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HC that when Yurio hits puberty he just has more severe mood swings and whenever he's in a pissy/lazy mood Victor and Yuuri try to motivate him and get him to come to practice and Victor is like "Don't you want to continue as a top skater in Russia?" and Yurio, swaddled in blankets with a box of cereal next to him, watching netflix in the dark with his cat (probably wearing black nail polish), just points at the gold medal on his wall and says "I've peaked."



Electra likes to supervise bathtime- she is intrigued by my toes as they appear and disappear in the bubbles!

Does anyone else have a cat that likes water? Little lady loves to get in the bath after we have showered, and investigate everything, and she doesn’t even mind when she gets dropped on!

She obviously missed me today when I was at work, as I got lovely soft cuddles when I got home 💕

A tiny bit of heartbreak I never anticipated I’d experience: learning that my 1 ½ yo niece cries whenever I have to go home after playing with her all afternoon.  

The other day, Adam was painting his nails and he could tell Gabe wanted to do it too. He was nervous about it though, so instead he picked some colors for Adam’s fingers.

This is my first time drawing a couch, or really anything substantial for the characters in this comic to interact with. I also tried a different thing with the layout AGAIN. I think the panels need outlines, my last few comics have felt lacking.


Last night was scary. I was just laying there and I got a sharp pain in my throat like there was a small piece of plastic or something and I started coughing. And I tried to look in my throat but I started gagging and tearing up and then I was actually crying and all red and I couldn’t stop coughing. It was just scary?? I was eventually able to calm down and have a cough drop and that helped a lot. But man it was just really scary.
I had trouble winding down after that but around midnight I was able to fall asleep.
I woke up at 8 and Amanda still hadn’t emailed me what was going on for today. I’m really glad I had talked to her on Thursday and half knew what was happening.
I texted her though and got confirmation of where I should be. I got up and dressed. Felt real cute. Packed up a snack and my camp stuff and biked to lake harriet.
It’s a pretty long way. Not as far as jcc but close. It was nice out though and not to hot so the ride wasn’t to bad.
I got there at 929 exactly and was very proud. I found the information tent and figured out where we were going to be setting up our craft activity. Roman showed up not long after me and we got to work. I’ve seen him around before at Mcad but we’ve never talked before. They’re really sweet and smart. A painting/drawing major. Very cool.
We got out table set up and it was fun. We were making sun mosaics to celebrate the solstice. And it was neat! I really wish we would have had a tent though because it got really really sunny and hot. I got a touch of sunburn on my chest and my freckles are coming out in full force. But me and Roman stayed hydrated and I felt like we were a good team. It was funny though while we did have a lot of kids make the sun mosaics, many just wanted to make a bead bracelet instead. So we offered that as well since that’s what the people wanted. Craft projects in the fly!
This was Kidsfest, which is through a parenting magazine. And there were lots of booths for dentists and healthy foods and such. And there was local kids musicians who were actually really fun to listen to. But the problem was the speakers were incredibly loud near where we were and so we were basically shouting all morning. It was still a fun day.
I thought we were working until 230 but it was actually only 1. So we cleaned up quickly enough and went out separate ways.
I had tried to check in for my flight tomorrow but I screwed up and tried to early so it wouldn’t let me pick a seat and put me on the standby list. And then the wait for a representative in the phone was an hour and a half. I asked for a call back and biked back to my house.
I got the lotion that my Derm recommended in the mail today. Almost a week early! And my new umbrella came too. It’s very pretty but really big! Good for sharing I assume.
I rested until the call from tithe airline came. And she was able to fix it and I got my window seat and I’m very pleased. It’s a really long flight so I am really hoping no on is next to me but either way I have lots of things downloaded and my travel pillow and socks and leggings to put on. I even remembered to pack my eye mask this time.
I had a late lunch and painted my nails. Chatted with Jess. I cleaned for a bit. Did laundry. I don’t trust the dryers still so I just brought everything up and use my drying rack.
Later in the day I made pudding and took a bath in black tea. It was a strawberry champagne blend and smelled great. I read that black tea is good for sunburn. I washed my hair and did a face mask. I noticed I’m starting to get wrinkles over my eye brows. Amazing. I got to stop looking inquistive all the time!
Now I’m just chilling out. Playing with Sweetp. I’m going to double check my bag again to make sure I have everything. I’m packing an extra tote in there in case I buy anything but I had room in my bag still. I thought it would be good for any outings I do. It’s a short trip but I am going to do my best to take advantage.
Wish me luck tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day! My flights around noon and when I get to lax it’ll be like 130 which i think is hilarious. Silly time zones.