gettin’ pretty attached to me! …..your cat is too.” (wink wink nudge nudge obvious flirt)

“….shut up. you probably….bathed in cat nip or something. morpheus usually has better taste than this.”
(first attempt at dr. dalias and akmazian from the eos_10 podcast - my personal HCs for them. akmazian either has a partly cybernetic arm or that’s just like…armor idk I LIKE ROBOT ARMS OK)

(also, listen to eos_10, it’s a DELIGHT. it’s been on hiatus for a long time, but the first two seasons are just really wonderful ok and i love it)

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"You're lucky you're so cute, Chat." or "I see you're "falling" for me, puurrrincess."

“I see you’re ‘falling for me Purrrrincess,” Chat chuckled as he pulled Marinette back up onto the balcony.

“You’re lucky you’re cute Chat,” Marinette muttered under her breath biting back the growl rising in her throat.

“Are you saying you don’t like my weekly visits?” Chat feigned astonishment placing his hand dramatically over his chest.

“Weekly?” Marinette snorted. “More like nightly! what do you want this time Chaton?” Marinette sighed.

“No particular reason,” Chat said as he inched towards one of the potted plants. Marinette rolled her eyes.

“Chat Noir if you want to play in the cat nip just go ahead and do it! You don’t have to ask my permission first,” Marinette laughed. Chat beamed at her before pouncing on the deliciously intoxicating aroma of cat nip.

herb garden

a guide for witches who need a more herbal garden for healing, tea crafting, and growing plants in their practice.

Originally posted by sashabloodsoup

anise : helps find happiness, and is good for psychic abilities.

basil : anything pertaining to love, wealth, protection. dispels fears and weaknesses, drives off evil spirits, and confusion.

cat nip : brings forth beauty, happiness, good luck, good spirits, and a great high for a kitten.

borage : courage and psychic powers.

bergamot : corresponds with money, provides protection from evil and illness, and promotes a restful sleep.

chamomile : love, healing, and sleep. also known to reduce stress.

dill : corresponds with money, protection, lust and luck.

coriander : corresponds with love, health, and protection.

thyme : attracts loyalty, and good opinions from others.

sage : used for self purification and promotes dealing with grief.

rosemary : protects, cleanses, and aids in memory.

oregano : corresponds with joy, strength, and vitality. 

mint : promotes energy and communication.

lemon balm : corresponds with love, success, healing, and psychic/spiritual development. 


^This was my face when I got to that part in PLROA w/ the um… (how do I say this w/o spoiling y’all)… THAT SCENE. Derek. Derek’s hand. I think you know which scene. Idk holding my left eyebrow was helping me anchor myself to reality.

Reflecting on it now, I think I was sorta going for this:


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*throws catnip on*

Thank you guest artist @cyber-phobia206

I wonder if he will end up flying if you sprinkle enough fairy dust er I mean cat nip on him.

If you want to see more of cyber-phobia206′s work, may I recommend checking out their blog? It is pretty dang quality! [HERE]

Sleepy Kittens || Im Jaebum

Originally posted by dad-shownu

Title: Sleepy Kittens ~ Im Jaebum


Genre: Fluff

Request: Can you do a short drabble of a snuggly morning with JB’s cat Nora? Thank you!

A/N: Yay! This was my first request I’ve gotten. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, but I hope it’s cute and fluffy just like you wanted. I know it was asked to be short, but I hope I didn’t go too short with it. Feel free to request more stuff, I’m always up for suggestions and for feedback! xx

[y/n]’s eyes fluttered open at the touch of small feet pattering up and down her back gently. She groaned slightly in confusion over why she was woken up so soon and turned her head around slightly to see a small, beautiful cat that was now sitting on her back, it’s head cocked to the side as if it was trying to get [y/n]’s attention. [y/n] smiled at the sight of his boyfriend’s cat sitting on top of her and scooped his cat into her arms, rubbing her nose into her fur slightly causing the cat to purr softly.

“What’s wrong, Nora?” [y/n] asked in a baby voice, “You’re never this cuddly with me.”

Nora meowed at [y/n] in response and jumped off the bed and walked over to the door way, turning her head to make sure [y/n] was following her. [y/n] giggled slightly before stepping out of the bed, sliding on the nearest sweatshirt she could find which so happened to be her boyfriend’s. She then followed Nora out of the bedroom and to the kitchen. Nora jumped onto one of the kitchen counters and pawed at the cabinet above her where the cat food was usually kept.

“Did Jaebummie not feed you this morning before he left?”

Nora’s stomach growling in response seemed to give [y/n] the answer she needed. [y/n] opened the cabinet and grabbed a box of healthy cat nip and poured it into the shining pink bowl on the floor in the corner of the kitchen. Nora happily jumped off the counter and rushed to her food dish to start munching down on her much needed breakfast. While Nora was eating her breakfast, [y/n] grabbed a small yogurt from the fridge along with a small spoon and walked into the living room of her shared apartment, sitting down on the sofa to turn on the channel her favorite drama usually was played on. As she began to eat her yogurt, she felt a soft tail brush around her ankle. Nora then jumped up onto [y/n] lap and cuddled up into the fabric of her owner’s sweatshirt.

[y/n] put her yogurt down and stroked Nora’s ears gently as her drama began. The two of them then spent the entire morning snuggled up on the sofa while watching dramas on the television, just enjoying each other’s company until they both began to grow tired as they started falling into a sweet slumber.

It wasn’t long until Jaebum got home from practice sometime in the late afternoon. He couldn’t wait to get home, take a nice hot shower, and finally just cuddle up with his girlfriend in hopes of relaxing. He took out the key to his apartment and unlocked the door, shoving it in his pocket before stepping inside. He shut the door behind him and threw his bag somewhere on the floor. He ran a hand through his messy and somewhat wet hair as he walked inside the living room, pausing in his steps as he noticed the sight in front of him. Jaebum smiled as he walked over to the sofa and crouching down next to it. There laid in a small ball his girlfriend [y/n] and snuggled into her chest was his beloved cat. He stroked [y/n]’s head a couple times until the girl’s eyes fluttered open. She gave him a tired smile in response as she carefully stretched so she didn’t wake up the sleeping animal in her arms.

“Had a nice nap?” He asked as he ran his hand up her arm, stroking it gently as he went.

“Mhm,” [y/n] answered, “I think this is the most I’ve slept in a long time. Who knew sleeping with a cat could be so relaxing.”

“I love my two girls.” Jaebum blurted out as he studied the pair on the sofa with a smile that never left his face.

[y/n] couldn’t help but blush at her boyfriend’s statement. She loosened her arms as she felt the small cat moving in her arms. Her ears perked up at the sound of her master’s voice and meowed a ‘hello’ at him.

“How was practice?” [y/n] asked as Jaebum stroked Nora’s ears.

“Same as it usually is, long and tough.”

“Sounds like someone needs a cuddle,” [y/n] giggled at her stressed out boyfriend.

He chuckled back at her and leaned in closer to her face.

“You really think so?”

“I know so,” [y/n] responded.

Jaebum moved his face closer to [y/n]’s so he could kiss his girlfriend’s irritable lips. Just as they were about to touch, he felt a small furry paw cover his lips and push his head away slightly. Jaebum looked at his cat confused as Nora gave him a look of disgust, her small pink nose scrunched up from the bad smell of sweat.

[y/n] laughed loudly at the sight of her boyfriend getting a kiss with his girlfriend rejected by his own cat.

“She’s right you know,” [y/n] said in between giggles, “You do smell really bad.”

Jaebum moved away slightly and placed a hand over his heart to act as if her were offended at her words.

“Me? I smell?”

[y/n] nodded while still giggling and covered her nose.

“Why don’t you take a shower and then we can snuggle down together?” She asked as she pushed some of her boyfriend’s sweaty hair out of his eyes.

“Sounds like a plan,” Jaebum said as he stood up, “Wait for me though. I don’t want you two to have all the fun without me. You already did that this afternoon while I was gone.”

“No promises,” [y/n] said as she snuggled Nora closer to his chest.

Jaebum swore that every minute he spent like this with [y/n] it was like he was falling in love with her all over again. He defiantly was the luckiest man to have such an amazing girlfriend.