cat kick

  • yurio: you're absolutely disgusting. i looked up to you so much. but now you're not part of the skating world anymore because you retired. i hate you with my entire being.
  • viktor: lmao k
  • yurio: but yuuri. yuuri is a fucking pig an-
  • viktor: repeat that one more time little angsty teenage cat and i will kick your ass seven fucking million times get out and go hide away in your goddamn fursuit

I’m really happy about the way Oda treats Nami in this arc. She is really brave, clever and ready to fight everyone who wants to fight her family.

She doesn’t wait until Jinbei or the others try to sneak Brook out of BIG MOM’S (!!!) arms she just does it. By choice. I mean Nami always showed some kind of courage if she had to rescue her friends but here she didn’t show one bit of hesitation.

I think that shot just shows how big the yonkou actually is compared to Nami. The whole crew sees how terrifying BM is even when she sleeps. So let me just say thank you to Oda to give my girl some justice.


Kicking off 2017 painting cats, as usual. Happy 2017, everyone!!!

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headcanon where 707 forces zen to watch cool cat saves the kids, giving zen a full on phobia of cats 

jumin is also there but he leaves after like the first few minutes and because 707 is a goddamn juminzen shipper he wants them to watch their romantic movie together

yoosung lowkey enjoys the movie with his bf 707 but doesn’t tell him he enjoyed the movie

and jaehee doesn’t even arrive at the “movie night” nice choice BEST CHOICE 

My old bat OC Cassius, he’s being scolded for eating the neighbors cockatoo.

If you ever need an armoured guide to get you into or out of the Brand, Viatrix is your Charr. Also if you ever need anybody punched in the face, like, really hard? She might also still be your Charr.