cat molester

i first learned about srtt from a playthrough by some youtube assholes and really liked the way it looked because it was basically like gta… but a stupid joke!! funi wacky!!! cat molester professor!!! so i got it during a sale and made a joke boss because i expected a shitty blank slate rpg protagonist who was just there in the background as the screen filled with giant dildos and clones and so on.

but then i realised that i actually liked this character and got invested in their world, but hte design i’d created for them was so bad and unfitting even for srtt’s mess of a story i always felt like…. hesitant to really get into it. i mean i still really loved space dracula and it took me a while before i phased him out, but i’d basically created him for an entirely different game than the one i actually ended up playing.

I like how Universe 7 were set up as villans to the other universes and then chose a team that did NOTHING to dissuade that opinion.

Team Universe 7:

Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta, the greatest warriors of a race of evil barbarian conquerers

Freeza, a sadistic despot who conquered the universe and was revived from Hell for this tournement

Androids 17 and 18, a pair of terminator-esque androids created by a mad scientist purely for revenge

Piccolo, a being created by the evil expunged from a god who once claimed the title of Demon King

Tienshinhan, a martial artist from a brutal school who as a tournement fighter was known for beating his enemies until they were left permanently crippled

Master Roshi, who is so perverted that he trained for this tournement by molesting a cat for several hours

…And Krillin, the one undeinably honorable person on the team who had his power unlocked divinely to help save a dying race

anonymous asked:

Would you ever release a sex tape? If so what would it be like?


It would be different angles and candid moments of my cat Konstantin molesting and fucking his stuffed fennec fox toy.

I would title it “Foxy Pussy.”