cat journey

“Her name is Nyx. She was a gift from Halloween Town.”

I’ve been meaning to give Cas a permanent companion in my Burtonesque drawings, since Jack Skellington has his ghost-dog, Zero.
They are already inseparable. :D
Wanna know more about Nyx?



Ren has no chill. Ren stopped thinking at “accident”.
Inks and colours by me, editing @kromitar (they made this look so good)!

Coffee shop AU


Special Journey to the West 孫悟空!

Torajiro the cat as Songoku 孫悟空 & his friend Kikuchiyo the Shiba inu as Sanzo Hoshi 三蔵法師 celebrating the monkey year with Magaibutsu 磨崖仏 at Yokosuka Takatoriyama 横須賀の鷹取山, and Nokogiriyama 鋸山, Chiba prefecture 千葉県, Japan - January 2016


Teaching Tip: Use Whiteboard Trivia

How many of you dislike that uncomfortable feeling when you walk into a room at a conference, sit down, and you don’t know a soul.  What do you do?  You pull out your phone and start looking busy.  (Or is this just the introvert in me again?)

Since this is the first week of school, and my students don’t know each other yet, I started thinking how walking into the room must feel for them.  I have music playing, but I am outside my door greeting the students.  This is when I had the idea to write a personal question on the whiteboard and students could answer the question while they were waiting.  I know this isn’t a new idea, but it was new for me.  There are thousands of ideas on Pinterest…who knew?

This is what I wrote:

Here’s is the best part…I was shocked by their answers.  I told them I was working on creating a playlist during the summer on Amazon Prime that I could play each day before class. I spent a large amount of time searching for the “cool, popular” songs.  Little did I know, I could have stuck with my favorite 80′s music and just called it good.  What?  My students want to listen to Journey and The Stray Cats?  I did love that there are songs by Elvis Presley, Spongebob, and don’t forget The Star Wars Theme.  I even had fun listening to the songs this afternoon while getting other work done.

This is a great way to let your students know you care about their interests.  They might even surprise you.