cat loli

Boruto anime is really weird

Here are some of Boruto classmates in the school of wannabe protagonists ninja academy, they all look like they came from different anime worlds lol.

We have a goth loli that holds a pink bunny with her, there is a Kakashi fan, twin tails girl, cat girl she actually has a tail (somehow cat people are a thing now in the naruto universe). Delinquent with a garbage bag on his head.  and Elvis junior. 

There is also the class president that wears a japanese school uniform I wonder if maybe she can become a magical girl. (wouldn’t be surprised if she does). is it just me or does chocho looks and acts a lot like Ino for some reason.

I noticed quite frequently in the episode that the classmates in the background are like frozen in time with different poses, I guess SP are saving as much money as they can on the animation, only animating some characters while the rest are just stand in pictures.

Okay that bald guy is like 30 what is he doing in a kids classroom (someone should report that there is an intruder in the academy., It seems Shino has a fan or this shades kid with a snake like tattoo is suspicious.

The big bad creature of this arc. don’t worry we have Denki to the rescue.

Denki: Boruto-kun that is a gryphonmon watch out from the snake tail, let me check the internet to get more information on how to defeat it, but first let me check what is chakra in google.

Metal: that creature has no chance against shenron mwahahaha.

Goku: Oi Metal bring me back the dragon balls, can’t believe you just take them while I was sparring with your father.


When did the Sasuke retrieval team ever had a chance to take a picture?, it’s not that all of them were that close before that mission , and after the mission they were all hospitalized and Naruto left the village to train with Jiraya soon after, not to mention at that time period they didn’t have any digital cameras that we know of, well I guess considering there are also Minato pictures in the house they have some sort of photoshop jutsu.