cat nail caps

Please for the love of god

Do not declaw your cats. Today my friend who works at a local rescue received an application for a cat adoption. There’s a section for “Do you plan on declawing your new cat?” and the person checked the box for yes and wrote “We have expensive furniture.”

ok then don’t get a cat

sorry but if you’re going to mutilate your animal to avoid ruining your expensive furniture then a cat is not the animal you need

So many reasons not to do this

-it’s EXTREMELY painful. they don’t just remove the claw, they remove the TOE up to the first joint.

-if your cat escapes your home, they have absolutely ZERO way of defending or feeding themselves (not that your cat should be allowed outside for any reason but that’s a whole separate rant)

-your cat will be in pain while walking. because they removed that actual bone, your cat’s weight is now balanced on that second bone in their toe, not the first as was designed. Painful.

-Your cat may even lose the desire to be touched. literally we adopted this adolescent cat whose owners abandoned him because he was an escape artist. they had already declawed him and for the longest time he wouldn’t even let us get near his feet. like we couldn’t touch him if it wasn’t his head or the base of his tail.

do. not. declaw. your. cat.


-buy little nail caps. they sell them at pet stores and they come in all sorts of cute colors

-buy furniture guards. figure out where your cat is most aggressive with scratching. buy a furniture guard and place a cat tree or scratching post nearby and use some catnip or treats to attract their attention to it

-literally just trim the nails with nail clippers. be careful not to quick them. if your cat starts fussing, take a break and come back later to avoid accidents due to them moving around

don’t declaw your cat

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dancing-thru-clouds  asked:

Hey, so I'm in the process of saving up for a cat deposit so I can have a kitty friend to come home to, so what's the thing you wish people would stop buying their cats? Or the thing you wish people WOULD buy their cats?

Congratulations! Owning a cat is awesome. :) I’ll split it up into “necessity”, “nice to have,” and “uh, if you have the extra money I guess.”

1. Good Food. If you spend your money on anything, make it a high quality food. Go for as much canned as possible.
2. A Big Simple Litter Box. Cats often hate those hooded or self-cleaning ones. Just the biggest, high-sided, plain litter box you can find.
3. Toys. A good cat wand is invaluable. Some cheap 99c crinkly/sparkly balls are a hit too!
4. Scratching Outlet. This can be a scratching post, corrugated cardboard, or a scratching toy, but have at least 2 outlets for your cat to scratch. They need to, and better a toy than your couch.
5. Proper Medical Care. If your cat isn’t spayed or neutered, get them fixed. It will help immensely with their behavior and health. Make sure they have all their proper vaccines. If they’ll be outside at any point (which I don’t recommend), make sure they have a quality flea and tick preventative.
6. Grooming Tools. A basic brush and a dental kit are both good tools to keep your cat’s coat and teeth healthy.

Nice to have.

1. Treats. Not necessary, but fun to have. Cats are trainable, despite common belief! Just don’t let treats exceed 10% of their daily calories.
2. Flushable Litter. This is totally personal preference because I live in a small apartment with 2 cats, and I have company over a lot. I don’t want the place smelling like a litter box, and I don’t like having bags of cat crap sitting in the trash. I’ve used both Blue Buffalo Walnut Litter and Nature’s Miracle Crystal Litter, and love them. Both are flushable, and the walnut litter is completely biodegradable.
3. Cat Tree. Lots of climbing fun for your kitty and usually comes with a scratching post as part of it.
4. Bed. Neither of my cats cared about having a bed in place of a couch, but many cats love having a bed of their own.

“Uh, if you have the extra money I guess.”

1. Automatic Litter Boxes. A lot of cats hate these and the refills are expensive.
2. Cat Nail Caps. Good luck with your cat actually keeping these on.
3. Laser Pointer. While fun, make sure you give treats to your cat afterwards and don’t use longer than 5-10 minutes. Also, the batteries on these things have a lifespan of like 20 minutes.

Hope this helps! Have fun with your new cat!