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do the cats and buns get along?

yeah, pretty well.

I kept them separate for a year, but tbh it works better to free range them? the cats don’t seem to stress them - I’ll walk into my room & find cats + buns snoozing together in a beam of sunlight. still, if I move somewhere with more space (think that’ll be in May) I plan on separating them again, just to be safe.

I haven’t shared my buns much on this blog bc I know this is a controversial arrangement. 


Maybe I said some things I shouldn’t
Maybe I caused a scene
Maybe I broke myself a promise
That I never meant to keep
It won’t be the last time

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tiny tamatoa would be a big cat. if he trusted you enough, he would flip over on his back and let you pet him. then you would have to flip him over

((Alright, that is an ADORABLE mental image. Especially since petting his belly/key would put him straight to sleep.

Good luck getting him to trust you enough though… He’d be like a cat that lived on the streets for most of his life, and was found trapped in a dumpster one day after a bad storm.))


For anyone who lives near LA


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Relationship Status:

Cat: …It’s complicated… ^^’

AJ: Single. Well. Disinterested is perhaps a better descriptive :P

Ami: Taken ^^

Dylan: Um.. S- single. And- and not looking.

Favorite Colours: 

Cat: Any shade of purple, dark blue, black - whoa, is my inner Goth showing…? 

AJ: Aquamarine colours - green, blue, white. Anything that reminds me of the sea and ice :)

Ami: Shades a’ blue, especially Royal. Red, black.

Dylan: M- my favourite colour is green. I- I like soft colours.


All: We share eight cats and live with a dog that none of us consider ours xD

Last Song I Listened To: 

All: “Have You Ever”. It was what came on the radio in the car xD

Favorite TV show: 

Cat: Uhm… I don’t watch much TV, to be honest. Those asinine adverts get on my nerves. I’m more likely to bung on a DVD! If you twisted my arm, I’d say something like “NCIS“ or “QI”.

AJ: *shrugs* As Cat says, we are more likely to watch a film than a TV show. I rather enjoy “Crackanory” when we remember it is on, but I am unlikely to search it out especially.

Ami: I like “Modern Life is Good-ish” - it pokes fun at the dumb little annoyances a’ the day an’ the “found poems” always crack me up!

Dylan: I- I like documentaries. Music or- or history or exploration. They- I find them interesting ^\\^

First Fandom: 

Cat: Danger Mouse xD I’m showing my age now :P xD

AJ: …Pokemon, I think!

Ami: *snorts* Bittybones xD

Dylan: P-probably the… the Bitty one for me too…


Cat: Reading, writing, cinema, drawing. Mysticism. History. Cars. *shrugs* These are the main ones!

AJ: Reading, learning, flying. Travelling. Ancient History.

Ami: Films, readin’, cars, cooking. I dunno what ya call it, but that whole thing where ya mix scents an’ oils ta make yer own concoctions. Dancin’, singin’. 

Dylan: Music. I- I am learning to play guitar and- and piano. And I- I like to read.

Favorite Book: 

Cat: Oh Gods… “The Green Mile”, I think. Or “The Farseer/Tawny Man” trilogies.

AJ: I like the “His Dark Materials” trilogy.

Ami: Cat’s readin’ Skulduggery Pleasant ta us at the moment. I like those!

Dylan: It- is not exactly a “book” but… “Hamlet” is my- my favourite thing to read.

Worst Thing I Tasted/Ate: 

Cat: Caesar salad *shudders* Gods that stuff is disgusting!

AJ: Chicken maryland. Why would you do that to perfectly good chicken?!

Ami: This gross, goopy milkshake that tasted like the scrapin’s a’ the inside of a cow or somethin’… Blech!

Dylan: Blue cheese! I- I know people rave over it but.. I did not like it at all.

Favorite Place: 

Cat: I know this will sound really morbid, but I love graveyards and cemeteries. They’re so peaceful and usually beautiful in a quiet way. I love old, ramshackle ones even more!

AJ: I love Moon Gardens. No specific one comes to mind but they are my favourite places to spend time.

Ami: I got two favourite places. A warm bathtub filled with bubbles or wrapped in a blanket with Cat (and sometimes AJ an’ Dylan too) in front of a fire.

Dylan: Under Artemis’s wing *blush*


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Kara answers the door one morning without thinking because the person knocking is just so insistent and she’s still half asleep and wearing boxers and a tank top and oh hey its a coworker from CatCo and why are they looking at her like she’s a ghost -

“Oh my god, Supergirl???”

- oh, it’s because she isn’t wearing her glasses. She tries to stutter out an excuse but they’re flapping their arms and backing away saying, “I’m so sorry to interrupt, Supergirl! I didn’t know you and Kara were-” and they stumble away all giddy and excited before Kara can even fully process what they mean.

And that’s how the rumor that Kara Danvers is totally banging Supergirl came out.


I found this kitty in the street, so cold and hungry she was shivering, trying to figure out if she could eat a cigarette butt. I brought her inside, fed her, got her nice and warm, and now she’s the happiest girl alive??

Can anyone in the NYC area give her a home? We have two cats already, and as much as I’d love to keep her, we don’t really have room for a third. She looks about 4-5 months old, and seems perfectly healthy, other than being underweight: although of course a visit to the vet would not go amiss! She is MISSING HER TAIL, it is just a little two inch nub that wiggles around furiously and is the Cutest Goddamned Thing I’ve ever seen.

Here’s what I can tell you about her after looking after her for a couple of days: she is curious and affectionate, eager to bond with any human who looks her way. She is comfortable being picked up. She is very gentle: even when playing, there are no teeth or claws! She is timid of other cats, but not aggressive or terrified, so I think with a little patience she could definitely be a happy part of a multi-kitty home.

Please be her Christmas miracle! I really don’t want to have to bring her to a shelter. This little girl has been through enough, and deserves to have a home for the holidays.

UPDATE 12/18: Lil MOCHA has gone to her new home! Thank you so much to everyone who helped to spread the word about this kitty who needed a miracle. The temperature dropped here in NYC right after we took her in, down to the teens, and she might not have made it through the week. But now she’s gone to the home of a loving cat mom who lost her own kitty to old age less than a month ago; so I think she needed Mocha as much as Mocha needed her! 

I am going to miss her, but I know she will be ridiculously happy in her new home. Happy holidays, everybody!