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What is Warrior Cats and why were you bullied because of it?

‘Warriors’ is a children’s fantasy book series that was really popular from like 2004-2011ish. All the characters in it are cats, who talk to each other and have really complex societies. Like, they’re still cats, but they build dens in the woods and fall in love (sometimes even forbidden love if it’s outside their clan/group) and fight other clans and there’s a surprising amount of murder/drama lololol. They’re sometimes really intense?? 

But they’re still about… cats. So you can see why a lot of readers were bullied for it lololol

When you should be doing something but end up doing everything else but that...

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other cat!!!!!!!!!!!! outside!!!!!!!!!!!!! look like ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST SCREME!!!!!!!!! need go OUTSIDE MOMMA say NO SO I SCREME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Rainy Night


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Theo Raeken x reader

Summary : you have a panic attack and he comforts you

Words : 835

Warning : readers with anxiety, it might trigger you, also anxiety is nothing to be embarrassed about, I am not implying that it is, the character simply feels that way, because essentially, she is wired like that, she hates to feel vulnerable and it makes her feel embarrassed, panic attacks are not to be romanticised and so I decided to keep Theo as a roommate and not a boyfriend. Its my point of view and approach to the issue, feel free to have your own opinions.


You were dancing around to Twenty-One Pilots all over the living room. You were alone in the apartment waiting for Theo, your roommate to come back home.

You did remember watching in the news that there was rain in the weather forecast which you weren’t very excited about. You planned on staying in your room. It was the only time when you would find peace in hoodies and stay way longer in your cozy blanket.

“CAN YOU SAVE, CAN YOU SAVE, CAN YO-“ You are cut off by a loud thunder which makes you flinch. You heart was thumping out of your chest. It startled you. Then you heard rain pour like cats and dogs. You look outside the window and you see streets covered in water, it completely freaked you out. You heard thunder and saw lightening between stormy clouds, it was definitely a thunderstorm.

You shut the curtains and sat on the couch trying to distract yourself with your phone. Then you remember that random useless information you read on your twitter wall which said not to use your phone during storms, you immediately throw your phone on the other side of the couch.

You decided you could try sleeping, you walk into your room. The thunder continued which didn’t let you sleep.

All the negative thoughts came rushing in. It was frustrating. You completely started drowning in anxiety. You didn’t know what to do, you hug your knees. Before you realise, you were shivering, your eyes were pouring water and you didn’t know why. You couldn’t process anything in your surroundings. All you wanted to do was hide, get away from this storm, you hated the idea of dying.

Your vision was blurry and you were nauseous and dizzy. You heart was pounding. You couldn’t breathe, you were struggling to get air in your lungs. You felt unsafe, like the whole building would collapse because of the storm. You were shaken and you couldn’t stop or control it. You would rather have the wall closing up on you.

You heard the door open and shut. You knew Theo was home but you couldn’t get yourself to stand up or even move. You heard him say “I’m back, do you want to ord-“ he stops seeing you so afraid. You look up at him, his hair was drenched, he took off his jacket as he said “Are you okay?” he asked, voice filled with concern.
He could see you vulnerable and you hated it but you couldn’t snap out of it or control the whole situation. He sat in front of you on the bed and put his hands on the sides your face.

“(y/n)” he says before pulling you into his chest.

“I – I don’t – want to – die”

You could barely form sentences. You bury your face into his chest holding his shirt in your fist. You were completely petrified that if you let go something bad will happen.

“Sweetheart, you won’t, you’re safe” he said stroking your hair softly. “Do you trust me?” He asked you. You nod.

He gently pulls back. “I want you to breathe with me, okay?” He looks into your eyes. You were still hyperventilating. “Inhale and exhale” he says and slowly demonstrates how. The pressure of being so vulnerable around him added to your anxiety.
Nothing stopped your panic attack.

He was worried and you could see it on his face. “Okay, let’s try something else. Repeat with me, ‘I’m safe, everything will be okay’ you’re a brave munchkin” you look up at him again and wipe your face. “I’m – safe, ever- everythi-ng will be o-okay” you somehow blurb. He nods with you when you say the words.

“Say it again and breathe” all he wanted was for you to feel better and it looked like he would do anything in his power to help. You repeated the words over and over and finally calmed down.

He was rubbing your back all this time. It was really comforting. He kissed your forehead. You guys sat there in silence for a while for you to recover.

“Do you feel better?”

You nodded and muttered a thank you. “Do you want me to stay?” he asks. You obviously say no because you didn’t want to burden him. “No, it’s okay, I’m sorry” you apologize because you feel like you should, your hands were fidgeting as you look at your lap at little embarrassed.

“You don’t have to say sorry, it’s not your fault” he smiles at you and you try to smile back. “I’m going to order us some food, okay?” he said tucking a stray hair behind your ear. You say a soft “okay”, he then gets up to leave the room.

“Theo?” you call out. He stops at his tracks and turns around. “yes?”

“Why did you call me munchkin?” you ask, that was something your dad calls you.

“I don’t know” He shrugs and you smile and let it go “Thanks, I really appreciate your help”


my mum said marshmallow walked into the kitchen while she was collecting the milk yesterday morning and dad was like ‘oh they were hanging out on the porch for ages’ and i was like aww marshmallow remembered me and came to visit that’s so sweet

so fast forward to today, i’m cooking breakfast and the gas wouldn’t light for ages so it stank in the kitchen and i open the door to vent and whatnot

i turn back to flip my eggs

i hear a meow behind me

marshmallow is in my kitchen and will not leave

i didn’t adopt a cat, a cat adopted me

walking into people’s houses like hey i live here now, want a leg cuddle? 

People can sometimes see Hibari sitting in the park, just sitting there doing nothing. That jacket he wears on his shoulders looks puffed up, but it’s only because the stray cats like to crawl into it for warmth and take naps (while he’s still wearing the jacket in that super dorky way of his).


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