cat loves full house

things i love about cats 

  • when they run across the house at full speed for no reason 
  • when they sneak up on u and start sniffing u and their whiskers tickle u 
  • when u close the door to keep them out of ur room and they stick their paws under the door 
  • the little butt wiggle before they pounce on something 
  • their tiny sneezes 
  • when u put a bag or a towel on their head and they start walking backwards 
  • the thing they do with their ears when they hear a loud noise 
NaruSasu Fic: A Pair of Strays

The animal shelter!AU that no-one asked for. Your classic tale of crazy-cat-boy meets illegal-rescue-centre-owner and they fall in love. Enjoy!

Dedicated to @solochely just because. *blows kisses*

 “A Pair of Strays”

{When Sasuke met Naruto}

By the time he met Naruto for the first time, Sasuke already had four rescue cats living in his apartment and half a dozen neighbourhood strays who he fed regularly. So really, who was he to judge someone who spent all his time in an animal shelter obsessing over his charges…?

Sasuke had visited the ramshackle, run-down shelter as a last resort, when all the other vets on his list were too busy to help. There he found Naruto covered in a litter of baby foxes (“Kits, Sasuke, kits!!” he’d later insist) and blessedly, he agreed to treat Sasuke’s latest rescue. And so Elizabeth had survived, and Sasuke had fallen in love (even if it would be a long time before he admitted it).

It was only a few days later, when the two of them had stumbled into Naruto’s apartment blindingly drunk after celebrating Elizabeth’s recovery, that Sasuke realised what he’d actually gotten himself into. They were already half-naked, clothes strewn from the elevator to the front door, tearing at each other’s skin; Naruto was giggling against Sasuke’s mouth and gripping his hair tight through his fingers. Naruto tripped and Sasuke fell right down on top of him, drawing even more laughter from the blonde. Sasuke pushed himself up to sit more comfortably on Naruto’s hips, and that’s when he saw it.

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